BREAKING: Surveillance video captures FBI directing CNN camera man at Roger Stone raid; it’s all THEATER

Natural News) Stunning new video footage released exclusively by shows FBI personnel directing the CNN camera man who filmed the armed raid of Roger Stone. The new footage exposes the pure theater of the armed “Gestapo” raid on Roger Stone, which was carried out by 29 armed, geared-up FBI agents who now function as Robert Mueller’s domestic terrorism mercenaries.

The shocking video footage proves that the corrupt FBI was complicit in the theatrical staging of the arrest for CNN’s cameras, further proving that CNN was tipped off by someone in Robert Mueller’s office. Leaking this information to the media is a felony crime, demonstrating that Robert Mueller’s deep state mafia is, itself, a criminal operation engaged in domestic terrorism tactics against Americans.

The FBI attempted to confiscate this footage but reportedly failed to find and remove the DVR that captured it. Some of the video footage shows the FBI placing tape over the lens of one of the cameras, confirming that the FBI is actively engaged in attempts to cover up their crimes of violence that target innocent Americans for political purposes.

See the video screen grabs below, and share everywhere. This is now the America in which we live: A deep state, police state bureaucracy run by federal terrorists who stage armed raids against political enemies while collaborating with the anti-Trump media to stage such raids for propaganda “news” broadcasts. (All while the tech giants censor the independent media to silence the truth.)

Both CNN and the FBI are now clearly enemy combatants in a civil war being waged against America’s President and anyone linked to him. It’s time for all Americans to stand up and demand the arrest and criminal prosecution of Robert Mueller, James Comey, top FBI officials and CNN collaborators. The rogue deep state is out of control and has crossed the line into total criminality. The bureaucracy is now run by actual enemy combatants who are attempting to carry out a political coup in America, and they are now using Gestpo-style terrorism tactics to accomplish their intended goals.

Help support Roger Stone’s mounting legal costs by donating at

The CNN production vehicle arrives, having been illegally tipped off about the imminent raid:

FBI thugs meet with CNN personnel and direct them to capture the footage of the imminent raid:

Armed FBI “Gestapo” thugs launch the raid, carrying numerous rifles and handguns which are aimed at Roger Stone and his innocent wife:

Roger Stone is handcuffed and arrested for “lying to Congress” — something that James Comey, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have repeatedly done on countless occasions. Notice the armed, rifle-wielding FBI mercenary on the right side of this frame as he’s pointing his rifle at the front window of Roger Stone’s home:

Stay informed. More video footage is coming. This is why the tech giants are desperately censoring all independent media, so that they can dominate the news narratives with their fake news and staged acts of terrorism. Twitter banned Natural News yesterday, and Apple has threatened to ban the Natural News app if we continue to publish stories that expose the lies and terrorism of the lunatic Left.

Learn the truth at

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Way over the top, he's accused of lying and they send 29 FBI agents to raid his house and CNN just happened to be there.  It made a great exclusive story for CNN.

"...and so this too, shall pass"

So sad to think that these seditious bastards & their blatant criminal federal felony(s) will silently slither away,  with not a peep from the Corporate MSM, into the deep, dark recess's of the DC Cesspool's bottomless abyss,forgotten forever..... 

...without even a slapped wrist or indictment!! Just the SOSDD...

This photo op brought to you by Robert Mueller and his traitorous gang of thugs at the DOJ and the FBI.

There is no hope for the criminal FBI. They are a rogue entity that no longer works for people that pay them. They need to be completely disbanded and shut down. There is no other solution to the problem. Trump has dropped the ball on this one. He's letting the criminals run the show. The criminals busting down doors and arresting people for violations that are meaningless compared to the crimes they have committed. Trump needs to get a handle on his justice department before they do any more damage to this country.

Trump in actually is under house arrest, surrounded by the government that hates him 24hrs. a day .

His family is hostage and he will do as the deep state says or else.

Plelosi has all the power now.

The only way to get the country back, is for the people to shut it all down, but the people will fare

no better than France who is trying it And losing. Venezuela is our future.

Dude you are so right! They hate him for firing their lying corrupt director Comey and they are out for revenge!

I can smell the corruption like dog shit in the burning bag on a porch!

These BASTARDS need to be  AMBUSHED EN MASSE!  They are CRIMINALS!  They wont do their job and arrest the REAL CRIMINALS so they need to GO! One way or another!  Remember they use your cellphones as TRACKERS so use that AGAINST THEM!  Its time we used the "V for VENDETTA" model.  

It's Roger Stone not Billy the Kid you totalitarian goons. 

Well, looky there! I love hard proof. Thanks so much, sharing!


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