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WARRIOR WITHIN DOJO INC. Sanuces ground Techniques

Prof. Sayfullaah and Sensei Nafees demonstrate Saunces ryu Self-Defense Techniques against choke holds while being on your back on the ground. These Jiu Jitsu Techniques can be found in various systemsof Jiu Jitsu.

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Comment by MaterialWitness1 on August 12, 2011 at 12:50pm
When I said that you were speaking out of ignorance.  It wasn't meant to say that you are an ignorant person.  What I meant is that you either lack knowledge about this particular aspect of Bruce Lee's training or your zeal for your school of thought and/or interpretation of Bruce Lee's training causes you not to recognize what I have presented.  As if Prof. Sayfullah is one of the many quack instructors who beat people up; have a bunch of quack awards from quack organizations.  Of course this is not the case and many who have experience his ability and knowledge attest to the truth of the matter.
Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 12, 2011 at 4:24am

Read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, there is nothing in there about inflicting pain as a matter of principal to that degree.


I wasn't posting any resume, just copied and pasted off my website because I didn't feel like wasting my time typing. I was making it clear that I am not ignorant.


Your pretentious response is expected. No hard feelings.


I do not presume to judge you based on a comment or presume to know the extent of your knowledge; to do so would be ignorant would it not?


However if you really feel like you want to match wits and are up for some verbal judo, we have a debate group I would gladly invite you to "step outside" as it were ;)



Also, your theory is laughable. Find me one youtube vid or any vid of any of these 'experts' you speak of beating a cage fighter. Doesn't exist.


Reminds me of a shirt a fighter I knew use to wear. It said, "Your Kung Fu won't work here."


Dim mak lol, I laugh because it is funny to me. I know all about Dim Mak and the various forms. There are soo many versions of Dim Mak from the superficial and on. The Chinese 'ninja' (yes, chinese ninja) were the inventors of dim mak, and true dim mak and other equally lethal versions have been subsequently created.


If you want to research a true master, look into Hatsumi Sensei, 34th grand master of ninjutsu. If you follow the path all the way to the top of that mountain, you will be shocked at what you find.


Ok gotta run, I don't have time for internet sparring really nor do I have an interest. Plato said, "Wise men work together while fools compete."If you desire common ground then we can talk otherwise take it to the cage (the debate group).


P.S inflicting pain and all the physical mess is nothing. Ninja Satsujin-Jutsu (insights into the mind and nature of men) is the greatest weapon of all. Much like Egyptian initiates from antiquity adorning their heads with cobra crowns striking from their third eye at what it perceives.

Comment by MaterialWitness1 on August 12, 2011 at 3:45am

Calm down dude...I've seen this everywhere and I think it is good to have confidence in your school of thought.  Actually I'm not a student of Prof. Sayfullah but I have trained with him.  I didn't ask for your resume.  I generally trust what people have to say unless they give me a reason not to.  MMA is not a martial art in it off itself although many competitors have a Martial Arts background.  This is not only my opinion but the opinion of many Martial Artists.  If it was straight Jujitsu most of those guys wouldn't survive.


Well, I disagree with your assessment of some of the masters in getting in the cage and losing.  I don't believe many of the top MMA guys would last a round with Grace Wu, who now teaches in Wichita, KS.  She's in her late 60's and would put most guys to sleep in less than 60 seconds.  Not to mention Prof. Sayfullah.


Prof. Sayfullah has been contracted to teach the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Interpol, and other agencies as well.


You say "lol" to death moves.  Why?  Are you saying that attacks that kill or have to potential to kill a person don't exist?  You can play internet "know-it-all" all you want.  It doesn't bother whether you agree with or not.  You opinion doesn't turn me in any direction.  The 'lol' just means that you didn't study well or long enough with Bruce Lee's student.  You don't understand Dim Mak and must not have studied in great deal the science behind the bodies pressure points or how to develop and control Chi.  Otherwise, you wouldn't have put an "lol".  I don't doubt that there are many quacks out there...and there many youtube videos to prove that.


It is not pushing the threshold of pain...that's your opinion.  It is to gain respect of your ability...to learn how to avoid conflict.  It is an entire philosophy which I'm shocked that you being a student of a student of Bruce Lee and you don't even know that basic thing.  Ask your instructor if he ever felt pain on daily basis training with Bruce Lee.


In short, it is really simple to go to his gym if you can afford to do so (time and money).  He always welcomes challenges as well.  Post your video of you kicking his ass.  It's that simple.


The last thing you said was the best of all.  I really don't know why you felt the need to post all that other stuff.  You could've put that on your own page to let people know the services and education that you offer.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 12, 2011 at 2:55am

Lol ignorant... not quite, but follow whom you please.


Bruce Lee's protegee Dan Inasanto, well his student Paul Vunak was one of my instructors. I've trained Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's art) since I was 16. I have trained with Stephan K. Hayes, the western pioneer of ninjutsu, and also Robert Bussey (ninja master) and Rich Franklin former UFC middle weight Champ, and William Capuzano WEC wreckage fighter was one of my striking coaches.


There are a few "grueling" arts where students and instructor inflict very unnecessary punishment on each other. And these same 'martial artists' wouldn't last five minutes in the cage with even an amateur fighter. Just search youtube and see MMA verse any style.


