FORCED Vaccination ALERT!... 'Experimental' Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccine... Two Doses For ALL 300 Million Americans!!!

FORCED Vaccination ALERT!... 'Experimental' Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccine... Two Doses For ALL 300 Million Americans!!!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 8:01pm.


The Office of the Assistance Secretary for Preparedness and Response [ASPR] just released a Medical Counter Measures (MCM) document in which they indicate they are planning to give all 300 million Americans TWO experimental adjuvant laced H7N9 vaccinations. ~ Video  posted separately

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Agreed and they should get theirs in a public platform setting with realtime audience as witnesses

ya, good luck w/ all that ASPR....

gawwwwww....yet another alphabet company that needs abolishing...

Producing enough flu vaccine for a double shot to the entire population is a far cry from actually administering all those dosages. To understand what the government will do next, you merely have to think like a sociopath.  I for one am more concerned about the same group upping inventories of leukocyte growth factors which are used to offset effects of acute radiation poisoning (they don't like to use the word "poison", so they say 'syndrome').  This is one shot millions of Americans would line up for pdq should anyone pop off a nuke in a nearby city.  And unless you're a chemical engineer with a lab in the garage, who's to say what will really be in those anti-nuke jabs anyway? 

Good point and I agree.  Don't the IOSAT tablets counteract the radiation poisoning?  We can all buy the Iosat Tablets - they are at every gun show and FEMA has made sure they bought millions for their goon squads in preparation along with the millions of rounds of ammo.

This is about a pandemic they are about to start to kill us all.  It's called "the Culling." Research supports it.  These inoculations are not going to make you safe from the pandemic, they ARE the beginning of the pandemic.  Do not take them.  Anything that is "forced" has something wrong with it.  Does anyone see the Nazi tactics here?  Hospital workers FORCED to sign agreements in the last few days that if they are on Affordable Care Act, they have to "spy" on their fellow workers, those they treat, etc.  Go ahead read it what I am telling you is true.  If they fail to report any alleged crime, even imagined or "thought crimes" they are charged up to $300,000 in fines to the feds.  NASA going dark and not allowed by our criminally infiltrated government to give you updates on Ison and all the asteroid and other star activity. Your drinking water is becoming more poisoned each day.  This is sickening.  Count the coffins and the FEMA camps just waiting for us. I am so fed up. We live in a gulag. FOUR only four corporations own our media outlets and make sure they spew the same lies bent either to a left or right perspective peppered with just a little truth but mostly disinformation to keep your eyes off what is important and on silly things like Hollywood blunders and reality TV stars.  Russian and Chinese troops are reported all over our nation now ready to kill us along with our own ramped up police and goon squads when martial law rolls out. I know not all police will do this and God bless them.  Please, if you do not know Jesus, get to know Him now.  Our time is short.  Make your peace with the Creator, then stand up and fight.  It appears civil war is imminent though I hope we can work together to avoid it.  How?  The power drills set for Nov. 13, certain cities agreed under Agenda 21, an evil UN plot to exterminate us from the local level up, read about it in the UN documents, it's all there,  certain cities have agreed to have their power cut.  Once it's gone, do you really think they'll turn it back on?  And if they do for how long?  And which cities are joining in this diabolical plan? I don't know.  And they plan to pull an absurd fake alien invasion to get the new world order cohesive and one currency rolled out.  Don't fall for it.   I am speaking the truth.  I don't care if you criticize my post.  But I have a good heart and I must warn you at the 9th hour.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, have mercy upon us, Lord.   Be brave, be of good cheer in the face of evil, and know that He who is in YOU is greater than anything in the world.  In other words, your soul is valuable and important.  Care for it.  Your eternal life depends upon it.  Fight the good fight.

