the most scary discussion most recently

On a recent excursion to the doctors with my mother an interesting conversation took place in the car ride there and then resumed on the way home.
We were discussing a message left with the doctor which was interceeded by the nurse who we presume took it upon herself to involve herself with the treatment option this of course would never have happened 30 years ago but prompted an intense discussion in regard to the current path of medical care and how it is so impersonalized yet our records are so well protected that even you yourself may have trouble obtaining certain facets of this so called wellness care given to an individual.
The end conclusion will astound you but read a bit more of the details.
My mother roughly 2 1/2 years ago stopped taking nattokinase which she took for a little over 5 years and was doing rather well on it and figured possibly she no longer needed it and since money was getting a bit tight until she stopped paying a whopping 450.00 per month for blue cross and blue shield and remained on medicare with medigap coverage and drug policy which still saved her over 150 a month and she no longer had any hidden bills that came in the neighborhood of thousands per month. She now has perscription costs per month but no more hidden medical bills thank heaven for my big month and asking and researching cause no one was telling her how to cut her costs down.
so we were disusing the nurse trying to convince her into going back on coumadin which she had been on for 6 months all during which time she gained nothing from the administration of the drug. They had placed her on it as she had been having difficulty breathing, and discovered she had clots in her lungs . which we concluded was the result of her having surgery on her left and right wrists several months prior to this incident obviously she had difficulty and trauma from the surgery and developed clots which settled in her lungs never had previous concerns with DVT or pulmonary embolism never smoked not a high risk category for Pulmonary embolism in any category you would like to consider. Any how her d dimers come back high (after researching these tests come to find out they tend to have a 40 - 60 % false positive not very reliable to say the least and they haven't run enough valid tests to resolve and conclude in facts she has any reason to be placed on the coumadin) and she calls the doctor to consider her options and the nurse calls her back and leaves a message that they want her back on the coumadin.. she and I had discussed this and she mentioned to the doctor she would like to come off the coumadin and give the nattokinase a chance once again. the nurse interceding her call to the doctor just ticked her off to the hilt and she was fuming she called me and we spoke about it in length and I agreed the nurse was out of line and she should wait until she spoke with the doctor. he agreed that if she felt she was doing better on the nattokinase that he would not fight her but it would be noted on her charts she was going against medical advise and it could be fatal.

I told her that since she was under the care of another doctor to not let this one know she was taking the nattokinase and ask him to run the d dimers test in two or three weeks see if the nattokinase is helping them lower the d dimer results and if so have him send a copy of the test results to this doctor and then validate the need to continue the nattokinase and not go back on the coumadin.. so she agreed that sounded like a great option to validate her concerns and give her a chance to try her way, without ticking them off and if the nattokinase didn't help then she wouldn't look like a stubborn ass; but we both agree it most likely will show favorable results..

any how then to find out that my appointment was for a sore throat and my doctor would have run a strep test without second thought but I was seeing a stand in and he didnt .. but said I had ulcers and gave me a oral solution that tasted terrible and sent me on my way. now we have been exposed to strep and mono in the house over the past 3 months and there has been sickness running constantly like never before in the past 20 years. but I trusted him.. and left it at that only to find out 3 days later I had swollen glands with puss (strep) and called in my standing order of z packs to tend to this. I have photos of my throat to validate what was going on there.. but being I had rheumatic fever as a child and was hospitalized both times I had strep and mono I do not take chances with either .EVER. so now I am ticked off with their office needless to say.

she and I have discussed this more over the past couple of weeks and come to the conclusion that the doctors are the hand that wipes the governments ass when it comes to knocking us off one by one and they aren't even aware of it!!!

all these pills that produce all of these side effects which require more medications to cure those symptoms.. this reminds us both of the movie "Soylent Green" which aired the movie screens in the 1970's where the cost of every thing is so high that only a handful of the wealthiest people can afford a jar of jam and a slice of beef.. and the rest of the world are left out to stand in lines for chips: red, white, yellow, green, brown and so on each representing some fraction on the scale of nutrients and given their rations of water.. clothing which mandated scarves over the heads and mouths to prevent dust from getting into your lungs .. to find Charlton Heston climbing on top of "the scopes" which come once a week to load up people to take them to the mountain where they are then put to sleep and turned into these "chips" which are being fed to the people.. we believe this is a modern version of what that movie foretold only we are blind to what is happening.. it is very much like this,, although no one will suspect it cause we "trust" our caregivers.. but I am not so sure anymore who I trust.. now that the government is part of the medical community at large it will be far too late when everyone begins to see what is really happening.. I mean when it takes a doctor 40 minutes of paper work to see a patient for 10 minutes that is when something is seriously wrong with health care.. we need the government out of our lives more not involved in the medical aspects anyways .. everybody get your guns prepped and ready shit is about to hit the fan...

