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Comment by James T. Kirk on April 13, 2018 at 10:59am

Welcome to the desert of the real

Comment by DTOM on April 8, 2018 at 9:17am



4. Notes

- Be aware that (Iranian born) Nasime (of Baha'i faith) was multi-lingual, and some of the filenames she used were in Turkish or Farsi (Persian), so some filenames may not display correctly depending on your computer setup.

- Researchers may find further material on the Wayback Machine for her websites
http://nasimesabz.com and http://nasimabc.com at the URLs
https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://nasimesabz.com/ and
https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://nasimabc.com/ respectively.

- Sympathies and condolences to those involved, and if it is at all possible for there to be a silver lining amidst this tragedy, there now exists an imageboard discussion forum (/greenbreeze/) started by individuals who were impressed by the ideals of healthier eating, living, and self-improvement which Nasime had promoted prior to that fateful day. This can be found at the following URL: https://8ch.net/greenbreeze/catalog.html

- Please share, mirror, and torrent, and if so inclined make the lifestyle choices to better health and "Dare to go vegan!". Peace to all!

Comment by DTOM on April 8, 2018 at 9:16am


(DTOM: N.B - this From the note atttached to this data collection)


This archive is a collection of some of the online works of Nasime Aghdam, an eccentric artist and talented YouTuber, who tragically shot and wounded three people at YouTube headquarters before commiting suicide by shooting herself in the heart on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

2. What this is for:
Within 24hrs of the tragedy there was no official digital record of Nasime's existence. This may be seen as tampering with a public record of evidence related to a crime by some, or creating an obstacle to understanding and preventing further similar tragedies by others. The curious and news-media skeptical may wish to inform or verify for themselves the news reports they have heard with first hand evidence of her content. None of this is possible without an archive of Nasime Aghdam's online work, at least in part. (The work of her YouTube channel appears to be gone entirely). So, whether for historical recording, investigation, or even in some cases meme making of 'Nasimcore'/Vaporware style art by underground artists, this archive exists.

3. What this contains:
The archive contains

├── files 1.6Gb (the files folder found on Nasime's website nasimesabz.com, which are mainly
her writings, and ethos)

├── html 3.1Mb (a folder on her website called 'html' that contained a zip of a site she had
written an blog post for)

├── images 618Mb (the images folder found on her website, with 1700+ images)

├── media 480Mb (the media folder on her website containing various files including her own
music video "Do you dare?")

└── videos

├── 1st_instagram_account 905Mb (the videos from her 1st Instagram account 720p)

├── 2nd_instagram_account 429Mb (the videos from her 2nd Instagram account 720p)

└── dailymotion1080p 4.0Gb (all 44 videos from her DailyMotion account in 1080p quality)

Directory sizes are based on disk space used when unzipped on the hard disk, and may vary slighty depending on your computer filesystem.

The "files", and "dailymotion1080p" folders are archived into multiple parts less than 1Gb each
(800Mb max.). Doing this removes the need for you to download and install the MEGAsync application (which is needed when downloading any single file larger than 1Gb).

To join the parts of say foo.z01, foo.z02, foo.z03, foo.zip together (on a Linux system from the
command line in the directory containg the files) type the following:
zip -s 0 foo.zip --out foo-combined.zip

The options:
-s 0 will choose split size zero, i.e. join.
--out will name the resulting joined zip file.

To unzip and extract the contents into the directory:
unzip foo.zip


Comment by DTOM on April 8, 2018 at 9:14am

1st Instagram Account 892.1Mb


2nd Instagram Account 420.5Mb


Huge Collection - Explanation here*


Her website NasimeSabz.com, means 'Green Nasime' or 'Green Breeze' in Farsi.

It has few hidden pages not accessible from the main index/video pages:






There are some PDFs in files section.

You will now need to run these through: https://web.archive.org/

As with everything, look at and evaluate the source material for yourself.

Comment by DTOM on April 8, 2018 at 9:13am

SHE was a real woman - not a CG creation, not a tranny - and one that lived a healthy lifestyle, possessed empathy,  followed her beliefs (whether you agree with them or not) and had the determination and guts to question the world around us.

(As for using Max Headroom clips to push the alleged CG creation theory - that is actor Matt Frewer in a SFX makeup foam-latex prosthesis, his suit was made of glass fiber. The geometric background was an analog animation. Old-school SFX & VFX - although state of the art circa 1985)

She looks like a typical Persian / Iranian women - her unique style indicates this - she has less body fat because she was a self described 'vegan body builder' which was a key factor in both her lifestyle and her self employment through YouTube videos.

She was born in 1979 in Urmia, Iran, her heritage was half Armenian, half Azeri.

She identified as Baha'i


However, this is now a dead link. and it is not saved in the wayback machine / internet archive either


Aghdan is a traditional Azeri name, it is NOT a Muslim name nor is it in the Muslim style which includes the original location of the family / tribe as part of the name.

She had 3 YouTube channels for content in English, Turkish and Farsi.

According to the brother, she had been living recently with her grandmother in San Diego

She posted about Persian culture, veganism, animal rights - against slaughter and exploration of animals, body-building / exercise, materialism, degeneracy, free speech and criticized the double standards of YouTube.

She was a self-admitted virgin, saving herself for marriage - said in one video that she had never fallen in love.

She called out sexual degeneracy as a problem - she made a video pointing out the dangers of anal sex - definitely a no-no on YouTube.

As to why she didn't smile much...check out her content, and makeup you own mind - seriously, once we know the real state of the world, is there much to smile about anymore?

N.B - the content in Farsi is being translated by folks on the Chans.

It seems the only thing that did make her smile was her pet rabbit, which died towards the end of last year.

Youtube not only filtered, censored and demonetized her content- they withheld monies owed - they defrauded her.

She wrote to YouTube numerously to no avail.

I've been watching this over the last couple of days as THEY hurriedly try to dump everything about this woman - her social media accounts and website - down the memory hole.

It's even becoming a concern that THEY are working real time to do this as the Anons on the Chans and others make new discoveries.

But content has been saved.


Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on April 7, 2018 at 7:33pm

If she is really dead it's a shame. There was a lot of inner talent put into her life with the videos. When one views a number of the Hollyweird movies she had more natural ability than a number of the actors.

We say really dead due to the gun range practice and only Wounding the 3 targets and no explanation f the victims and their relationship to her. They just became targets in the courtyard when she logically would have gone after management that downgraded her videos.

And a police press conference detail - WHAT! Does every shooting get a press conference with No Neckers standing behind the Chief... and a Blanket covering her up when the body would normally be collected and moved during an investigation. If the agenda was to bring attention to YouTube it certainly worked. 

Too many things do not add up...

We are Legion and Growing..


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