Alert Issued by: TPCC and TTTG Networking This Is A Official USA Medical Alert

Alert Issued by: TPCC and TTTG Networking This Is A Official USA Medical Alert: 44,116 People Nation Wide Have Died.

  According to CNN News, two more children in America has died, as of 2 days ago.  Others Nation wide report 16 more children have died.(CNN)Sixteen flu-related deaths were reported Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its weekly flu report. This brings the total number of pediatric flu-related deaths to 53 for the season, which began in October.

 But still they have not issued a Alert Nation Wide? CNN also left out that around 44,116 People Nation Wide Have Died.

Zero Hedge Has Confirmed Oct 2017- 2018 44,116 US Nation Wide Deaths: Mercury Used In Flu Shots:

Flu Vaccines Approved by The United Nations: The Shocking Truth


The shocking truth about what's really in vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum- YouTube

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Being One who has been studying numerology and gematria lately, I was fascinated by that number, 44,116.  44 is the "kill" number, 116 is 911 flipped around.  I must ponder the veracity of what We are being told.  CNN is run by the CIA, and I think this story is BS to spread fear to the point that People take those jabs.  And yes, those jabs are ghastly.

If u need me to explain the data below just ask, I understand some may have had the shots applied.

 Please remember my father is dead, I do not follow his code of ethics in these talks.

My Opinion.

My only issue here is that Zero Hedge has shown signs of being controlled op...  They have banned Me from commenting on Their articles AND blocked Me on twitter...  I ponder such behavior against One who is trying to bring forth a foundation for a vastly better society to emerge from.  Just saying.

Zero Hedge, They have banned you, please don't tell me you linked in that site of yours, how to say this,......... it is very pretty.

 Has a woman's touch.

 I hope to be in America soon, my sister and brother is there, my visa was approved, but then of course America may go to hell in the up coming wars, this could include the little village I live in.

I linked in My work - which happens to be on the forum there.  What has the site format to do with the information?

And being of female configuration, I guess the forum has "a woman's touch..."

May We divert the war They are planning.

I can see now, I will enjoy American woman. I am still young, I enjoyed this, talk, but, I must be on my way.

Had to edit, a weird thing popped up to prove I am human, interesting?


I am old - 61 now - and I never doubted Your Human status.  [smile]  See Ya soon!

CORRECT.  Zero Hedge has been CORRUPTED. No longer Worthy of our Time.

The little woman has a voice, I am not my fathers keeper, my father was more political correct in these talks, I am not, what is BS?  Your opinion!

Zero Hedge Has Confirmed Oct 2017- 2018: 44,116 US Nation Wide Deaths: Mercury Used In Flu Shots

Tyler Durden  of Zero Hedge and Authored by Cat Ellis via The Organic Prepper blog, used a chart from 2010 to 2014, compared the chart to numbers released by CDC, CDC Closed that page, Mercury, used in the flu shot,to put it simple, has been linked to many different issues, and deaths because:

 Mercury Used In Flu Shots:

Below that chart is the option to open up the chart data. This opens an Excel file with the number of people who died from both influenza and pneumonia by week dating back to 2015. I added up the total deaths for the flu and for pneumonia starting in Week 40 (October 2, 2017) and ending in Week 1 (January January 7, 2018). This is what those figures came to:


If you add those two totals together, you reach a total of 44,146 people dead.

To make matters even more confusing, the CDC does report lab-confirmed cases of influenza at the top of the same web page. This is the chart.


This chart is somewhat misleading, as it does not compare apples to apples. It presents only cases of lab-confirmed influenza, but not Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI). ILI cases are just labeled “Elevated”. Thanks, but I could tell that already by just reading my Facebook news feed.

The chart also does not include pneumonia cases. This leaves thousands of cases off the chart.

To add yet another twist, the pediatric mortality total is posted on this same chart. This compares apples to oranges and gives the impression that there are much fewer people sick and dying than there actually are.

Numbers don’t lie. But, they can mislead. If you do add the lab-confirmed cases of influenza together, you get 19,869 cases. That’s a far cry from the 44,146 deaths recorded so far.

The Flu Vaccine Is Historically Less Effective on H3N2

Not only does this influenza strain produce a more intense and deadly flu, the flu vaccine is less effective against it.  This Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) article discusses a study published in The Lancet spanning 11 years that demonstrates H3N2 is more resistant to the flu vaccine.

The study, in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, covered more than 11 flu seasons, from Jan 1, 2004, to Mar 31, 2015. The H3N2 strain has been associated with more severe influenza seasons independent of vaccine effect, according to senior author Edward Belongia, MD, of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (MCRF) in Wisconsin. Among the explanations he and his coauthors offered for the lower strain-specific protection were manufacturing-related factors.

Also from the above CIDRAP article, the flu vaccine demonstrates only a 33% vaccine effective (VE) rate with the average H3N2 strain. This is down significantly from the VE rates against other strains.

