Is religion being used to control the masses? You decide

Some of this blog I have taken from a web site which I give credit  by referencing the link> The rest  comes from what I have researched and the notes I have taken. Most of it is common knowledge and if you track the stars and research sun gods and religion it is all there and how it lines up with the theme of Christianity. 
I am not trying to remove anyone's faith.
For years I was a firm believer even though years ago in my youth I always held a passion for astronomy, astrology and was trying to figure our how the stars fit into natural navigation or Celestial Navigation, More recently  after watching a documentary I finally began to understand more on how ancient civilizations used astronomy in everyday life.
Everyone must make their own minds and hearts as to what they choose to believe, I find that I always wondered how the dark ages factored into religion and how come they removed all holy scriptures from access to mankind. The entire ordeal struck me as odd and after researching a bit more I decided that what better way to control the masses other than use religion as a tool to do just that, This is where I am with my research, I do not expect everyone to find themselves where I am,That is up to each individual to take away from it what you will. I still firmly believe that there is a higher power, Although I am not certain it falls in the realm of what I have been led to believe all of my life at this point.
I do believe either way that in order for us to survive and live in peace we need to return to the basics: respect one another, live and let live, place humanity at the forefront and stop hating for every excuse a person can think of to hate. There are definite evil forces or Evil people in this world who care only for their own gain and benefit and would take until the rest of us break. Which means they are not compassionate in the least. Which makes me wonder WHY are they the way they are? Why do they choose to make the rest of the population struggle ad suffer?
Origin Of Religion
Origin of Religion - Ancient Foundations
The origin of religion can generally be traced to the ancient Near East and classified in three basic categories: polytheistic, pantheistic and monotheistic. Atheism is really a modern belief that resulted from the "Enlightenment" period of the 18th century.
Origin of Religion - Polytheism
The origin of religion and polytheistic systems: Polytheism (a belief in many gods) is thought to have originated with Hinduism in about 2500 BC. Hindu beliefs were recorded in the Bhagavad Gita, which revealed that many gods were subject to a supreme Brahman god. Polytheism was also the religion of many other ancient cultures, including Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. The ancient polytheistic belief systems viewed gods as being in control of all natural events such as rainfall, harvests and fertility. Generally, polytheistic cultures believed in sacrifices to appease their gods. For instance, the Canaanites sacrificed to the male god, Baal, and his female counterpart, Ashteroth. Baal controlled the rain and the harvest, while Ashteroth controlled fertility and reproduction. The Greeks and Romans developed polytheism to a highly structured pantheon of gods and goddesses.
Origin of Religion - Pantheism
The origin of religions and pantheistic systems: Pantheism (a belief that all is God) prevailed in numerous ancient cultures. The belief that the universe itself was divine was typified in the Animism beliefs of the African and American Indian cultures, the later Egyptian religion under the Pharoahs, and Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism in the cultures of the Far East. Pantheistic beliefs are also finding resurgence among various New Age movements. Generally, pantheism is the principle that god is everything, and everything is god. Therefore, nature is also part of god. We must be in harmony with nature. We must nurture it and be nurtured by it. Mankind is no different than any other animal. We must live in harmony with them, understand them, and learn from them, focusing on the relationship between mankind and the elements of nature.
Origin of Religion - Monotheism
The origin of religion and monotheistic systems: Monotheism (a belief in one God) is the foundation of the Judeo-christian-muslim line of religions, which began with a man named Abraham in about 2000 BC. From this point in history, God began revealing Himself to the world through the nation of Israel. The Jewish Scriptures record the journey of the Israelites from slaves in Egypt to the "promised land" in Canaan under the leadership of Moses. During a period of about 1500 years, God revealed what became the Old Testament of the Bible, relating the history of Israel with the character and laws of God. During the period of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem as the long-awaited Messiah. The ministry of Jesus ended in about 32 AD with His crucifixion and resurrection. After Christ's ascension into heaven, the Christian church grew in His name and the New Testament was written. About 600 years later, Muhammad began preaching in Mecca. Muhammad believed he was the ultimate prophet of God, and his teachings became the precepts of Islam as recorded in the Qur'an.
