False Flag Alert: Afghanistan Taliban Vow Revenge For Civilians Killed By American Soldier

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — An Afghan youth recounted on Monday the harrowing scene in his home as a lone U.S. soldier moved stealthily through it during a killing spree, then crouched down and shot his father in the thigh as he emerged from the bedroom in the deep of night.

The soldier, now in U.S. custody, is accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in their homes overnight between Saturday and Sunday and then burning some of their corpses. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said nine of those killed were children and three were women.

"He was walking around taking up positions in the house – in two or three places like he was searching," said 26-year-old witness Mohammad Zahir, who watched the gunman while hiding in another room. "He was on his knees when he shot my father" in the thigh, he told The Associated Press. His father was wounded but survived.

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How can we blame the people in Afghanistan for not wanting to seek revenge after such a shameful murdering spree by an American soldier? And that's not adding the endless occupation and killing of innocent people over there. If this happened in the US, there would be immediate retaliation and payback. How much more can the Afghani people take? This war needs to come to an end along with the many wars we are already in or seeking to start and a sincere apology from our Govt needs to happen. The insanity needs to stop, period.

Wish we could stop it. I really do. The wars will continue according to plan unless we wake up the U.S military. Only then can we take back this country, relieve ourselves of all subservience to the United Nations, and redecorate the White House and Capitol Hill. D.C needs a makeover.

To simplify, we need to:

- wake up the military

- take back the capitol

- and break away from and openly defy any U.N charter and policy (if they don't like it, then bring it on, this is America and there will be a rifle behind each blade of grass)

" If this Happend in the US, There would be Immediate Retaliation" I think what You should be asking yourself  is " If this Happend at All ." What Better way to Instigate a False Flag Attack on the U.S., and in doing so, Perpetuate Aggression against our own troops by the American Sheeple.

All they do is lie all day every day ...

  after 10 years you would think this 911 patriotism bull shit would be in the stories of the military i can only hope more military wake up and see that there is no peace in unjust illegal wars.. only more death and we are not making friends we are making people fear and hate us.. 

we have no good reason to be there...


man oh man talk about Blow Back....   it is so sad to me for all involved

Amy, Your way to Kind, A very Humble Thank you, is bestowed upon You (:

Don't forget, a vast majority of this U.S military are a bunch of kids killin' for the fat old guys puffin cigars twirlin' their mustaches. Bunch of kids that have played way to many violent video games simulating war, and a bunch of old brass polishing the silverware on the Titanic; it's all goin' down...


Yes, a vast majority of the U.S military have been brainwashed by combat simulating video games. They have been systematically seduced to violence and desensitized to human suffering by design. Hence the need to wake them up. I believe most people are inherently good but tainted and corrupted by our socially engineered society. Soldiers not excluded.

Hey guys watch, "Cheer up. Watch the future. Now" Down LHS of


and "Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey, March 12, 2012" at www.rumormillnews.com

Remember, attitude is everything- well just about anyhow ;)

I absolutely smell a rat also. And it is one putrid festering and filthy thing. How pathetic these PTW(powers that were) are! Let us just be soooo very thankful that we are nothing like them- yes, and yet we (the Universal "we") are all one. This is one thing "they" have chosen to ignore, but are being reminded of as we speak.

What *I* find amusing is the "Taliban" are vowing revenge, not for whole military strikes, but for a "lone gunman."  Yeah, the reeking of long dead fish permeates.

Good point. They have ten years worth of revenge accounting for a long list of civilian deaths yet one nut goes awol and shoots up the town and now the boogieman is on the hunt. Sounds like propaganda to me...

How do you know the accused is  a nut?  Isn't he judged innocent until proven guilty? Is this a lynch mob? Why swallow media and Taliban propaganda without at least chewing on it. If you do that often enough, your words will become puke.



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