Breaking the News Story of The Century: Sussex Declaration

 After reviewing the information, I say what the hell ! There is a young group of Activist, and they exposed a document, did a follow up, and the information is 100% correct. I will share the links, and research the story for your self.

if the links do not work from here because I did not edit them in, they will work from this site, time is all ways against us.

 Tif Morgan at the Tea Party Command Center discovered a Document, hidden away in England, Internet News, seeing how the story is hot, I will share the all of it here. I will not edit the finding because I agree that the Clinton Family did hide the facts.

The Sussex Declaration of Independence Update is Important, For many Patriots here they have not had the chance to read;Unique Copy of Declaration of Independence Turns Up In London , here at the Tea Party Command Center. The British Empire is dragging their feet on the document. this is what little “O” me found out.

Robert R. Livingston was involved in this document, he went to England, the clue is this Sussex Declaration of Independence, Document is one of 2 different drafts. Of the same Declaration of Independence. The difference is,the Sussex Declaration this Document gave the Authority of The States to We The People, and not the States. According to original Documents The States are in Authority Over The United States Federal Government, thus, We The People Govern this Law of Of the Land.

The facts of this finding is clear, I hope the Pdf here can handle the doc. we will attempt to upload it. NOPE PDF will not up load…so here is the link:…

In the middle of the search for the truth two names turned up, connected to the, as I consider it, Sussex Declaration is the first draft and the dating is a attempt to hide the facts. Now the names, just two for now.

Robert R. Livingston case searched info:…

George  Clinton London England:…

George Clinton 1784 London England:…

Clinton is a British surname, indicating one’s ancestors came from English places called Glympton or Glinton. Clinton has frequently been used as a given name since the late 19th century. Baron Clinton is a title of peerage in England, originally created in 1298.

Notable people with the name Clinton include:
Family of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Charles Clinton (1690–1773), French and Indian War colonel, father of James and George Clinton
James Clinton (1733–1812), American Revolutionary War general, father of DeWitt Clinton, brother of George Clinton
George Clinton (vice president) (1739–1812), first and third Governor of New York, fourth Vice President of the United States
DeWitt Clinton (1769–1828), seventh and ninth governor of New York, son of James and nephew of George Clinton
George Clinton Jr. (1771–1809), son of the vice president
George W. Clinton (1807–1885), American politician—Buffalo, New York, son of Governor DeWitt Clinton
Admiral George Clinton (Royal Navy officer) (1686–1761), British naval officer and colonial governor
General Henry Clinton (British Army officer, born 1730) (died 1795), British general during the American Revolutionary War
General William Henry Clinton (1769–1846), British general during the Napoleonic Wars
    Lieutenant General Henry Clinton (British Army officer, born 1771) (died 1829), British general during the Napoleonic Wars

Bill Clinton (born 1946), 42nd President of the United States
Hillary Clinton (born 1947), U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and wife of Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton (born 1980), daughter of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

I just love the Anonymous Activity of the Elite of England, LOL Tif

Unique Copy of Declaration of Independence Turns Up In London

It has been suggested that The United States Declaration of Independence, was originally written in London England, the very first Document, draft, has stunned the world and this information is slowly make news in America.

Undated handout photo of a parchment manuscript of the US Declaration of Independence, believed to date from the 1780s and found in a records office in Chichester, southern England.

(West Sussex Record Office Add Mss 8981 \via AP)

by Danica Kirka Associated Press


A unique copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence has been discovered in an unexpected place – England.

The copy, similar to the one viewed by millions each year at the National Archives in Washington has been locked away in a local records office in southeastern England forgotten by historians. Its significance wasn’t understood until recently, when Harvard researcher Emily Sneff stumbled on a mention in a catalog of the office’s holdings. Something tickled her curiosity: the copy was written on parchment.

And when Sneff and Harvard professor Danielle Allen saw the document, they were stunned.

“I thought, ‘Holy history, Batman!” Allen told The Associated Press on Monday. “We’d seen a lot of copies, but nothing like this.”

Sneff and Allen’s sleuthing led to a discovery that could shed new light on the founding document of the United States.

The team studied the document for two years and viewed it in person before sharing their conclusions with other historians last week.

The experts have dated what is now being called the “Sussex Declaration” to the 1780s — a time of political tumult before the Constitutional Convention, when the new nation was struggling to survive as a loose association of states governed by the Articles of Confederation.

The document is 24-inches-by-30 inches — the same size as the one housed at the National Archives. Also like the one at the archives, it is written by hand on parchment — the only two of their kind known to exist.

But there are also key differences. The names are not in the same order. For instance, John Hancock isn’t listed first or writ large, and the signatories aren’t grouped by state.

Historians believe the Sussex Declaration could have been owned by the Third Duke of Richmond, known as the “Radical Duke” because of his support for the American Revolution. The parchment came into the possession of a local lawyer who represented the family. It was deposited at the West Sussex Records Office in the 1950s.

But it remains unclear how the document got to Britain.

The researchers from the Declaration Resources Project plan to test the document this summer in an effort to clarify its provenance, and perform hyper-spectral imaging in hopes of deciphering text at the top of the parchment that appears to have been scraped off.

What is already clear is that the document was made during the tumultuous years after the American Revolution. Just after the signing of the declaration, copies were reproduced and distributed throughout the colonies and across the Atlantic to England. But the Sussex version was created a decade later and based on the original at the National Archives.

The Sussex Declaration is important because it underscores the arguments that divided the revolutionaries as they moved to establish a country. Historians have long debated whether there was continuity between the declaration and the Constitution or if it was a sharp break. The Sussex parchment suggests continuity. But it also has great import to the general public, Allen said.