Origin of Religion - Important Dates in History:
c. 2000 BC: Time of Abraham, the patriarch of Israel.
c. 1200 BC: Time of Moses, the Hebrew leader of the Exodus.
c. 1100 - 500 BC: Hindus compile their holy texts, the Vedas.
c. 563 - 483 BC: Time of Buddha, founder of Buddhism.
c. 551 - 479 BC: Time of Confucius, founder of Confucianism.
c. 200 BC: The Hindu book, Bhagavad Gita, is written.
c. 2 to 4 BC - 32 AD: Time of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and founder of Christianity.
c. 32 AD: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
c. 40 - 90 AD: The New Testament is written by the followers of Jesus Christ.
c. 570 - 632 AD: Time of Muhammad, who records the Qur'an as the basis of Islam.
What is the basic purpose of religion? 
Religion is designed to focus the people's attention and energy on a single, unchanging, uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in some cases arbitrary rules on them, which if broken would be met with unimaginable punishment. 
This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance.
They are afraid to question the intentions of this invisible being and they are afraid of even expressing their own individuality in many cases. Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do good deeds.
They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant. Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious elites for the elites own personal gains.
It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it.
Worshipping gods is futile and is nothing more than an ancient primitive custom practiced by weak minded and superstitious people. It has no place in the 21st century. The reason we have life in this world is to experience life in this world, not to spend our entire lives studying an old book, looking up to the sky and worshipping an invisible ruler in another realm. 
The main method by which Christians in particular are trapped and deceived is with the messiah or saviour story. This is linked to the 'original sin' story which is designed to impose a large amount of guilt onto the whole of humanity. The believers are then so grateful that they have been saved by the son of God nearly 2000 years before they were born that in some cases they abandon all reason, logic and good judgment to obey and worship this god and his son.
Anyone who believes this story is indeed lost because to believe that a god would send his only son to help us, only to see his son get tortured and murdered, and then instead of unleashing all his wrath, simply absolve us from all crimes past and present, is pure madness to say the least.
Where is the lesson for us in that? What has been achieved? There is no lesson or purpose because it's all about mass psychological enslavement and disempowerment.
The so called god that we are expected to worship is undoubtedly just a dictator strawman concocted by the religious elites for the purpose of controlling the masses.
If there is a prime creator in this universe then it is unlikely that he would interfere and impose on us by foisting his arbitrary laws, let alone need and demand our frivolous worship and blind obedience. Neither of those things requires any level of mental aptitude or creativity. The intelligence and skills that's been given to many has gone totally to waste.
Many have lowered themselves to the pointless practice of hero worship.
Furthermore, Christianity, Islam and a few other religions are polarized religions. They are polarized against each other. One is believed to be good and the other is seen as bad. The funny thing is, is that each one thinks that their's is good and the other's is bad. In most ways they're both bad. The only good kind of religion is a neutral and all loving one.
Polarized religions have been devised by influential elite leaders to play the people off against each other. That way the elite can defeat and enslave the population practically without lifting a finger.
Religion is like a drug to some. And they need a 2000 year old hero to save them - from themselves that is!
The churches don't permit their followers to have any real truth and knowledge because that would empower the people too much so they spoon feed them kiddie stories, half truths, distortions and even lies and the followers value it highly even though they must spend the rest of their lives just making sense of it.
The irony is that religion is pretty much man made, so mankind has really brought this onto themselves.
The religious elites are not totally to blame because many people actually enjoy listening to mystical sounding stories, performing rituals, customs and traditions, playing polarity roles and dramas and waging battles against what they perceive to be a devil boogie man. They also have a secret fetish to be dominated and ruled with an iron fist by a supreme ruler or king.
After all these centuries people still haven't learned to take back their power and start taking responsibility for themselves . 
What is God?
Is there a white bearded old man up there creating and presiding over everything?
If there is then what are all the zillions of other smart and creative souls doing in the cosmos besides sitting on their hands?
For millennia people have been asking this question but there is one thing that some have thought might be the answer, and that is that maybe collectively WE are God.
God might be like a computer CPU and we might be the millions of transistors inside it.
There is no master transistor (God) which gives life to all the others and on which all the others depend. We each function independently and also as one. One of the transistors (Jesus) did possibly emerge briefly to show us an example of a better way to operate but we are all equally part of the CPU as was he.
Essentially we could be God's guts.
Why would we need a big master when in the higher realms (which could be our destination), we will know everything and we will be able to govern ourselves?
We really have no real need to be ruled and dictated to.
What is worship?
Worship is the act of sending/offering love, devotion and gratitude to a deity or idol.
They say that love is understanding and yet no one really understands God at all. How can you love something or someone whom you can neither understand or communicate with properly?
Love and worship is also about admiration, adoration and gratitude but how can one feel these things towards someone whom they've never seen or spent time with? 
