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Not So Safe Deposit Boxes States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets ABC News

This says it all!!!! States Seize/Steal Citizens Private Property To Balance Budgets.

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Comment by Troubleshoot1 on December 3, 2012 at 2:24pm

The thefts are constantly expanding because the "Players" involved are in positions to complete run amoke!

1. Recently there was an election wherein one of the cantidates was the enabler of up to $ 1 Trillion per year out of US Health and Human Services. These funds went directly into Personal Pockets of Politicans and Legal.

2. There is a second program again in Health and Human Services that is rapidly climbing toward a second $ 1 Trillion per year to the same groups of people - Old and Nursing Home care.

3. Some states have set up "pre-hit" squads that are the first to know of a "death" wherein they immediately seize all the assets before family members realize a member has died.

4. The Banksters have "shell banks" that suddenly began forclosures by switching the records around, Homes, Small Business etc. wherein a "new" and purhaps undocumented "Bank" files before the next payment is even due, with no reguard that all payments have been paid and are current.

5. Special Bankrupze Attornys/Judges etc. with full power of a "Star Chamber Court" force seizers of assets and sale wherein they are also on commission and in many cases "steer" sales to certain connected parties.

6. The "Stress Tests" appear to have stopped, purhaps $ 97 Million Derivatives to $ 1.00 does not a solvent bank as past tests clearly illustrated let alone setting up a 2nd Corporate Headquarters bank with the "VERY SAME" accounts.

7. Anyone checking there "Insitutional Holding" maybe in for the "SHOCK of their LIFE' with close examination. (d) behind the amount equals (DERIVATIVE) @ 1/1000's value, while the real holdings are missing. $ 41 Billion becomes $ 4.1 Million with this little change and nearly every account is affected in one way or another. So where is the real asset?

8. DTC is the "Holder" of records, check out their web site and Board of Directors and Management.

9. The US Gold "Exactly where is it" when was it moved and where was it moved to.

10. Of the 7,000 stocks in one specific Market how many are actually REAL.

A little research will discover there is NO FINANCIAL AREA untouched and the "Guard Dogs" all came from the same groups of "perpetrators". There is more yet. 

Comment by suzie on December 3, 2012 at 8:28pm

i hope the commie bastard bankster Zionist pigs take it all!!! ~ maybe when the sheeple lose there shoes& shirts there homes there fortunes and there children to the STATE government & all they have left are there souls they can decide if they will sell that too for a crust of bread from there masters table ~  they will wake up and realize there is no coffee to smell!!!



Comment by Don Cordell on December 4, 2012 at 4:52am

Remember it was originally the Bank of Italy, Mafia run? I'm beginning to wonder. Remember the shoot out at the N. Hollywood Bank of America about 10 years ago, maybe those guys had a dispute with the bank manager. But if you think this is bad, consider what the Federal Reserve Bank is doing to America.


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