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Phoenix Police Helicopter responds to a 1&4 Amendment Test while open carrying 8/5/13

Phoenix Police Helicopter responds to a 1&4 Amendment Test while open carrying 8/5/13

Tonight I set out to test the Phoenix Police Department with a 1st and 4th Amendment test while open carrying. I arrived at the Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse around 11pm. I parked my truck on Jefferson St and proceeded to walk the courthouse's perimeter and towards the PPD HQ all while taking pictures. I had circled the PPD HQ and was on my way back to my truck when I saw two officers ahead of me about a block away, which is when I activated my camera. Just then, I was suddenly illuminated by a spotlight from a low flying Police Helicopter. That's when I turned around to see what was going on (I had headphones in and was listening to music and didn't realize the impending unlawful detainment) and I was being swarmed from every angle by PPD officers. The PPD officer who initiated the contact tried to disarm me right off the bat. (I was open carrying my 1911 in a holster on my right hip). He was unsuccessful as I stood my ground and stated that I do not consent in seizures. Now I know I could have just kept my mouth shut and not played along with their game and not answered any of their questions, but I guess I have to admit it was kind of fun, as you can tell from some of my answers to the PPD questions. Nothing dramatic ever really happened but I must say they sure did have one hell of a show of force with 15+ officers and an Air unit. I will admit, I totally forgot to get officers names and badge numbers. In the video you'll hear me make a comment about how "the only thing in my backpack is not a pressure cooker", I said this because I overheard one of the officers behind me state that "we need to search his backpack", I felt like responding with a smart ass answer. This has changed my mind.... Phoenix in now also a Police State.

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