No God has ever asked anyone to worship him so man's desire to worship a deity is nothing more than an ego based need to make himself feel useful to a god who otherwise probably has no real use for anything man has to offer.
There is no evidence that whatever or whoever created us needs us to worship them because the probability is that if we were created by a god or an advanced race then they were doing it for their own purpose and agenda. Why would you worship someone just for carrying out their own agenda? Would an all powerful creator create a dysfunctional bunch of lemmings just for the purpose of worship? Why then give us intelligence, free choice, diversity, individuality and a strong will and then threaten to disown or terminate us as soon as we try to use them?
If a single true God does exist then creating a race of selfish, sinful, ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, money hungry and sex obsessed beings for the sole purpose of worshiping him would have to be the stupidest thing he's ever done.
It's fairly clear that some people have allowed themselves to become ignorant and dumbed-down by the pompous tradition of religion.
Is prayer effective?
Prayer is different from worship. Unfortunately there's little information given by religion on what makes up prayer and how to use it effectively, however there is an indication that it could start with something as simple as the focusing of a positive thought towards someone or oneself.
There have been scientific tests carried out which suggest that prayer can help heal people.
Unfortunately religion focuses on negativity mostly regarding humans and teaches followers to send all the positive energy up to God. The problem here is that this positive energy is desperately needed down here on earth because here is where all the problems are that need to be solved.
We should be sending positive vibes to each other to heal each other, end wars and foster harmony, not up to the well endowed gods who have no need for it.
Are religious followers including Christians "all serving" (good) or "self serving" (bad) individuals?
Christians believe they are good, however :
- They serve only their God who is king and anyone who opposes their doctrine about him is automatically damned. No questions asked.
- The heaven carrot is dangled in front of them by their religion so they do what ever it takes to get there. That is not "service to all" because many are only good so they can get their big rewards and avoid hell.
- They want others to go to heaven too but their religion has robbed them of their free will by instilling fear
and telling them that their will is irrelevant. They then go out and violate other people's free will as well by preaching their dogma and vilifying (and even killing) them if they don't comply. They believe that anyone who does not obey their god's rules is not worthy and are therefore classed below them. That is prejudice and bigotry. They pass judgment in the name of their god on those who do not accept their fear based tenets. They don't understand that you cannot judge someone if you don't know all their circumstances and reasons and no one can possibly know everything about what led to a particular person's actions or what their true thoughts or intentions were.
- They preach dis-empowerment and ignorance which leads people into deception where they often become 
accessories to evil. Evil in many cases uses ignorant and dumbed-down
- Christians etc. cannot avoid so called sin because their religion is based on sin. Sin is attached to them like a ball and chain and they cannot escape it or change direction until they're dead. They cannot stop breaking their god's laws, because due to the fact that they are oppressed, they are subconsciously in constant rebellion against those oppressive laws. Also they are all tared with the same "sinner" brush from birth so 
that is the role they will inevitably play out.
- Their religion is based on three things - fear, distortion of information, and obedience. Fear is the basis of all negative emotions which they are told to avoid. Their god on the other hand has no qualms what so ever about expressing these negative emotions through his frequent acts of wrath and mass murder. He therefore makes a very bad example by his actions.
Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is light but there is very little light where information is suppressed or distorted.
Obedience without knowledge is slavery. The slavery of religion is far worse because all you get for your pain and hard
efforts in life is weekly ambiguous promises that one day you might get to heaven if you're good. The problem with this is that no one is really sure what God considers to be good, so the followers spend their entire lives in a state of uncertainty. 
Christians etc. believe that they get as much knowledge as they need from their bible/koran etc. but they don't know
that that's only a fraction of the knowledge that exists, and worse, their books are full of half truths, distortions and 
They are taught that they need no more knowledge than what their god (i.e. the religious leaders) decide they should 
have and they are taught not to question it any further but to just believe or they'll be punished. The conclusion is that religious followers are not "all serving" individuals.
They have allowed themselves to become willing pawns for a dark and tyrannical regime/god whose only interests are control and exploitation.
All it takes is ignorance to start serving evil.
Ignorance is the first step towards becoming an employee of dark forces.
now up until more recently I was completely faithful and a true believer until someone started revealing he origins and meanings of words which totally caught my attention because I knew the world has become so corrupt and misled by the worship of money. In doing this I realized what i have been taught since birth was  a LIE.
I will jump in from this point to bring across my point:
In the Bible:
Job contains other astronomical, astrological or astrological knowledge, as in the discussion of the "Mazzaroth" or Zodiac at 38:22:
"Can you lead forth the Maz'zaroth in their season, or can you guide the Bear with its children?"
