Excerpt from African News Article Re: The Evil Illuminati

http://allafrica.com/stories/201408250977.html    By Femi Fani-Kayode

They pre-date America and they were established by a tiny group of deep-thinkers, spiritualists, intellectuals, seasoned occultists and Lucifereans led by Adam Weishaupt in a place called Bavaria in Germany on the European continent in 1776. They are known as the "Illuminati" (meaning "The Enlightened Ones") and their activities are buried in absolute secrecy. Their symbol and operational structure is the pyramid and they are fortified, strengthened and protected by numerous ancient cults and fraternities, secret societies, false religions, pagan rituals, the control of the worlds banking system and money supply and the total domination and control of world politics and the entire world system itself. They are empowered directly, through a very complex and strict hierarchical system and command and control structure, by satan himself through his human agents and demons. Their ultimate goal and objective is to establish what has been rightly described by many commentators over the years as a "New World Order" which will be run by a "One World Government" that will be headed by the evil soul that the Holy Bible describes as "the beast", the "son of perdition" and the "Anti-Christ". The Koran describes the same individual as the "Masih Ad-Dajal". Everything that is going on in the world today, including the carnage and bestiality of the numerous conflicts and wars that we are witnessing are silently being orchestrated by them.

They were behind the first and second world wars and now they are busy stoking fires all over the world, covertly funding and supporting the most vicious and horrendous types of terror groups and quietly preparing the ground for the Third and final World War. They are relentless, disciplined, purposeful, unyielding, ruthless, demonic, sociopathic, inhuman, committed, focused and very clear-thinking. Their ultimate goal is to enslave humanity, to enthrone the rulership of satan and his agents here on earth, to deny God His rightful place in the hearts and minds of His children, to destroy all His people and all men and women of faith that refuse to bow to their perverse values and to compel humanity to accept their "humanist" and ungodly philosophies and ways. These are the facts and anyone that does not believe that such an agenda or such a group exists needs to do a lot more reading, praying and research. The fact is that their greatest source of strength and pleasure is the erroneous enunciation of the absurd notion that they do not exist. They want us all to believe that there is no such evil force and organisation and that there is no such hidden agenda. Yet sadly they do exist and they not only control much of the world's economy, media and commerce but they also, through the process of subtle manipulation and sheer guile, install governments, prime ministers and presidents in the most powerful nations in the world and they tell them what to do from behind the scenes.

The inner circle of the Illuminati comprises of thirteen very powerful families that are all related to one another through complex and ancient bloodlines even though they come from different parts of the world. Between them these thirteen families, together with their underlings, fronts and associates, control virtually all the political power and money in the world. Whether anyone chooses to believe it or not, the truth is that they are not entirely human and they are utterly cold-blooded. One of those families is the Rothschild family (which literally means the "Red Shield"). I leave readers to do their own research on these families and to find out their links to the Illuminati. I suggest that they start by reading the numerous works of Mr. David Icke, an utterly brilliant man that has been described by his detractors as "the world's leading conspiracy theorist".

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David Icke may not be the best starting point in the search of truth. He has a lot of good information but he usually drifts to some fantastic topics that may or may not be true. This gets the people confused and they may waste a lot of time in some fascinating stories that have no concrete outcome and will certainly not solve any  acute problems related to our enslavement and abuse. Why not seek information and evidence of the crimes the criminal high cabal has committed, and the organizations and people behind these crimes? Listen to what various whistle blowers and the alternative media say and distribute the relevant information, find ways to influence the decision makers or become one.

@Less Prone - agreed - this was a good article by the African writer.  I agree with you on David Icke and evidence of the Illuminati "crimes" being the focus.



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