AMERICA HATER Kaepernick Ignored By ENTIRE NFL As Players Sign For Free Agency

According to rumors, San Francisco wanted to trade him off by 2015, but as the 2016 season began Kaepernick made national news with his increasingly anti-American, anti-police, and pro-black lives matter antics on and off the field.

Even as Kaepernick became the most disliked player in the NFL, the 49ers organization went out of its way to announce support of the player and frequently said they stood behind his protests. The team even awarded Kaepernick a prestigious award for his “inspirational and courageous play.”

At the end of February, Kaepernick announced his free agency, and noted that starting in 2017 he would stand for the anthem and give up his anti-American protest. Few saw the move as anything other than a transparent move to soften his “principled” stance against the country in order to smooth his entrance into free agency.

But thus far, not a single team has made any public moves to sign the notorious quarterback, according to NBC Sports. News that no team is interested in Colin Kaepernick may not be a big surprise in light of data that seems to show he is one of the factors responsible for the crashing ratings for football on TV. Indeed, some analysts have dubbed the falling ratings “the Kaepernick Effect.”

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When will the oppression stop???  (sarcasm)

That's too bad. I think the man has every right and reason to voice an opinion as he sees fit. IF the NFL (circus and bread for the mindless tv watching moron) had a problem with his attitude their rules must be clearly stated, such as: YOU HAVE NO OPINION UNTIL WE TELL YOU WHAT IT IS, for example. This way they can fire him because of a 'policy issue' violation. I personally don't 'salute' that god damn flag, I don't stand for a 'pledge of allegiance' to a corrupt criminal CORPORATION bend on my country's destruction and I don't sing their sick WAR 'anthem' either.

I like 'Diana's' comment, however, she doesn't actually think there is an "oppression" here or maybe 'freedom' of anything is fine IF people agree with you..., but that is freedom to do as you are intimidated to do.

So get mad at a man that did something that took more guts then most people looking at and agreeing with this article can even imagine having.

Women in Pakistan who are not allowed to attend the women's empowerment conference because of Islamic views of women are "oppressed".  They have no freedom of choice.  A man who hates a country where he can chose to accept a multi-million dollar contract to play football is not "oppressed" by comparison.  I agree he has the right to his opinions.  However, he chose to be a well-paid agent for his team and the NFL  He was not forced to sign that contract, he had the freedom to walk away. Legally speaking, A voluntary, relationship of trust, known as a fiduciary relationship, exists between a principal and an agent for the benefit of the principal. This relationship requires the agent to exercise a duty of loyalty to the principal and to use reasonable care to serve and protect the interests of the principal.  If his personal feelings conflict with his agency with the NFL, he must make a choice.  He cannot honor both.  He is free to chose.



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