Posted a while back about my use of allantoin as a supplement, the primary goal was pan-cerebral neurogenesis, or growing new cells,  throughout the brain. Allantoin grows pretty much all kinds of cells in mammals. I'd told my cardiologist about this last time I saw him, six months ago. He looked at me then like I was crazy, and so did he this time, today, or so I thought. I explained how things were going with that, that my sleep apnea had disappeared, along with anosmia (lack of a sense of small) and aguesia (lack of a sense of taste), and the worst symptoms of autism and PTSD.I didn't tell him that the substance I was taking was allantoin, but I decided to, on the way out.

He said in reply that I showed the greatest change of any patient he had ever seen (positive change in my appearance). He put his arms up for emphasis and said "You're muscular" now. I guess patients who've had a massive heart attack usually don't look better later. I told him to look up allantoin and alzheimers, allantoin and diabetes, allantoin and hypertension, etc. He said "I'm going to, right now." 

(maniacal laughter here)

I wish I had it on video, LOL. I'll drop off for him a flash drive with the references I'm working from. Allantoin is a cellular proliferant, and some refs say it is also a potent antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.

* Note - If you decide to take allantoin as a supplement, see my earlier posts on it. DO NOT take organic allantoin, only the synthetic. The allantoin from plant sources has small amounts of toxins in it that are a serious problem for the liver if taken every day, or frequently over time. I take 2.2 grams / day, but that may be a lot for some. It doesn't really matter though, because it is so non-toxic.

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Since I started this, a couple women who hadn't seen me in months told me how healthy I looked, as opposed to the last time. One even said "As a woman, I have to say...". Well, if it helps appearance wise as well, that's good, I suppose. I do feel healthier, much stronger.

Reminds me of the reaction of my oncologist not being able to see any tumor on MRI scan.

It's a really nice feeling, isn't it? The good thing is that it wasn't an argument with a doctor that I won. It was just seeing him with that look on his face, lol. And the verbal agreement that I'm on to something. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, cancer has never been something I worried about. How many cures can you think of off the top of your head?

I did IV Vitamin C plus B17 protocol.

Wow. Developments continue apace with this wondrous substance. Firstly, I seem to be growing immune to the effects of alcohol. While I've never got a hangover (despite once drinking three fifths in one setting when I was 19, and a fifth of 190 proof in another, etc), if I drink too frequently, I have felt somewhat drained the next day. Not recently. I am, however, going to have to stop drinking altogether, as I doubt my liver can keep up with my brain, and it seems to be a waste of time anyway.

My hat size is a 9, so I believe I had plenty of brain cells to burn to start with, lol. I never can find a hat big enough.

The effects of other substances have been noticeably affected, though not as with alcohol.

Secondly, since I started taking melanotan-2 with it, I seem to be growing muscle tissue, to a noticeable degree (this is NOT an effect of melanotan-2 by itself). And without working out with weights or electro-muscle stimulation, but  intend to do both soon. After a few months of only allantoin, the shape of my face changed, becoming fuller somewhat. My nose seems to have filled out a bit, I think before it was thinning due to age and smoking. There are now signs that the musculature in my face has increased somewhat. People who haven't seen me for a few months, women moreso than men, have commented on how much healthier I look.

I believe that the allantoin is not only amplifying the effects of melanotan-2 (increasing libido, tanning and fat loss) but that new brain cells and other Central Nervous System cells associated with the action of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (the natural substance for which melanotan is a more powerful analog). I also notice I feel less worn out after work. In addition, if I feel like staying up for two or three days, that is not a problem (!!).

My sensitivity to the effects of the Augur device (A device I invented which acts on human beings remotely, and has effects such as increasing endurance, etc) has increased dramatically. I find that I have to stop it in the middle of the work day, or I begin to feel what I term "machine overdose", in this case an arthritis-like feeling in my legs. I didn't know what it was at first, as I haven't felt that since the earliest year of experimentation after I assembled one (in Oct 2006).

Then, and in subsequent experiments, it was felt starting between the shoulder blades, and could be induced by leaving the machine on too long, or by a battery pack that had too much potential current or voltage.

I still sometimes have a problem overeating, because the allantoin has increased my sense of taste so much. Everything tastes so good. Better even than when I was a child. That's far from the only thing that's better. My powers of creative visualization are, I would estimate, twice as good as they were before allanoin (which is a great deal). And creative problem solving as well. As in the patent for allantoin use to ameliorate or remediate neurotrauma and neurodegenerative disease, the route of administration makes all the difference.

While it's been known for perhaps hundred of years that drinking a tea made from Comfrey leaves (contains allantoin but can't be taken for very long due to toxic alkaloids this plant also produces) heals broken bones rapidly, taking it orally won't have the effects on the brain I've experienced.

The patent specifies subcutaneous injection, but that's not what I'm doing. My dreams have also went off the scale, in longevity and as to sensory components (I've felt moisture, had the senses of taste and smell, and felt weight). Those are definitely not normal for dreams. One recent dream seemed to take hours, another a day and a half, but I slept only seven hours each time. The passage of time was felt in the dreams as it is in waking consciousness. Manifold detail as well. Everything looks and feels so real.

As far as the effects of allantoin, the crucial elements also  include Folic Acid, 1000 mcg (or 1 miligram) daily (no new cell growth occurs without Folic Acid), and infrared light stimulation of the Central Nervous System. As with the allantoin, the IR light is applied in a novel manner. I also have more control over my emotions when someone persistently provokes me. All thumbs up so far.

I very much wish I'd had this as a child. I have that thought at least twice a day.

I believe this is a very important part of human beings becoming less like beasts of the field, evolving mentally in other words, and also is a significant step towards reversing the aging process.

I've been taking it in this manner since December 10, 2018.

* A caveat is that the allantoin must be synthetic, not organic. The organic allantoin has toxic pyrrolidizine alkaloids that will poison the liver if taken every day, or frequently.


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