SJW Comic Critic Zainab Akhtar Says the Lakes Comic Art Festival is Too White

Zainab Akhtar, an Eisner-nominated comics critic, attacks the Lakes Comic Art Festival in England for being too white.

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Comment by DTOM on October 12, 2017 at 8:50am

Via Youtube comments:


Okay, has this screaming cunt stopped to consider why people might view her with hostility (he said rhetorically)? The problems that her community has brought to the UK (ghettos, organized rape gangs, FGM, acid attacks, honor killings, taharush jamea, constant terror attacks, etc.) have very much earned suspicion, particularly given what we know about how much the UK Muslim population is pro-Sharia. Rather than calling out or exposing the extremists in their midst, most of the Muslims in such enclaves quietly cover for each other, and when atrocities DO occur, spokespeople for these communities engage in apologia that is, frankly, an insult to everyone's intelligence. Meanwhile, this bitch is walking around an ostensibly secular country wearing a a garment that tells everyone she follows a pathologically dangerous ideology. And while Europe is undergoing disturbing demographic shifts due almost entirely to Islamists intentionally breeding like rabbits, she now has the gall to say that there are too many white people in Britain? Bitch, if it really bothers you so much (given that she's a millenial, always a possibility), abandon your damn pedophile-worshiping religion, drop the hijab, and (for the sake of your own safety since the penalty for apostasy in Islam is death), move to another part of the country where your family is unlikely to follow/honor kill you. Otherwise, you can join your prophet in Hell for all I care. So fucking sick of the audacity of these loudmouths taking advantage of their minority status. One of these days, the dog they've been poking with a stick for so long is going to bite back, and I don't care to think how that will end.


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