One of the major debates of the time was whether the new nation would be based on the authority of the people or the authority of the states. The transcriber meticulously copied the declaration only to jumble the signatories as a political statement, giving weight to the people rather than the states, Allen said.

“This is really a symbolic way of saying we are all one people,” she said.

It goes to the essence of debates that continue in the U.S., as typified by the fact that Hillary Clinton won last year’s popular vote but Donald Trump became president because he won the Electoral College, which ensures the president is elected by a tally of states.

“This manuscript beautifully illuminates the nature of that puzzle,” Allen said.…

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While I appreciate this discovery and its subsequent hiding, I will point out that ALL top-down controlminds ("governments") WILL promote psychopaths to power.  We now have game-changing technologies on Our planet that would allow Us to govern, bottom up, around the globe.  We can move to better, uncharted territory, where history is no gauge.  Where every Human here has total freedom within the three Laws of Ethics, and is able to live as richly on OUR planet as (S)He might CHOOSE.

To cling to the artificial divisions, the imaginary lines the psychopaths in control placed so as to divide Us, will keep Us conquered.  My work is to share awareness of this way of doing things, and when enough of Us have withdrawn consent from the psychopath-promoting systems and is consenting to what I propose, We WILL create better here on OUR planet (stolen from Us through "trusts" and deceit).

Again, I offer a link to My latest article:

I AM anti-New World Order - A Better Way


Thank you sir,

  These kids are very active, and all over this document, Sussex: Declaration of Independence Of The United States of America, a hidden 200 years secret, pages 15 on the document, shows 2 names: One name if George Clinton Of The British Empire.

 the full doc text,  is displayed see page 15 :

 I will link into you info, thank you.

Thank YOU!  I look forward to Your thoughts!

 I did visit your site, I was not sure of the intent, exposing the elite, is all ways a place to start, I will visit you again.

As for these activist, they are very aggressive, and making head way, Tif Morgan's blog is different, young and politically correct.

Professor Danielle Allen Emily Sneff of The West Sussex Record Office London England " They Lied": “The Sussex Declaration” I broke the code today, this Document dubbed, “The Sussex Declaration” had a secret message.

 The message was, within our Declaration of Independence Of the United States of America, was this, a bitter complaint against the British Empire because of the United States Constitution, wrote in a clause, That all Debits Foreign Or Domestic Shall be Paid, further binding the New America to a Debit to fight the British Empire, a debit / loan arrange by Parliament.

 It should also be noted that Professor Danielle Allen Emily Sneff, failed to release the information that Ben Franklin signed the Document.

 First the code which is no more then a way, they wrote back around 1200Ad 1700's. This "Cengiefs" , has been investagated. Its all very British.

 In red is the definition.....

Titled as-           TR "Cengiefs"

The Declaration Of The Thirteen States Of America

 TR Cengiefs , which meaning- Cengiefs is willing to hope that the patriotiftri and goad fenfe of your ftate will be influenced \sy motives fo important, and they re- queft, fir, that you will be pleafed

Journals of Congress : Containing the proceedings from Sept. 5, 1774 to [3d day of November 1788] ..."

Cengiefs-  Is Willing To Hope

patriotiftriPatriot- na caout avious ar reo deus recevet avantaich ; maes Quent e tle admira ha meuliar vadelez infinit gant peinie tiftri*a buit ho cragou gant quement a liberalite, Grant Me Liberty- 1774

fenfe- However, I hope, you who have as much good-nature as good fenfe (fmce they generally ... J Good nature and goad fenfe generally are companions, many at hand to corrupt him; who, by throwing in his way the fptendor of fat ft honor, think them) elves JUre of dazzling his goad fenfe and under/landing

 ftate- piece of conducting matter, whether infulated or not, which is in the lame ftate, is brought near it, the light piece of matter will neither attract nor be attracted. ftate. Mr. Franklin, And therefore it is lawful for me to treat him, as one who has put himfelfinto a ftate of War with me, ». t. kill him if I can -, for to that Ha- -zard does he juftly expofe ...

\sy motives- that these parties are influenced in regard to American questions by motives, the tactful woman knew well how to use as a source of permanent influence. ... ne faisoit pasi la moindre plaisanterie qui p(\t choquer, et elle savoit si bien el' ... be her quality, and “watchi' prudence” rather than ambition her motive of action.

 re- queft, fir- Define request: an act of politely or formally asking for something — request in a sentence.

 pleafed- In the following year he was chofen Prpfeflbr of Rhetoric by the Magiftrates and Town-council of Edinburgh; and, in 1762, His Majefty was pleafed to eredl and ... It was for this Reason that I then befought your Majesty to command us once more to attend Tou all together, which your Majesty was pleafed graciously to allow ...

Now as for Ben Franklin's signature, there are many original copies displayed

 The document is the very first draft, it was hidden away for almost 200 years because, it Challenges the British Empire, in our rights to build our own government.

Sussex: Declaration of Independence The Truth Part 2- YouTube

I will visit again

The intent is to show People that We can withdraw consent from top-down controlmind (government) and consent to a bottom-up way of governance, a way that promotes the caring Ones to take care of things, not psychopaths as do ALL top-down systems.  The intent is to initiate a shift to this better way of doing things, and to free Humanity from poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, intrusion, and profiteering (including war profiteering, the impetus for war, always).

The intent is to draw Humanity on this planet into unity against the psychopaths in control, eschewing the artificial divides They drew here on OUR planet (stolen from Us through 'trusts" and deceit) called "countries" to have "enemies" so as to profit off war.

From what You have posted, I suspect You have been fully indoctrinated with "patriotism" and see that psychopath-controlled corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the be-all and end-all of ways We can operate Human society by.  To fully grasp My intent requires a shift out of that indoctrination...

I will hope that You have that strength.  [smile]


"Destroying the New World Order"

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