I got booted from Huffington Post, but not before I let the forum Nazis know...

This was an email I sent to the stasi Nazi mods on Huffy Po before they booted me...
Please tell me why this comment was removed:
In other news, Obama wipes fake tears for mass murder victims but not for the 200 children he killed with drone strikes in Pakistan.

Department of Education policy is:
Lock down the school
Lock the little ones in the classroom
Curl up into a ball
Get executed

Meanwhile police hide behind their cars outside. Brilliant isn't it?

How about basic military 101. Escape and evade the threat. How about, step one, identify the threat. Step two, identify means of escaping hostile area. Step three, develop plan to escape hostile area as surreptitiously as possible, bringing with you as many CHILDREN as you can possibly save. Step four, evade threat, and escape school grounds. Step five, post shooting, arm the teachers or get guards like Obama's children have. And every other filthy rich scumbag that has kids protected in private schools that want to disarm you.

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Huffy Po, Huffy Po. You Nazi zombies you...

because it's true 

True indeed

way to piss off Huffpo ;)

Joke 'em if they can't take a fook....w00t!!!

It was a good run. I'll be back though. Little switch-a-roo with the ip style, and I'm back at em'.

Kryptonite .. you are brilliant! The sad fact is you are trying to make sense to air-head liberals. A daunting endeavour, you are dedicated. I have almost stopping wasting my time on doing that.

They are an air headed bunch some of them. But I got through to a lot of people and found many like us telling the truth. I was well over a 1,000 comments in, so I know I woke up a few to some things. It's worth it if you can at least wake up one person.

they are the filthy rich scumbags therefore u insulted them. lol

Lol, yea. It wasn't that particular email or comment that got me booted. I don't even know what the tipping point was. I prob racked up enough red flags so they booted me. Apparently reality frightens them.

I hate Huffington Post, run by some rich bitch married to a Democrat scum bag Congressman. These people have no idea what's going on in the world as they release articles that support a White House that is busy stripping us of our rights on a daily basis. These people are nothing more than propagandists!

May I point out that there is no difference between Dem & Rep.  They keep a false dichotomy running out front for the "useless eaters," meanwhile both "parties" move towards the same goals in the back rooms.

I say any talk of "Dem this" and "Rep that" is merely feeding the divide and conquer BS the PTB stir up and foment.

I only hit it up cuz it's the most popular libby site with comments and news on the web. Ranked 21 last time I checked alexa.


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