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Did you know that almost all seeds bough in every store in the USA and most of the world is owned by one corporation and they have been genetically modified to not produce any seeds?

This is so you have to buy more seeds the next year (So they say)
Not only are hybrid GM seeds sterile and lack nutrition, but the real reason is so you cannot feed you family or yourself in a time of crisis.

Self reliance calls for you to buy your seeds from a company that produces heritage seeds that have not been touched to alter them and will grow and produce seed's after the plant has matured.

These are all-natural seeds, original strains of garden food non-hybrid, not genetically modified.
Most of these seeds date back 150 years. Heirloom offspring seeds can be saved and grown later. Important when people are starving!

Seed Companies No Hybrid, heritage seeds:

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Started by Central Scrutinizer Jul 27, 2020. 0 Replies


Planting Kiwis

Started by Less Prone Sep 21, 2014. 0 Replies

While Kiwi is not a vegetable but a fruit, it may be interesting to realize that it can be planted and grown and that one Kiwi vine can produce 50 to 100 pounds of fruit. The fruit is rich with…Continue

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Green gardening secrets: How to eliminate bugs and pests without using poison

Started by truth. Last reply by Ragnarok Aug 3, 2014. 11 Replies

Green gardening secrets: How to eliminate bugs and pests without using poisonWednesday, May 04, 2011 by: Neev M. Arnell(NaturalNews) As people are turning away from chemical ingredients in everything…Continue

100 Best Herbs for Your Health and Wellness

Started by Ragnarok. Last reply by Ragnarok May 20, 2014. 1 Reply

100 Best Herbs for Your Health and WellnessIf you’re interested in supplementing your health and wellness routine with some natural remedies, …Continue

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Farming and Gardening Post Fukushima 2011 - No Containment date in sight.

Started by Wolf. Last reply by Wolf Nov 9, 2013. 5 Replies

I love farming.  I love our animals, I love our life style.  We raise what we eat, our freezers are full of delicious milk beef, sheep and pork.  Our plates are never empty.  Milk steer meat is a…Continue

CareTakers - Nature's Pharmacy (Pondoland Wild Coast)

Started by Maria De Wind. Last reply by Maria De Wind Oct 7, 2013. 2 Replies

In " Nature's Pharmacy (Pondoland Wild Coast)", Sinegugu Zukulu is a resident of the Pondoland Wild Coast, as well as a teacher, a traditionalist, and a conservation activist. He is a leader…Continue

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How To Build A Basic Aquaponics System

Started by Freedomrox. Last reply by Patriot Horse Jan 26, 2013. 5 Replies

 How To Build A Basic Aquaponics SystemA Basic guide on how to build your own Aquaponic System. This system is based on the Barrel Ponics and the S&S setup and was built by me in the summer of…Continue

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Canadian seed source - online ordering available

Started by Doctor. Last reply by CH Dec 6, 2012. 1 Reply

Just thought I would share a good seed resource I found: It's a family farm just outside Dundas Ontario and are totally dedicated to…Continue

Tags: health, farming, canada, non-gmo, seeds

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

Started by Swtnlovabl. Last reply by Patriot Pete Nov 30, 2012. 3 Replies February 23, 2010By Judi GerberCare2Not that being part…Continue

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Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 18, 2014 at 11:41pm

Oh yea, I have to plumb the sunroom, build a display stand, move 2 or 3  aquariums from the old pet store we had, clean and cycle them, one of which will get my wife's pet Shubunkin fish in the largest one for winter. I'll put me some Angel fish in the other ones. 

  At some point I'd like to finish her canning room in the basement, nothing large, 9x12 which will allow us to move some stuff and declutter some of the Pantry now which is also a washer/dryer room too. It is 21x13 ft and full plus some closets upstairs. Hopefully we could make enough room for the 4th freezer so I can move all my seeds in it.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 18, 2014 at 11:30pm

My wife is still debating on harvesting the Pears, meanwhile I've offered them and what few Apples we have free to a few neighbors. All the berries are come and gone here, save for the Muscudines. Other than the Pears though my wife says she is done. It is now getting in the 50s (F) at night here so before long my Banana Plants (or trees) and my wife's Palms will have to be brought into the Sunroom.

  I want to build me one of those TX Preppers greenhouses, small and unheated, to start plants in next year. I have everything collected now, except our daughter has new chickens (Antwerp Belgian Bantams or Barbu d'Anvers), which really need a better pen. My wife got her some  Black Copper French Marans, which also need a pen, and I have the Auracanas which also need a pen. But the top over the firewood area comes first. 

  Sold some of the calves and have to buy a new rotary cutter then get at least 30 acres mowed, plus get the hay in. It still ain't here yet. So where I considered some cold weather crops that is out for this year at least. When I was healthy that would have been a walk in the park, not so much now.

Comment by Ragnarok on September 18, 2014 at 8:29pm

Youre lucky here if you can find just a few flat rocks here. I have started to collect rocks to some experiments next year. 