The research team determined that pooled VE for the 56 studies was 33% (95% confidence interval [CI], 26%-39%) for H3N2, 54% (95% CI, 46%-61%) for type B, 61% (95% CI, 57%-65%) for 2009 H1N1, and 67% (29%-85%) for prepandemic H1N1.

This Year’s Vaccine Is Even Less Effective than Prior Years

To make matters worse, this year’s flu vaccine isn’t even close to the average 33% VE rate of prior years. This year’s vaccine is performing at approximately a 10% VE rate. This report from CBS News explains how we know this.

What’s more, this year’s flu shot may not be up to the task. It is the same formulation that was used during Australia’s most recent flu season — which typically sets a pattern for what the U.S. will face — and it was only 10 percent effective there.

Nonetheless, the medical community and media are still pushing the ineffective flu vax with all their might.

Resources and Services Are At Risk

The other day, I did an informal “Flu Check-In” through my social media accounts. It was a great way to touch base with hundreds of people around the country. There were loads of reports of hospitals reaching surge capacity, school closings due to high numbers of influenza cases, and people being told by their employers to stay home and telecommute if possible.

Hospitals are at capacity.

Hospitals and medical facilities are usually extra busy during flu season. However, this year, many hospitals are reaching what is called “surge capacity”. Surge capacity is the ability to handle a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of patients needing immediate care.

This is happening because there are more patients seeking out emergency care, and they are staying in the hospital longer. This is leading to a scarcity of hospital beds and available staff.

There seems to be quite a few hospitals at capacity. This is just a tiny sample of hospitals that are either full or almost full.

Whether or not you have the flu, hospitals reaching capacity is a risk to everyone. I wrote about this at length in my book Prepping for a Pandemic. When an epidemic or pandemic disease has led to hospitals turning away patients, it doesn’t matter if you get the disease itself.

You could have a heart attack, need an emergency c-section, or need have a burst appendix removed. No beds means no beds. At best, you might be directed to go to another hospital. At worst, they may not have any beds either and send you to another facility at capacity.

School Closings

There are plenty of school closings as well. This is an important step in saving lives, as the H3N2 strain of influenza hits both the elderly and children harder than adults. This can, however, make it tough on parents that cannot get time off of work. Here are just a few places with schools closing. They span all across the country.

Here’s What to Do Right Now

Peak flu season is still to come. Flu season typically begins in October and can run as late as the following May. February is peak flu season. This month historically sees the most cases of flu or influenza-like illnesses.

  • Stay away from enclosed populations with influenza if possible. These can include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping centers, college dormitories, gyms, locker rooms, and anywhere else large numbers of people gather where the air is recirculated.
  • If you are visiting someone who is in a care facility, do not bring young children or aging parents. They are more at risk than the rest of the population.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap. Soap provides friction which helps to remove pathogens from your hands.
  • Stop touching your face. I know this one is hard, but we don’t need to give the flu any help infecting us.
  • Take extra good care of your immune system. You will need to fight the flu! Get plenty of rest. Avoid unhealthy foods. Stay hydrated. Avoid smoking. Here is a great article from Harvard with ideas to support healthy immune function and one from this website about reducing your risk of catching the flu.
  • Telecommute to work if possible.
  • Disinfect things like doorknobs, handles, phones, and anything that multiple people touch throughout the day.
  • The flu has an incubation period of 1-4 days before symptoms show, and is contagious a day before symptoms are obvious. Tidiness, clean linens, and fresh air help prevent the spread of germs before symptoms appear.
  • If someone at home gets the flu, have them sleep separately, in a room by themselves. Keep your towels separate and your toothbrushes away from the sick person’s items.

This one is deadly.

This virus has the potential to be the worst we’ve seen in a century. You need to take every precaution to keep your family healthy and if someone does get sick, don’t take any risks. Seek medical attention.

DACA Docs Phase 1: CDDEP File Recent Data Extended Medical Files

 The use of the same medical material, mercury, listed under a file  called Dodgy Doses or dog doses, for Islam, North Nam and China.

Alert: TPCC and TTTG Networking This Is A Official USA Medical Alert

 Why the Alert, fact is two different alerts by Tif was issued, In the comments are three different video, easy to understand videos.

 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- CDC directors, closed a web page, I wanted to see documents, I found the documents.


The United States BIO Department:

 Other terminology referenced in documents from and to Mexico to Islam. In other word in simple text, they knew mercury was killing people, big pharmaceutical pushed this flu vac.issue for Government Tax Dollars. Foundation Grants, They did not care how many people died. They did not care if it caused a world wide Pandemic.

They blocked the site listing the official death total in America. I am not a hacker, but I can find information I want.

Do not allow your  children or grandchildren to take that flu vac.shot. They may not get sick this year, studies show they will and they will die. This is not my opinion, all of the latest medical reports are, 'read them and understand them'.

Build your immune system, don't get jabbed with heavy metals, Rockefeller's Medicine purpose is killing for profit. Depopulation is the name of the game. Wake up!

Very true.  BTW, have You seen this vid I did?

In a few I will watch


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