Strong's Concordance (H4216) defines mazzaroth or mazzarah as "the 12 signs of the Zodiac and their 36 associated constellations." The "Bear with its children" refers to the constellation of Arcturus or Ursa Major and the three stars in its tail. (McClintock, 381)
Another passage: 
Deuteronomy 4:19:
"And beware lest you lift up your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you be drawn away and worship them and serve them, things which the LORD your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven."
Deuteronomy 17:2-3
"If there is found among you, within any of your towns which the LORD your God gives you, a man or woman who does what is evil in the sight of the LORD your God, in transgressing his covenant, and has gone and served other gods and worshiped them, or the sun or the moon or any of the host of heaven, which I have forbidden..."
2 Kings 23:5:
"And he deposed the idolatrous priests whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places at the cities of Judah and round about Jerusalem; those also who burned incense to Ba'al, to the sun, and the moon, and the constellations, and all the host of the heavens."
Psalms 84:11:
"For the Lord God is a sun and shield."
Jer 8:1-2
"At that time, says the LORD, the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of its princes, the bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be brought out of their tombs; And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven, whom they have loved, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked, and whom they have sought, and whom they have worshiped: they shall not be gathered, nor be buried; they shall be for dung upon the face of the earth." 
 Ezekiel  8:16:
"And he brought me into the inner court of the house of the LORD; and behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men, with their backs to the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east, worshiping the sun toward the east."
Mal. 4:2.
Christ is the Morning Light, the rising Sun
alright now here is a better depiction of what people have been missing
 the sun passes through the twelve constellations  or twelve zodiacs
which in turn reflects the twelve months of the year and the 4 seasons
solstices, equinoxes the stars were personified as animals
God's sun or creator of the world
Gods son
Aquarius is the water bearer which begins the rain season
Horus (light) sun god of Egypt set (dark) 
light vs dark or good vs evil 
Horus was born dec 25th 3000 BC 
born of a virgin accompanied by a star from the east and 3 kings
at the age of 12 a prodigal child
baptized by Anup at age 30 
then had 12 disciples preformed miracles
 lamb of god the light good Shepard
Horus of Egypt
"Egypt, the primeval seat of learning, was the high seat of Sun adoration. 
The Sphinx, with the face to the east, represents Harmmachus, young Horus, or the rising Sun.
The orb is Osiris, the ruling god of day. 
In its descent it is the dying deity, going below to the land of Shades; but only to be resurrected as the victorious Horus, piercing the head of the dragon of darkness."
James Bonwick
Irish Druids & Old Irish Religions
 The Egyptian sun god Horus, who predated the Christ character by thousands of years, shares the following in common with Jesus:
Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cave/manger with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.
His earthly father was named "Seb" ("Joseph").
 Seb is also known as "Geb": "As Horus the Elder he...was believed to be the son of Geb and Nut." Lewis Spence, Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends, 84.
He was of royal descent.
At age 12, he was a child teacher in the Temple, and at 30, he was baptized, having disappeared for 18 years.
Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus or Iarutana (Jordan) by "Anup the Baptizer" ("John the Baptist"), who was decapitated.
He had 12 disciples, two of whom were his "witnesses" and were named "Anup" and "Aan" (the two "Johns").
He performed miracles, exorcised demons and raised El-Azarus ("El-Osiris"), from the dead.
Horus walked on water.
His personal epithet was "Iusa," the "ever-becoming son" of "Ptah," the "Father." He was thus called "Holy Child."
He delivered a "Sermon on the Mount" and his followers recounted the "Sayings of Iusa."
Horus was transfigured on the Mount.
He was crucified between two thieves, buried for three days in a tomb, and resurrected.
He was also the "Way, the Truth, the Light," "Messiah," "God's Anointed Son," the "Son of Man," the "Good Shepherd," the "Lamb of God," the "Word made flesh," the "Word of Truth," etc.
He was "the Fisher" and was associated with the Fish ("Ichthys"), Lamb and Lion.
He came to fulfill the Law.
Horus was called "the KRST," or "Anointed One."
Like Jesus, "Horus was supposed to reign one thousand years."
Furthermore, inscribed about 3,500 years ago on the walls of the Temple at Luxor were images of the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and Adoration of Horus,
with Thoth announcing to the Virgin Isis that she will conceive Horus
with Kneph, the "Holy Ghost," impregnating the virgin
with the infant being attended by three kings, or magi, bearing gifts
In addition, in the catacombs at Rome are pictures of the baby Horus being held by the virgin mother Isis--the original "Madonna and Child."