The art of breaking maiming and death moves lol, ok... well the system I teach is an eclectic blend of over 25 yrs of training, and I have instructed everyone from police & military, to special forces. I teach what SEAL instructors teach and government agents at Langley.


And FYI there are plenty of world renowned a*^hole martial artists. I actually made the mistake of traveling all the way to Japan back in the 90's to train with one. Watched him signing autographs and everything. Also, one of the top MMA guy's I trained with was a bully instructor too, without naming names.


Point being it is largely unnecessary pushing the threshold of pain like that. Any good style is capable of breaking maiming and killing. Consider that ninja were assassins e.g. Here is some of what I teach:


  • Specialized weapons training in the use of everything from environmental weapons to perfectly legal self defense weapons you can carry on your person.
  • Learn to defend yourself with any conceivable object from a short stick, a staff, to a sword or even a ball point pen.
  • Human anatomy, vital points, how and where to strike and most importantly when.
  • Strategies and techniques designed for physically smaller people against larger attackers.
  • Keen insights into human awareness and how to identify potentially dangerous situations before they happen.
  • How to tell when someone is lying to you (become a human lie detector).
  • How to tell when someone is manipulating you or trying to control you.
  • Self confidence in all aspects of your life.
  • Mantras and trigger words designed to ready and calm your mind for any task at hand.
  • The art of verbal judo, persuasion, and suggestion.
  • Debunking the myths: Learn true self defense; what works, and most importantly what does not.


Night Fighting
Verbal Judo
Lie Detection
Meditation, Mantras, & Trigger Words
Anatomy and Vital Points
Practical Psychology
Asymmetrical Self Defense & Strategy
(Fighting as the underdog & winning.)

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication
Fist, Fire, & Black Mist
(A study of history's warriors.)



(Not always the most practical for moving targets but devastating for the unsuspecting.)


(good for the street in a "fight" but better for the ring.)


(great for street fighting still better for the ring)

Jeet Kune Do

(Bruce Lee's fighting method. An earlier form of MMA. Philosophy and fight science provide the backdrop to Lee's uncodified methodology.)

Judo/BJJ or Brazilian Jui Jitsu

(Grappling arts well suited for the street and adapted by the modern day gladiatorial warriors i.e full contact cage fighters.)
Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 12, 2011 at 2:54am


( In 1609 the Okinawan islands were invaded and a weapons ban was placed on all inhabitants. Okinawan farmers developed a fighting system using simple farming implements and formed a resistance.)

Krav Maga

(Israeli combat art forged on the battle field of modern warfare.)

Moo Gi Gong

(A complete weapons system. Teaches weapon use by principle not by type. Moo Gi Gong masters often prefer to enter combat unarmed but in an environment with plenty of potential weapons at their disposal.)


(Filipino stick and knife fighting techniques as taught to special forces. Also teaches weapon use by principal not by type.)

Agent Hand to Hand Combat

(Learn techniques as taught to the C.I.A, K.G.B, Israeli Mossad, and the British MI6. Suitable for both men and women.)

Street Ninja/Street Fighting

(This is a crash course in street knowledge. Become street wise and ready for whatever that dark alleyway throws at you.)

Ninjutsu-The 9 Halls

(Pass through all 9 halls of neo-ninja training. The ninja were masters of the eclectic and master innovators that borrowed from the very best of the day to complete their craft.)

Well, good luck training Material Witness. Here is a quote I live by:

"Don't follow the masters, follow what the masters followed."

Comment by MaterialWitness1 on August 11, 2011 at 7:57pm

Actually this instructor is not a$$hole at all.  In fact, he is world renown.  He is a student of the late Moses Powell who was student and inheritor of Bruce Lee.  Most people know of Bruce Lee from movie but few know his teaching style.  This is not MMA and the Ryu Sanuce s style is not self-defense.  It is the art of breaking, maiming, and death moves.  The goal is for the student in the demonstration is to experience a moderate level of pain to gain of level of respect of his/her ability.  If you were go visit Professor Sayfullah's gym you would actually see him going through a lot of pain himself.  Much like the old Kung Fu movies depicting Shaolin training which is very grueling.


Believe me you are talking out of ignorance.  Few people have trained abroad with the handful of masters that remain today.  Sayfullah is one of the few who have.  He has world recognized certification of mastery in several aspects of the arts.  He is a master Samurai swordsmen, a master of Ryu Sanuces, as well as other arts.  By the way, Prof. Sayfullah has never lost a top student or injured a student.  His best student is his wife and about 15 others who have been with him for about 15 to 20 years.  If you are ever in Philly look him and take a look at his class.  He'll even invite to his home and you can look at his film and book library.  He is fluent in Chinese and Japanese as well.  I trained with him once and I was dead tired after the warm-up.  The video is not for the laymen or the typical self-defense martial artist...they won't understand unless they understand Bruce Lee's training and fighting philosophy.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 11, 2011 at 4:44pm

this instructor is an a^*hole! when someone taps you are suppose to stop! it means they have gone passed their threshold of pain tolerance and they are bordering on injury. there are way better instructors out there. top notch gyms are about martial arts science and a big part of that is SAFETY.


i don't doubt this man is proficient in self defense. but he is a horrible instructor. i've seen "bully instructors" a few times and they eventually lose all of their top guys. this video is more of an exhibition in this instructors ability to inflict pain then it is about "teaching."


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