Warning America.. Time to prepare for the Illuminati Operation

Facts Not Theory

All you need to know is that the primary goal behind this New World Order is (always was) to eventually end all religions and to install a global one world religion (bahai) (maitreya) based on "scientific" unproven theories that scientists are in consensus with but disputed by many other modern & eminent scientists:
* theory of evolution
* theory of man-made global warming
* theory of neurological chemical imbalance

Prepare for a major power black-out manually generated (not from a solar flare or CME) in order to disrupt communications in strategic military objects in America.

If you choose to fight.. pick your civil war leaders now.. organize.. or leave.. the shit will hit the fan soon.. America most likely will split into several regions.. and if not.. the "North American Union" (SPP - Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) the merger between Mexico, Canada & the USA will be a fact in 2010.

Either way.. U.S. national sovereignty will end.. as planned.. in order to breathe absolute power into THEIR (Political Occult Illuminati Bankers) United (NATO) Nations.

Prepare.. false flag biological terror attack in Miami, Denver and/or Kansas.. Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia provoked.. in order to create more NATO missions beyond Europe's borders (and beyond peacekeeping) "to face down the Soviet Union" (words Obama in Berlin - July 24, 2008).

Prepare.. false flag terror attacks in Europe: Berlin, Rome and Paris.. soon..

Look up at the skies.. NATO's secret "Project Cloverleaf".. the chemical matrix spraying activities (chemtrails) ionizing the atmosphere.. the environment.. with positive charge (positive ions).. proven to raise the level of serotonin (a neurohormone) in the blood and the brain.. which is very bad news for you:


Dr Sulman also undertook a study of "weather sensitive" volunteers and showed that, during the time of the Sharav winds, their bodies would produce up to ten times their normal level of serotonin - a hormone associated with stress. He found that, in effect, they were being poisoned by their own serotonin, causing migraines, hot flushes, irritability, pains around the heart, difficulty in breathing and a worsening of bronchial complaints, anxiety and irrational tension. Also a slowing of reactions was observed. Interestingly, it was discovered that in many people, the body's initial response to positive ions is to produce adrenaline and noradrenaline - the "fight or flight" hormones - which produces short-term euphoria but eventually leads to a condition of exhaustion. (It is this condition that is thought to affect insects and animals into restless activity as the positive ions build up before a storm.) The research also showed that exposure to positive ions can trigger an over-production of histamine, which most people will immediately recognise as the body chemical that aggravates allergies. Statistically it was found that 25% of the population are quite strongly affected by levels of ions in the air. Of the remainder, 50% are affected considerably, although 25% do not appear sensitive at all.

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