Here is a basic outline of how B17 kills cancer, but first know that vitamin B17 is composed of two molecules of glucose (a sugar), one molecule of hydrocyanic acid (hydrogen cyanide), and one molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic/painkiller).

Our bodies use enzymes to perform a number of tasks.  One of these enzymes is called rhodanese.  It is found in large quantities throughout our entire bodies, except where cancer cells are present. When cancer is present, a new enzyme makes its presence known at the cancer site.  It is called beta-glucosidase.  Rhodanese is EVERYWHERE in our bodies, EXCEPT where cancer cells are present and beta-glucosidase, which is found NOWHERE in our bodies EXCEPT where cancer cells are found.

The enzyme rhodanese breaks down the vitamin B17 as soon as it enters the body. It converts it into two by-products known as thiocyanate and benzoic acid.  Both of these by-products are helpful in the feeding of healthy cells.  These by-products, if in excess, are eliminated by urination. When B17 enters your body, the rhodanese immediately begins to convert it.  The B17’s lifespan in the body is approximately 80 minutes. Over 80% of the vitamin administered is excreted from the body in 4 hours.  The usual metabolic approach to vitamin B17 therapy is to provide the patient with adequate nutritional support, with doses of vitamins and minerals, and other active natural substances.

When vitamin B17 meets the destructive cancer cell, there is no rhodanese to break it down. Beta-glucosidase is now the only enzyme present.  As B17 and beta-glucosidase meet, they create a chemical reaction that synergistically combines the one hydrogen cyanide molecule and the one benzaldehyde molecule.  This creates a poison that kills the cancer cell.  Vitamin B17, in the presence of beta-glucosidase, targets cancer cells specifically and destroys them.

Cyanide-not as scary as you think

Now the word “cyanide” can be a little scary. I am sure you have read, as I have, that “cyanide” is a bad thing. However, not all cyanide compounds are poisonous.  Humans are always in contact with cyanide, this compound is present in the food you eat, as there are more than 1,200 kinds of foods that have it, cyanide is in the air you breath because this chemical is released in the air when materials are burnt, like plastic and cigarette smoke, it is also in the chemical to develop photograph, it is used to make textiles, plastic and paper. In short,  you are in contact with cyanide by breathing air, touching the soil, drinking water and eating food everyday.

Also there is no “free hydrogen cyanide” in vitamin B17. Hydrogen cyanide MUST BE FORMED.  Remember when we discussed the enzyme beta-glucosidase?  That enzyme is the ONLY ENZYME able to make and form hydrogen cyanide from vitamin B17. If there are no cancer cells present, there is no beta-glucosidase. If there is no beta-glucosidase, there is no hydrogen cyanide made from vitamin B17. Can there be another way to create the hydrogen cyanide? I don’t believe so, but if there were, the amount made would be so small, it would have little or no toxic effect whatsoever. The chemicals found in chemotherapy treatments are thousands of times more toxic than B17.

Vitamin B17 does, however, have the cyanide radical (CN-). Let me ask you this… Do you like strawberries?  Have you ever eaten them? Well, if you have eaten them, you have ingested that very same cyanide radical.  It is found in strawberries and also in vitamin B12.  Have you ever heard of anyone getting cyanide poisoning from eating strawberries or taking vitamin B12? I have not.

Detoxification of cyanide can take place in all tissues of the body, but principally in the liver.  The dosage levels and toxicity of vitamin B17(laetrile) in laboratory animals and humans is well established and documented.  No evidence of acute or accumulative toxicity was observed in any animals giving doses in excess of 100 times the maximum intravenous dose usually given in humans.

These findings coincide with that mentioned by Otto Jacobsen in 1887, Davidson in 1944 and Dr. Dean Burk (National Cancer Institute) in 1968: “Amygdalin (vitamin B17) is impressively nontoxic from the pharmacological point of view”, and “non-hydrolyzed amygdalin is less toxic than glucose”.  The oral toxicity of amygdalin was found to be 39 to 44 times greater than the intramuscular route, and more toxic than intravenous (parentenal) route.

Vitamin B17 is less tolerable by oral administration because of the hydrolysis of amygdalin by the gastric juices. On the other hand, amygdalin, in dosages of 20-40/mg/kg orally (for a 200 lb human this would translate to 16 – 500mg laetrile/B17 tablets, daily), used in humans, is 10 to 20 times less than the minimum toxic dosage in dogs.  Vitamin B17 (laetrile) has been administered in dosages of up to 70 grams (70,000 milligrams-mg) per day in adult humans by combined oral and parentenal routes without adverse effects.

Dr. Harold W. Manner

If you read the Bible, you will find it easy to understand how B17 kills cancer.  The Bible tells us that God has provided for our every need.  God has also made our bodies in his image. He created a perfectly balanced being. It only follows that if God provides EVERYTHING, then he has also provided a natural defence against disease including cancer.  God has created perfect balance in us and for us.

In Genesis 1:29, God said:

“Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

So, if God has provided us with all we need, it therefore means we are risking cancer and other diseases by altering our diet from what God has provided. If we alter our diet the “natural balance” and “natural defence” are no longer working for us, giving diseases of all kinds a foothold in our bodies.

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While B-17 apricot pits, Rick Simpson Oil, CBD oil, Carnivora, Frankincense, and many other alternative supplements will help fight cancer, the patient's diet (starving the cancer) is extremely important to achieve cancer remission. 

The patient's diet must have no animal proteins: no dairy products or meats.  Processed sugars are also forbidden; natural sugars from organic fruits and fruit smoothies are OK, in moderation. 

