Arkansas School District Arms Teachers Because Hiding and Locking the Doors "Is Not a Plan"

A Clarksville, Arkansas school district, backed by a little-known state law, has begun a rigorous training program so that members of the staff can carry concealed at school.

…more than 20 teachers, administrators and other school employees in this town … will carry concealed weapons throughout the school day, making use of a little-known Arkansas law that allows licensed, armed security guards on campus. After undergoing 53 hours of training, Dougan and other teachers at the school will be considered guards.(source)

Staff members will receive 53 hours of training that is geared towards responding to school shooter scenarios from Nighthawk Custom Training Academy, a private training facility in northwest Arkansas. “That teacher is going to respond to one thing and one thing alone, and that’s someone is in the building either actively or attempting to kill people,” explained Jon Hodoway, director of training for Nighthawk.

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What an ignorant idea!  Forcing people to arm themselves is a bad idea!  Not everyone should even look at a gun let alone carry one.  This is going to end badly. 

Did I miss the forcing part?

No, I think I did...  lol  I shouldn't have said forcing.  I took it as being mandatory for the teachers.  

I agree, it will end badly, very badly.

I disagree. Wrong school!

What school do you think things will go south in?

By the way here is how it breaks down in the Clarksville school.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the Clarksville School District had the full-time equivalent of just shy of 360 staff members (including 175 classroom teachers) in its five individual schools during the 2011-2012 school year, the most recent available data from the center. While the district isn't saying which staff members will be armed, a little back-of-the-envelope math suggests that there will be an average of more than four adults carrying a concealed weapon in each of the schools, the largest of which was Pyron Elementary School, which had a total of roughly 650 second-, third-, and fourth-graders at last count. (Or, if you prefer to breakdown concealed weapons by student, the math works out to about one armed adult for every 125 kids.)

Gathered from:

Just not knowing who might possibly be armed will cause another target to be chosen IMO.

Mike Lowery

"rigorous training program so that members of the staff can carry concealed at school"

I'm guessing the instructors will spot the ones that should not carry.

So how is the gun free zones working?

  I don't believe in gun free zones. They have done just exactly what any rational thinking person would expect them to.  I also have this bad feeling that comes over me every time I contemplate teachers carrying  concealed handguns.  What does this say to young people trying to learn what life is supposed to be about?   I've changed my view on many issues since I was younger.  War being one of them and I feel guns being carried by the persons our children look up to while growing up only helps instill fear and the idea that taking things to the limit in situations is acceptable.  This will further desensitize the youth of this country to being violent to their fellow human beings.  Tighten the grip of the police state and boost the number of young persons entering the meat grinder of war so a few may perversely profit off the death and destruction they've been programmed to believe as acceptable.  There really is not enough mass shootings to take this step and I hope they remain a rare thing.  Society is more responsible for these events than anything or anyone in particular.  Americans bathe themselves in the glorification of wholesale slaughtering of other people.  Books, movies and especially multiplayer video games (I feel like an old man saying this) are based on human destruction.  Now don't get me wrong.  I enjoy some of the media content out there that has violence as an underlying theme.  I just feel there is too, too much of it that doesn't balance things out with the aftermath or consequence of such violent themes.  This would damage sales I suppose.  We as a society need to take a hard look at where our collective view is taking us and if we shudder at our conclusion, we should try to change it.   

Mike, Why is it ignorant?
Proper training could thwart an attack and protect the children. It's ignorant to not have a plan.

I think there are only a very small percentage of people who have in their make-up the ability to be able to use a gun as their's and other's defense in a highly violent situation.  Not even the police are able to competently handle this problem in tactical situations all the time.  Many teachers, from what I can remember of some of mine, aren't the kind of people who gravitate towards this type of persona.  Do you agree that in a terrible situation, giving a gun to the wrong person will only make it even more terrible?

Yes, Mike I believe you are right the wrong person with a fire arm is very dangerous, and could cause more harm than good. Not all people even with training are the type to handle surprise situations, some freeze, some go ape sh*t crazy and start popping off shots in all directions, putting more people in danger. 

More people in danger than an unopposed gun man shooting unarmed targets?




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