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The Case against Noam Chomsky

Jon Hellevig is a Finnish Independence Party’s candidate for the European Parliament in 2014. He is a lawyer and entrepreneur having written books of philosophy, linguistics, and social philosophy. He supports independence and market economy and is critical to corporate media propaganda and established political parties. One of his books builds a case against a left wing gate keeper Noam Chomsky, who in some circles has gained himself a passionate, almost cult-like attachment of followers…


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Royalty Linked to Global Child Trafficking and Ritual Murder

In the International Common Law Court of Justice case of the People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder;

“The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at the Church of England’s Brantford Indian residential school in Canada.”…


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Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

"Lawmakers from 9 states gather in Utah, discuss ways to take control of federal lands. "

Link to the article.

Bundy Ranch clash seems to have waken up the people. It's about time.

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One-Way Mars Colony Project Draws 200,000 Volunteers

"A group that's looking for the first Red Planet colonists received applications from more than 200,000 prospective astronauts vying for a spot on a one-way trip to Mars. The non-profit Mars One Foundation hopes to send teams of four spaceflyers on one-way Mars colony missions starting in 2023. Its initial 19-week application window closed on Aug. 31, with a final tally of 202,586 volunteers."…


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Another Pedophile Exposed After Death

Why are the police, intelligence service, media and people in power protecting the scum like Cyril Smith and the others?

"For forty year, 29st politician was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight

Police received at least 144 complaints from victims yet authorities blocked any prosecution

New book serialised in Daily Mail details how Smith - who died in 2010 aged 82 - was repeatedly protected despite being arrested for sex crimes

MI5 and Special Branch…


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Austria asks Russia to immediately intervene in the situation in Ukraine

"The appeal is that Russia will help Ukraine to achieve a constructive and fixed position with Europe, friendship with Europe and Russia, and good relations with Russia. The Russian Federation has to help stabilize Ukraine "…


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The Brasscheck Five Point Action Program - Real information for real change


1. Study reality and dismantle propaganda

2. Use what you learn to protect yourself, your family and friends and your community - and to make their lives better

3. Don't cooperate with evil doers

4. Help victims

5. Work to undermine the corrupt system



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Starbucks to stop supporting Monsanto?

When you buy a latte at Starbucks, you may be inadvertently funneling money into Monsanto's pockets, too. It turns out that the milk served in Starbucks products comes from cows raised on genetically modified animal feed such as GM corn and soy products. "These crops degrade the quality of our land and water, perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture, and have potentially negative health impacts on livestock," says GMO Inside.…


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