Finland PM Sanna Marin faces backlash after wild party video goes viral

This is the kind of prime minister we have. It should be obligatory to grow up before entering politics.


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Is she the youngest clown in the circus ~of shock. Appears to be no concern for covid cautions or spreading events taken into consideration ~in a pandemic of virus alert. No, why not just show everyone that we the elite artists of bs are one up on them and rub it in everyones faces and laugh as we do it. 

Being a TikTok PM is not even close to Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack Twerking.  Consider yourself lucky.  lol

State Senator Tiara Mack Twerking 

It may well be that the video was released on purpose. Could it be.
"The interesting question this time is, of course, why does Sanna Marin need to be removed from the position of prime minister with conditions? Hasn't she done everything she was told to do so far?"

LINK TO MV-Lehti translated

Could be right LP. If a war did come about with anything greater than a corona spread this dancing fiend would  be by the end of it having another " I Should Have Used Better Judgement" moment (to deal with it.) By then it could be too late and the country suddenly put into isolation or worse. She's proved she could not even deal with war on a mico-virus level let alone a confrontation of anything else. A snap election might be needed perhaps. This was published just last year.

Hey Parr,

 We talked about warnings being attached to these lose your cabbage pics on the other hand joisey deserves whatever they get. .That is one nasty side of beef, if "twerking is not the nastiest thing I've seen  then it will do til monkey pox gets here oh never mind it's here so What about man's best friend being abused by the degenerate sodomites. SAVE THE DOGS would be a worthy goal that every decent person could get behind. got to find my eye bleach


Sorry about that.  Disgusting behavior seems to be pretty common with politicians anymore, so I didn't consider your sensitive nature.  lol

Unlike that roaming russian superspy I am giving a warning on this filthy thing you will see if you dare .

WARNING nastiness in the cocks pox world view at your own risk of eye damage.


Oh Hell Naw: He Risked Passing Monkeypox Just So He Could Get Some McDonalds'!

Oh Hell Naw: He Risked Passing Monkeypox Just So He Could Get Some ...

HRC (Satan's Rep) supports her:  

Hillary Clinton tells Finnish PM Sanna Marin: 'Keep dancing' (nypos...

“Here’s me in Cartagena while I was there for a meeting as Secretary of State”  (2012)  Also pics of her swigging a beer.

It's one thing to drink alcohol and totally another to use drugs that have detrimental effect on your capacity as a decisionmaker. Beer or even hard liquor in moderation is ok, but cocaine is not. There is a difference in having a booze party and celebrating in style.

Very true.  I just wanted to point out that HRC approved, so that says a lot.  We must also consider that HRC was most likely also pumped up on adrenochrome after an infant was sacrificed.

I know what you mean. HRC's approval is more like a curse.


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