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Comment by linda dagosta on May 23, 2015 at 8:50am

Less I can not concur more whole hardily with your sentiments  we are so complacent to what is a reality that none would suspect and yes the indoctrination begins at a very early age.. from kindergarten to 12 grade we are spoon fed the lies that make us useless and virtually tools for the wealthy and "INcharge" to manipulate and control.. so sad

Comment by Saintluger on May 22, 2015 at 2:31am

I remember Soylent Green.  Funny thing is the piece of meat in his fridge hanging on the hook, he thought it was beef.

Comment by Less Prone on May 21, 2015 at 10:42am

Public servants are in key position in guiding the human flock into the new world order designed by the criminal cabal running this sick society. Doctors and nurses, police officers, teachers, politicians ... most of them have been indoctrinated, bought, intimidated and coerced to spread the decease of obedience without critique.

Comment by linda dagosta on March 30, 2015 at 10:50am

Tribe of Dan,

 I avoid the doctors offices as much as possible, i followed my current caregiver to his "new" location despite my disdain for their protocol of practice and they are one of the top prefered choices on the Obama care list of recommended facilities.. I do not play well with medical "professionals" so I tend to avoid them As I have many ex professionals in my circle of "friends" who chose to leave when the "new" laws went into effect. Since I am disabled I need to continue care but do so from a huge distance as often as I possibly can and I tend to use as many OLD fashion health remedies as I possibly can to keep me far far away from this New world health care. If you want an eye opener keep watch for a new post from me regarding Cancer, who is the REAL KIller!Read the statistics NOW.  thanks for the warning.. I am almost done with teeth and soon may end up with dentures.. haha I have them yanked due to a long history of myofascial issues and the Lyme is the back root of that. but needless to say not a fun path to be on.. I never minded dentists so much, but novacaine gives me head colds for weeks following and i usually elect to go without any numbing or topicals just to avoid being sick the rest of the month... LOL but avoiding all of them makes me happiest.. :-) thanks for the heads up, I think really it depends on who you are going to ,, but still I followed this medical guy and he has drank the koolaid and now is a soldier for the cause.. whatever that is.. 

Comment by linda dagosta on March 30, 2015 at 10:41am

sweettina2, she had been removed or (weened) from the coumadin hasnt been on it for 3 months not feeling any better she ordered nattokinase and within days was feeling much better.. as for clotting actor in the blood our entire family has been diagnosed with late stage lyme disease my father and husband died both having lyme as a causative factor in their death, but this medical facility does not acknowledge lyme  or disputes it as a chronic problem. we know better and work around this. Mom is 75 and has had her share of dealing with health issues and medical care tending to my grandfather with coronary artery disease died at age 61 and then my father with (MS) for over 30 years and found out it was in fact Lyme Disease damage done he died at age 71, my husband had so many medical issues throughout his life and died at age 42, we have seen far too much mishandle in health care we tend to lean towards the old fashion remedies the more time passes and the more family we lose to the health community .. 

as for strep, I nearly died as a youth with untreated strep landed me in the hospital at age 9 for 2 weeks with rheumatic fever. my family treats exposure like the plague.. i had white spots on my left tonsils 3 days after seeing the doctor he claims it was just ulcers and I knew it was more than that but when the white (pus) showed I did what i had to do and got it treated. I can not afford to land in the hospital at this stage of the game..thanks for your insight and concern

Comment by Sweettina2 on March 28, 2015 at 11:27pm

Hey Linda, so sorry about all these health problems! 

I am an RN, and I am an advocate for the patient,  not the health care industry. Health care indeed sucks, inefficient and greedy drug companies are one of my top 10 pet peeves.  The best thing we can do is try to educate about our health issues and our prescriptions. 

I do want to tell you something about the Coumadin, you can't just stop taking that abruptly. Nor any other blood thinner. It could be fatal. Not only because you may have a clot, but it can cause other serious effects or fatal for reasons that would be difficult to explain here. It has to do with clotting factor in the blood.

I understand why you wanted her to not tell the doctor that she was not on that blood thinner, that can be very dangerous for many reasons. It's better to have a doctor you can sit down and be honest with. And remember,  your chart is a legal document,  he has to address your concerns in that document,  as well as what his treatment will be.

I you ever feel that a nurse is interfering with your care, you tell her you need a call back from your physician.  Address it when you see your doc. She may not have spoken to the doctor at all, I've never met a doc that would put his medical license on the chopping block to take the medical advice of his nurse.

Coumadin is very inexpensive,  but it requires getting a prothrombin test regularly. The new blood thinners are more expensive but don't require the regular tests.

There are many reasons for getting clots in your lungs, especially as we get older. Once there they can be fatal and may persist. She really needs to be checked and monitored.

An easy test that will usually show with strep throat, look at the back of your throats for white spots.

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