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Comment by Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 on May 27, 2012 at 7:33pm

This is very simple guys, about 70 percent of all our tax money go to buy more weapons and the military, why?? because all that people in congress and in the corporations make a lot of money out of it..corporations get pay and the pay a little amount of money to the politicians to sign more military expending and keep making more wars, plus the money they make from killing citizens of other nations and robing them of their resources so they can sell them to us more expensive of course with out promoting any economic grow for Americans workers but themselves..and beside, by keeping Americans poor and ignorant about what is going on the force many with out a draft to join our military institutions and kill people for a little sorry ass paycheck and so benefits for a cheap technical school that by the time they get out they have this huge debt for years to come.  Only a 30 percent of all our tax money go to education health, social security etc etc....We have become a warmongering nation, our economy is all base on making wars on weak countries by accusing them of harboring terrorists created by our very own intelligence services. And from now on you can expect more wars for years to come till they reach the Globalist Elite goal....that is to have 90% of the whole world population death and that include American citizens as well....they don't the end they have their own subterranean cities to hide for them and their families ...This people don't care if we end up having a nuclear war with Russia or China at the end...because that will shorten their time in order to achieve their goals of massive global extermination does really suck to know that at the end they will get all of us kill with our own taxes and all that fiat money they keep printing and stocking in their personal banks...that does really sucks. 

"Destroying the New World Order"

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