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I am sure I am not the first person to wonder about this and I hope not the first one to post this question: WHat if: since they have the technology and they hide so much other facets of our lives.

They are growing clone armies to come in and take us out of the picture Seems like right after "Dolly" those fema mass stacked coffins were revealed.. so who is to say they are not in the process of creating a disposable army to rid the world of the useless humans who are sucking the life…


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Recently unsealed documents concerning aliens and other facets of our world

What are most of your thoughts regarding these newly released documents, and why do you think now they are being released? is this more of the propaganda? I believe that most of the movies have a great bit of truth behind the stories and plots. Not all but most play into the unfolding of events. Part of the psychological warfare they use against us? preparation for what may be on the horizon or another way to keep us distracted and in fear of our lives.. intimidation methods?

I will…


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death of Kelly Thomas.. and many more

I have followed horrific news throughout the years and I have to say they are getting more and more gruesome with each passing year.. this was one of the most unbelieveable beatings I have seen police involved in. and he was just minding his own business and seemingly lost his way.  but on this horrible summer day in July 2011.. the day after  a holiday his life was literally taken from him and he lay in a coma for days after until he was called to the other side..…


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which theory of 9/11 do you support?

 after considering many different views this one seems to be the most compelling

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No Currency System; Part II

I find no offense in your comments or suggestion to finish the work myself, yet I am not qualified either on the creation of a complete entire system my self as I have never been in charge of anymore than 3 people let alone a complete community of people, so there fore structuring the function of one is way beyond my comprehension. I structured this rough draft from thoughts I have been tossing around in my mind over the past month or so and finally decided to put it to paper before…


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Oh my GOD check this out I stumbled onto it and cant believe what i am seeing

ITANIMULLI.COM this is illuminati back ward copy and paste into a search feild and see what web page comes up ,,, that's right the NSA  Nation Security Association.. .. WTH is going on here.. and people do not believe  that we are subject to false flags..that our government is behind some of the most heinous acts in the world and we are still allowing this to happen. Why do so  many other countries hate us so much.. why do some align…


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a step in the right direction breaking free of the chains

I plan on building a tiny home.. I am starting with a trailer camper towable for now.. with flex solar panels and an inverter to generate my own power so not to kill my batteries.

then when i can afford it I plan to purchase property and build a tiny home on it with the full green package.  then work on my own garden and nut and berry bushes and trees.  I will ask what is left of my family to join me as well,, but there are only 2 offspring that will live past  20 years and only 5…


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A World Without Currency can you Imagine?

Now this is all in the really primal stages and completely a ROUGH Draft, BUT we have to start somewhere and work together at creating a system that will function without money,, money is the reason why we war and fight and power and corruption are the end result ... which means humanity suffers the good perish and the evil and bad eggs rule it all .. so we must start somewhere .. 

A Truly FREE World

Let's imagine for a while that we could do anything we wanted (within reason of…


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"Destroying the New World Order"



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