Terri - well said and you are absolutely correct.  The Grid shut down is only a month away.  You are right about what you said.  No one will criticize you on this site.  We are all here to help each other - to get and share the truth to save our country, our lives, and humanity.  Share the truth before the internet goes down.  After the grid goes down we won't be able to communicate via 12160.  Educate others - spread the word.  If they are going to kill all of us then we'll go down fighting this evil.   God bless and protect . . . 14300

Thanks so much 14300.  We should encourage each other to get out their old CB radios if you have them, I know some are in our garage, you can hook it up to your car battery.  We have to find a way to stay in communication with each other.  If you can afford a HAM radio, go to Radio Shack, that's the easiest cheapest place I know of and they will tell you how to operate it.  This communication may be the only link we have with one another for a while. If you can buy a generator, get one,  You can get one that will keep you refrigerators and some appliances and lights on for only $1000.00.  Just put cheap generator in search site.  Get lanterns.  Candles but avoid fires. MATCHES and lighters.   Get a crank radio some of these have solar charges on them as well and some will charge your cell phones, if our cells work.  Have flashlights and batteries.  If you can't afford all the expensive survival food, stock up on canned goods. Have a hand crank can opener, several, on hand.  Soup with rice and beans have good nutrients as well as some water in them. Have a multiple vitamin, and C and D. If you can't buy bottled water, find containers and fill them with tap water, just add a drop of chlorine bleach to each gallon and it will preserve it for you to drink.  Fill your bathtubs up at the last minute and put a little bleach in them.  If you can buy lots of baby wipes for personal hygiene and plenty of toliet paper, now is the time and don't worry about your "carbon footprint" or "being green" right now.  Have clean clothes stacked and ready to wear easy to get to along with your running shoes.  We're not in a fashion show now.  And we may need to layer our clothing according to the temperature. Keep all your blankets clean and stacked together. If you have fireplaces, put them to use, buy firewood, have it ready. Get plenty of matches.  If you have essential medications that you can get a 3 month stock of, do it now and continue to stock up if possible.  Go to a feed store and buy penicillin.  Have several first aid kits, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda to brush your teeth and mixed in a little water a very small amount will correct an upset tummy,  cotton balls, anything you need for injections if you take them. Don't forget pet food, and don't abandon your pets, they will be good guard dogs, they will stick with you to the end, do the same for them.  They can survive on just a bit of food and water.  Since our toliets may not work, remember your kid camping skills, we may have to dig spots for those of you with yards to dispose of our waste.  I remember using lyme to make an outside latrine.  This all sounds so simple and most of your are probably prepared, but for those who are not, these simple things may get you through a bad time.  If you have family or friends in the country, have a meeting.  Take your kids there BEFORE the drill or ALL of you go and just stay for a few days to see what happens.  Getting stuck in an urban area as I will be is a worst case scenario.  But I accept it and if we can get our neighbors together to take care of each other, we'll be in much better shape. I want to be able to help my neighbors during a crisis, don't you?  The highways out of the city will be clogged and closed, and you don't want to get stuck there sitting and then running out of gas.  A basement may be a blessing, you will have to watch for roving gangs no matter where you stay.  If you can get your neighbors to meet up now and plan for this IMMEDIATELY, I suggest you do so.  Thanks for listening and even if nothing happens during this power drill Nov. 13, HURRAY!  But you will be more prepared when something follows. There are plans to bus children from their schools to places where parents WILL NOT be allowed to pick them up.  Drills regarding this horrific plan have occurred all over the USA during the last 4 years.  You just rarely if EVER hear it on your TV news. Start listening to the radio.  If you know a good policeman, get him to help you and your family.  And our Vets, thank God for them, they are our best friends.    They will be proud to help you and their families as we endure.  Get in touch with them.  Get creative.  Get bold.  I'm cheering us all along in prayer and sincere hopefulness as we go.  Maybe the extinction plan for us will be held up and we will have more time.  Please set out some of your suggestions.  We all need each other.  With great love,

Terri - "Thank You so much" for that long list of prep items which is invaluable.  If you don't mind - I'd like to post it for others as a checklist.  Working together for a greater future in peace and love for all creatures great and small . . . with great love and respect . . . 14300


Dear 14300, oh please post it if it in any way helps.  I know it's not in list form as it should be and is full of holes,I was just typing as I thought,  but I'm hoping others will add to it and we can use an amalgamation for all of us.  Thank you so much.  Peace and love of God to you. Keep fighting the NWO. keep our truckers and vets in mind today as they bravely face off with raw evil in Washington.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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