 Horus 1300 BC
was crucified dead
 for 3 days and resurrected 
all religious scriptures follow this very same principle of teaching
Attis 1200 BC Greece
born of a virgin
born on Dec 25th
dead for 3 days 
Krishna 900 BC India
born of a virgin
star in the east
preformed miracles 
Dionysus 500 BC Greece
traveling teacher
born of a virgin
born on Dec 25th
preformed miracles 
king of kings
alpha and omega 
Mithra 1200 BC Persia
born of a virgin
born on Dec 25th
12 disciples
preformed miracles 
dead for 3 days 
the truth the light 
Jesus Christ
born of the virgin Mary
born on Dec 25
star in the east
12 disciples
performed miracles
dead for 3 days
born "three kings" or 3 stars in orions belt SIRUS
birth of Gods Sun
at winter solstice
 you would follow the three kings to locate the sun rise or birth of the sun
the virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo or Virgo the virgin 
Mary, mira, mata, are all named after the 
the ancient glyph or symbol for Virgo is in the shape of an M which is why we have MARY MATA MIRA
house of bread and symbol of wheat  
Bethlehem translates to house of bread place in the sky not on earth 
Dec 1 is the winter solstices or death 
on Dec 22 23 24 the sun stop moving across the sky for those three days  and begins to move again on the 25th resurrection
 crux southern cross
only move 1 degree born again
12 disciples = 12 constellations  or 12 zodiacs that the SUN (son) travels around with
also a pagan symbol this is the cross of the zodiac not a pagan symbol.. other wise known as a sun dial Jesus is the son (sun) the glory of god who defends against the darkness
 rises every day can be seen coming in the clouds crown of thorns of sun rays.... 
more references'
Matt 28:20 I am with you always to the very end of time
Matt 12 32  either in this age or the age to come 
Matt 13 39 the harvest is the end of the age
Matt 24 3 sign of your coming and the end of the age 
Luke in this age and the age to come
Corinthians 3  wise by the standards of this age 
Corinthians 10 on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come
Ephesians 1 not only in the present age but the age to come
Ephesians 21 in order that n the coming ages
Hebrews 6 and the powers of the coming age
Hebrews 9 he has appeared once and for all at the end of the ages
revelations 15 king of the ages
job 8 8 of the former age 
Precession of the equinoxes= 
26,000 year cycle  or 2150 year = age    wobbles
Taurus the bull 4300 - 2150 bc 
Aries the ram 2150 - 1 AD 
Pisces 1 AD - 2150 
Aquarius 2150 - 4300 AD 
when you  have Moses in the mountain with the tablet and he days god in mad about the people worshiping and false idol the golden calf this calf is Taurus the bull 
Moses represents the new age or Aries entering the ram horn new age must represent the new age 
Pisces two fish 
 the eternal fish symbol= ol is a pagan symbol which represents  the age of Pisces Jesus birth date is the start of this age 
where will the next pass over be
Luke 22 10 behold when ye are entered into the city there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water follow him into the house where he entereth in the symbol of Aquarius is always pouring out water 
the end times and the end of the world
I will be with you even to the end of the world
not the world but the true word is  aeon or  age 
Isis-Meri will conceive Horus 
the mysteries = the miracles 
the sem or mythical representations = parables
the ritual as the book of resurrections - the book of revelations
the saying of lu or lu-em hetep = the sayings of Jesus
Huhi the father in heaven as the eternal  a title of Aturn-RA = Ihuh the father in heaven as the eternal 
Ra the holy spirit= God the Holy Ghost
Ra the father of lu the Su or son of God with the hawk of dove as the bird of the holy spirit ] God the father of Jesus with the dove as the bird of the Holy Spirit 
The trinity of Atuan of Osiris the father Horus orlu the son and Ra the hold spirit =  The trinity of the Father Son and Holy Spirit  
IUSU or Iusa the coming son of lusias or IUSA the coming son of Iusias who was great with IUSA or IUSU= Jesus
The ever coming mesus or child as Egyptian = the Hebrew messianic child
Horus or Heru the lord by name as a child = Child Jesus as the Lord bt name Gospel of the infancy 
Isis the virgin mother of Lu her SU or son = Mary the virgin mother of Jesus 
the first Horus as child of the second as fulfill-er for the father =  Jesus as the founder and the Christ as fulfill-er  for the father
the two mothers of child Horus Isis and Nephthys  who were two sisters  the two mothers of child Jesus who were sisters
ongoing and ongoing 
this is all plagiarism at its finest what hypocrisy  
Moses in a basket story parallels the story of Sargon of Akkad 2250 bc 
Manu India Minos Crete Mises, Egypt  just law givers 
ten commandments were taken out of the book of the dead 
i have not stolen became thou shalt not steal 
i have not killed became thou shalt not kill 
i have not told lies became thou shalt not bear false witness 
 the Christian religion is a parody of the sun worship 
 who should you be praying to ? 