Theres actually still a lot to harvest here, tons of tomatoes, jerusalem artichokes and blackberries. A few giant beans, some red kuri pumkins, rhubarbs came again... plenty of different herbs like mint, lemon balm, parsley, chives et cetera. Apples by their 100's so it really nice...and even a few eggplants in the green house and many pounds of grapes.

Just made some juice of the first batch of grapes and some lemon balm oil and mint oil using canola oil.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 18, 2014 at 12:11am

Thanks for the compliment on the rocks. The ones around the tree are just stacked and no cemented at all. The porch is cemented though. I laid the bottom 28 feet of wall about 23 years ago (I think) and the first 40 feet of wall back in 83 or 84. For the most part all the rocks are from here locally. Our soil has more rock than soil in it, lol. I need to figure out how to tie it into the porch now. The porch wasn't done when I laid them so I wasn't sure just how high to go. Now I've developed an allergy to cement before it dries, which hasn't helped any.

  The Blue Ridge Mountains, they have a lot of flat rocks, which is what you see around here on buildings, etc. These rounds stones back in the 80s they said nobody could lay them and make them stay. I knew that was a load of bull, the Smoky Mountains has bathrooms and other places built with them. I worked in masonry for almost 3 years, but we never done that. 

  I like the ideas you have there. I made it by with rebar drove into the ground and the poles slid over them, but I want a raised bed. I think those conduit straps you show there might just do the trick. Thanks.

  Our season is all but gone now, maybe Paprika next year. We just took a load of calves to the market and will have another load later in winter or spring. Now we move into hay phase, and I'm getting nervous. We buy our hay and so far none of it is here. We will move in about 160 (+/-) 800-100 lb rolls. This guy delivers, but if we have to go that will mean moving metal off at least 1 of the hay floats and locating some. 

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 17, 2014 at 11:53pm

Those look great. Excellent. 

Comment by Ragnarok on September 17, 2014 at 12:56pm

Comment by Ragnarok on August 12, 2014 at 4:32am

Really nice job with the rocks did you build the porch as well.? What kind of wildlife are you shielding your plants against.?

Never tried making my own paprika but ill bet it would be delish. Dry and grind right and no seeds.

If you have some pipe laying around that has a bigger diameter than the hoops you can cut em into 10-12 inch pieces and dig/hammer em into the soil then bend the hoops i think they should be able to keep them in place. You can also tie then all together on top (maybe on the sides as well) with 2-2.5mm fencing wire to make the whole thing more sturdy or you can do this i dont know the english word for it.

I found this thought it was a good idea 

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on August 12, 2014 at 1:24am

Those are some great pictures and descriptions. We have timber but I'd almost be afraid of it, termites. I love the rock idea, beautiful, except our rocks here are round. I lay them but only with concrete, ones like that sell for high here. That runs us to block. I like the idea of them, though the rock is beautiful. Man that would be nice not to have to bend down.

 They say one can dry out the peppers for Paprika. They have definitely sparked my interest. Provided we get 2 dead trees down and cut up I will probably put them out where the green beans grow. I have several types of Greasyback seeds I need to plant to get more seeds from, cheapest way I know to get seeds. 

  Another thing with the block is the hoops over it. I bought some snap type things that snap onto the pipe to hold the material on. The hoops didn't work too well for me this year but I wasn't prepare or experienced at it.

  This is what we do with the small round rocks.


Comment by Ragnarok on August 11, 2014 at 9:52am

I think the american term for em are cheese peppers. Heavy rain clouds are giving some rain not a lot like promised they say is storm Berthas last twitches.

Theres few things i dont like doing wallpaper is one of them :-) its one of those things that needs to be done with the faster the better. For some reason im always ending up painting, plastering or putting up wallpaper for friends.

Would be a good idea with some raised beds. If building with concrete blocks i would do something like this. Easy to built faily cheap and you could even make it with heating so you could grow a big selection of varieties all year round.

But if you have access to timber from your property i would do something like this. Still with the pvc tubing and the heating if you wanna grow all year. Very easy and i think the plants gets some nutrients of being with wood rather than concrete. (just a thought)

Maybe you have a couple tons of rock you dont know what to do with. The great thing about the rocks is that they obsorb so much heat but you probably know that.

Take care.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on August 11, 2014 at 12:14am

That is probably the correct name. Here in the states they change the names of plants to spark sales, an old time trick. I saw Banana Melons advertised all sorts of ways including Tn Melons. We use to be the butt a jokes on being backward, so I'm guessing if they call the TN something they figure nobody will ever know, lol. 

  I still ain't even 1/2 done with wallpaper. :) We got rain today so that meant no sleep last night again, so I done her Kitchen border over the cabinets. With the rain I don't think the hay will be delivered, can't pull the hill. Maybe tomorrow I'll be done with it. 

  Thought about getting some concrete blocks to make a raised bed, any thoughts on that?


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