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BOMBSHELL: Here’s How Far D.C. Went to Exempt Itself From Obamacare

This is maddening beyond words. Though many were writing and suggesting this was the case over a year ago, documents have now surfaced thanks to Judicial Watch that prove Barack Obama’s Office of Personnel Management (the agency that handles benefits to Congress and their staffs) intentionally manipulated and falsified documents to ensure that these federal workers in D.C. could be exempt from the mandates of Obamacare that they forced upon all other Americans.

The enactment of the deceptively-named Affordable Care Act necessarily tossed our “civil servants” in D.C. out of the luxury Federal Employee Health Benefits Program they had been used to, and forced them to sign up in one of the new Obamacare insurance exchanges.

But while Obama and the Congress were toasting one another and http://theresurgent.com/bombshell-heres-how-far-d-c-went-to-exempt-...

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Never got it and never will, look,,,, if something happened I just go to the hospital and say I'm out of work and have no assets and am broke, it works perfect, every time without fail they write it off and I don't pay a dime, if its good enough for the illegals its good enough for me, I put my house in my kids name so it looks like I'm broke, all my work is in cash, I know this is questionable but I just don't give a fu@k anymore, for years and years I did things above the board and alls it got me was screwed, they would just take more and more soooo I started this 20 years ago, I just got sick of being this Govt milking cow...no more!, with the money I save I buy Gold/silver which I'm saving for my retirement gold/silver that is in your own hands is out of this Govt greedy grip, you go to coin shops and buy small amounts at a time and nobodies the wiser, it adds up quickly, this criminal Govt has forced my hand and left me no other choice, in 1987 the crooks wiped out my 401s and other investments, so at that time I started to change the way I did things but went full out in 2005 this has allowed me to buy around $2000 of metals a month, you have to take it back or they will just keep robbing you blind, at this rate I should be able to retire with quit a nest egg, I pay cash for everything I buy so there is nothing on paper, I have a credit card to pay for things like hotel rooms and such, like I said they forced my hand, I'm not there property or slave anymore, I owe this Govt nothing, I don't buy into the red,white,and blue nonsense anymore or all the symbols of guilting us into being a patriot, this countries govt. has stabbed us in the back from the beginning and will never change so I did.

Suck it up Plebs



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