Christianity was a roman story 
325 ad Constantine  create these doctrines  spiritual fraud and bloodshed
dark ages brought forth the crusades and the inquisition  blind submission to authority and justify those who know the truth but use the myth to manipulate those who believe blindly  the religious myth justifies  the corruption of the world 
now moving into JFK:
GHWBush was a member of the CIA and behind his assassination he was a made man.
the military industrial complex the murdered MLK also .
anyone who fights the MIC will die
Robert Edward Caroline john jr.
Oliver stone
 was published in George magazine 
ghwbush lost his election to McCain but began profiting from that loss.
following this 
Iowa in the morning  disappeared for 3 days while loosing to McCain.. and john jr died no one could find him didn't know where he was
he was a responsible pilot and ery careful so how did he end up killing his wife sister in law and unborn child
Lauren Caroline and john jr sat waiting  before they took off 9:39  cleared for dissent
to land in Martha vineyard 
failed to land and failed to execute and search and rescue within 5 minutes it took them 15 and a half hours to issue a search
how did the pentagon get involved in a search and rescue of a peacetime search and rescue col Steve roark states that john jr never contacted Martha's vineyard
even thought petty officer Todd burgen stated he had contacted Martha's vineyard at 9:39  cleared for dissent
FAA says nothing
Richard larrabee Boston
not reported for four hours even though they expected themin by 930 am to arrive for family gathering at 1000 a.m.
n529jk tracked the radar for the planes route and all checked out on target yet the delay for search and rescue was all on the FAA
roark lied time and again about the delay for search and rescue he denied that they knew for certain that the plane was the plane jfk jr was flying
Lauren bissets suitcase turns up on the beach before they narrow in the crash site where was the black box beacon? which every aircraft have.. 
missing pieces
ntap lost missing flight plan
all calls to report missing persons lost
back up battery which would have recorded the final minute of flight was missing
john jr was speaking with someone within minutes of taking off.. that phone record was missing
flight log was recovered in his aqua duffle bag
controversy over how many were on-board flight instructor 
17 years of experience  over 3300 hours of flight
john never flew the plane without a flight instructor
flown the same route 8 times prior 5 of them were under the weather guidlines so he always had a flight instructor with him 
the call was the flight instructor that they were waiting on
now they claim the flight log was never recovered  even though it was reported previously to be recovered 
rumors reported that he wasn't capable of flying on his own and he didnt have a flight instructor on-board
bet the farm that there was a flight instructor on his plane delay the rescue to remove his body  and one of the seats
too much covering up to hide facts 
see dark legacy  George bush and the murder of jfk pre-autopsy on hospital surgery to head verified by  fbi Dallas emergency room surgeon pre autopsy photo all shown 
down the rabbit hole you'll find  the fuel selector valve
 was found in the off position
 who on the plane would turn the fuel selector valve be turned to off? 
even so it would glide for ten miles. so why was it turned to off ?
there is a safety button on the fuel shut off valve so the fuel valve can only be turned off by sliding a safety button in while moving the lever to off 
then there is Egypt air 990 which a hundred days later took a dive only 50 miles from where jfk jrs plane crashed more bs lined up to validate what happened to johns plane crashed killing 217 people
his fuel shut off valve was turned to off as well.. the story is that there were a bunch of pilots and one pushed the steering forward to nose dive into the sea while other pilots fought to regain the plane and the suicide pilot turned the shut off valve to off  plunging the plane into the sea 
the claim is that the one pilot was under mind control.he was a Manchurian candidate ..
lt col Richard Stanley saw the coast guard or helicopters out around the crash site early in the morning 12:15  
coast guard didn't get information for a focused search until 1 pm
if it wasn't the coast guard then it was THEM.. CIA
john was a threat to the murderers of his father
ghwbush is a puppet to the oil cartel/mafia
if you have enough circumstantial events  you can get a conviction 
so where was he when the plane went down?
this evil is only powerful if those who do nothing allow them to run us...
change begins with YOU

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