Where Does It End? New 'Monarch' Brain Device Approved for ADHD

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Comment by King Of Cups on March 2, 2020 at 3:22pm

Thanks for the Post JR informative and sad how a bunch of greed hacked so called doctors and the FDA can allow our children to be abused/controlled/modified/reduced etc. for profit and to further their agendas of mind control and population control for all. I think I will be making a donation soon. http://www.empathictherapy.org/Membership-page.html

Comment by King Of Cups on March 2, 2020 at 2:32pm

Kool Aid brought to you by the makers of Ritalin.

Leon Eisenberg Admits ADHD Was A Big Lie


JR sorry to hear your story I have friends who I grew up with who like you were falsely diagnosed and placed on various prescription drugs throughout their childhood.

As we all know now Big Pharma can't be trusted.

Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 4:00pm

Doc - Sorry your brother had to go through that. Yes, it's amazing, that principle, when part of the brain never develops or is removed or destroyed, often the rest takes up it's functions. Too bad it can't happen all the time. Some people only have a few millimeters of brain matter atop the brainstem, but they function normally, and you'd never know. The rest of the skull is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. It's called Hydrancephaly (HydrOcephaly is the oversized head due to excess fluid during development). Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed.

Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 3:49pm

Doc - Thanks. Well, no medical tests, of course, but both parents told me a week after starting the Dilantin, I went from normal happy child to brooding loner child who wanted to stay indoors every waking moment and read science books. Stereotyped interests like the sciences are a key indicator, as is misophonia (literally "hatred of sound", some noise drives me up the wall, like gas-powered leaf blowers), and I have those in spades, and other symptoms. I read reference works for pleasure, the same way others will read fiction novels. I also was more than somewhat clumsy and awkward, and had severe problems with socialization. School was hell. I actually remember the first day of kindergarten, at lunch I backed up against the wall, acutely despaired, slid down to the floor, and thought "I have twelve more years of this. I don't even know what twelve years is." It also didn't help with relationships, of course. Psychopaths are predators, and they are on the lookout for vulnerable people. All my relationships have been with women who initiated contact, and continued persistently and aggressively. And they have all been disasters in which these women treated me in outrageously bad ways, doing things I think they never did to anyone else. And that quality wasn't limited to women I had relationships with. I've had at least 20 serious suicide attempts, and every one should have succeeded, no doubts. In the past, I've needed hard illegal drugs to cope with life in any way at all.  It is a long series of miracles that I am alive and healthy today. Thank you God.

That said, now I wouldn't have changed a thing about my past, because of what my worldview is now (notice I favor the right and left working together to unseat our overlords, and actually have sympathy for homosexuals because they were likely poisoned in the womb with gender-altering chemicals, and so on - not common views among neo-Nazis). And because of the technology I've come up with, which could, if properly used, and in some cases developed, help to eliminate a huge chunk of human problems, I think. I would do it all over again. But I hope I don't have to, lol.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 29, 2020 at 1:26pm

James, that's tough getting autism. Are you sure it was as a direct result of the Dilantin? If you were to talk to my brother you'd e never realize that he;s had  a large portion of his executive center in the frontal lobe removed where the tumor was destroyed with a beta knife. Anyway, some people with autism become savants so maybe it was a blessing.

Comment by James Roberts on February 28, 2020 at 7:09pm

Doc - Yeah, Dilantin gave me autism. I recall vividly the pills actually taste sweet, little scored triangles. I read an article in Newsweek when I was not yet a man, an interview with a female British lord who had a genius IQ. She said greater intelligence doesn't make you happy, but we should in any case seek it. Maybe I should have listened to her, before I pursued it. In any case, today I had some insights, as to technology. I know that if every little thing hadn't happened just the way it did, I'd not have had them. Which makes all the traumas worthwhile, all the privation. Our overlords need only destroy to win, and it is very much more time- and resource-intensive to create. But I'm beginning to think there's a way to overcome that principle. Time will tell, lol. More to come...

Comment by Doc Vega on February 28, 2020 at 5:35pm

There's a completely natural doctor in California who treats cases of addiction, ADD, ADDHD, depression, and malnutrition by prescribing a natural diet and natural remedies and claims that Dilantin by Parke Davis, a mineral based treatment for seizures actually treats depression, enhances mental clarity, had completely cured disoriented thinking such as learning disorders in teens who within 30 minutes could write coherent paragraphs when before they were unable to. My brother who had 2 brain tumor operations was given Dilantin an 80 year old drug and said the only dis effect he noticed was that his feet would get a little tingling sensation. The only reason they won't further develop this treatment for other mental ailments is due to the multi-million dollar testing that the drug must go through and pass, but this is typical of an industry and government complicity. They would just rather you risk getting lymphoma, tuberculosis, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, headaches, and sudden compulsions to have sex with small farm animals than provide a well known dependable treatment.

Comment by James Roberts on February 28, 2020 at 8:03am

Actually, this would be a good thing, although the majority of the video is not about that. This histrionic alarmism is a case of someone realizing they've been lied to about the negative effects of marijuana, so they go and try heroin. I've had a lot of personal experience with stimulating the cranial nerves myself, and it has relieved my autism and symptoms of PTSD, among other things. Here's a similar device for stroke victims and it regained their function, when used along with training. The FDA did Not approve this device, for the BS reason of "a lack of information". The company obediently bowed down and let it go.

Comment by James Roberts on February 28, 2020 at 5:53am

I'll have to look into this more deeply. And, of course, if I remember correctly, ADHD, ther guy who came up with the diagnostic criteria admitted on his deathbed they just made it up to sell drugs (for kids).

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