The most important things to avoid are chemo and radiology... no matter how much the Hospital Oncologist insists (or threatens) the patient to reconsider avoidance of their alleged treatments.  These treatments are essentially poison that kills everything, including your body's immunity system and gut digestive processes. Without the ability to digest food, you will quickly become a victim of malnutrition, and have no immunity or strength to fight the cancer.

Another important thing to avoid is stress and depression, which can be some of the biggest killers of all. 

I am not a Doctor but, I am speaking from experience as the caregiver for my 64-year-old wife, who sadly chose to follow her oncologist's advice. In January 2017, my wife was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer, which had also metastasized into brain cancer. During her 14-month struggle with cancer, she was strong enough to beat the lung cancer but, the Chemo and Radiology weakened her past the point of recovering from her brain tumors. She died in February 2018.

Each patient is uniquely different.  Cancer remission will mostly depend on the individual's immunity system. So the last thing you want to do is poison your body's immunological defense with Chemo and Radiation. 

Less than 5% of patients with Small Lung Cancer live more than 2-years after they are diagnosed.  So, I may only contend that my wife would have lived longer without the Chemo and Radiology (my opinion). 


The change of diet is a must... for the rest of your natural life.

I talked to Cancer Clinics in Switzerland, Mexico, and Belize, Central America. All of them place their patients on a strict (vegan) diet. Supplement distributors, as well as manufacturers' of the Rife Frequency Generators also emphasize the importance of diet. 

By profession, my wife was a Medical Assistant and had many years of experience with terminally ill patients. However, I was totally unprepared and had absolutely no experience in these matters. I had to constantly read everything I could get my hands on in attempts to find a cure for her cancer. 

It's hard to watch your wife of 45-years die in slow motion: not being able to walk, then not being able to stand, then not being able to talk, then losing all ability to communicate, then having her digestive processes shutdown.  Right up to the point of her agonizing death in the Hospital, I never gave up hope in her recovery.  Ignorance isn't always bliss. It's also very hard for me to discuss.

Another thing is how the people who wake up to the Big Pharma horrors are ostracized by family and friends. I happened to me also.

Big Pharma rules public psyche, and done so for many generations, that's why is so hard for people to think rationally.

"Another thing is how the people who wake up to the Big Pharma horrors are ostracized by family and friends. I happened to me also."

Her older brother was a problem when I told him we were thinking of doing the alternative treatments. I explained to him that the Chemo and Radiation would make her sick and could possibly kill her. Her brother's response was: "That's what Chemo is supposed to do!"    What a big help he was (not).  

When my wife was originally admitted to the Hospital on 1/4/2017, she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove an egg-sized tumor from her brain. The surgery went well but, she was unable to walk or talk for 2-weeks. She used head nods for 'yes', and head shakes for 'no'.

While she remained temporarily disabled in making decisions, I was her Power of Attorney, and continually kept her informed on what I knew & was told. I had almost convinced her to use alternative treatments rather than the chemo and radiology. However, once she was able to talk again, the Hospital removed my authority and pressured my wife to start radiation treatments. 

The Oncologist started with his scare tactics, and told her: if she refused treatment, then she will not have insurance coverage, and he also told her if she changed her mind later she would need to pay additionally for her own Primary Care Physician because the Oncologist couldn't be'. 

She had 4-Radiation Treatments to her brain, and then they started with the Chemo. She had 6-treatments of Chemo, in which the 5th and 6th treatment destroyed her blood cells, almost killed her, and eventually led to her life's demise. 

I also had great difficulty in getting her to maintain her diet... if she didn't like what I prepared then she wouldn't eat it. So I had to put meat back in her diet.  She couldn't swallow pills, so I had to crush her pills up in applesauce. She was taking 6-mgs of Dexamethasone steroids 3-times a days to decrease brain inflammation, which was literally the only thing that allowed her to live. She also had about 5 other medications that she eventually refused to take.

I only live about 10-minutes from where I work, so my employer gave me flexibility in work hours so that I could go home at lunch and take her to all her doctor appointments. One medication she really liked was the Rick Simpson Oil. I only used quality flower tops to make this thick dark oil.  I mixed it in a berry smoothie -- she would drink it down as fast as she could, and then she sat a giggled at the Fox Network News. It was the "high point" of her day for 4-hours!    

She made me promise to not put her in a hospice unless: 1) she couldn't communicate or, 2) I wasn't able to care for her anymore or, 3) she was in pain. However, I never got to the point of being able to let her go, and refused to accept the inevitable even after she lost her ability to stand, communicate, or pass bodily waste.  I never gave up until the day she died... but I still find it hard to let her go. 

Now that the lawn work is done for the season, I have to box-up her clothes and special effects. The only other thing I wished I had done is complete her Estate and updated her Last Will and Testament before she died and while she was still able to talk.  Having to deal with her death and, as the Executor of her Estate at the same time was very hard and expensive.  

Thank you for your input. My own health was a horror story. I am 56 in January. In May of 2017 I started weaning in raw plant life(organic as much as possible). I stopped eating so much animal product. I stopped eating so much refined product. I stopped commercial synthetic hygiene, cleaning and cosmetic products. By April 2018 I started to have an extreme digestive cleanse. Then the weight started to come off. My hair and skin finally started to come back to life. I have much more energy while doing the tread mill which is important when detoxing. I am headed for the super food pyramid diet for a deep cleanse period. I am told I will not crave the false food that made me so sick. I can tell you one thing. The human body has natural cleansing/healing built into it. You must supply it healing/cleansing fuel. It is not processed/refined false-food. Large power dark green salads with raw pumpkin kernels so far have been my most powerful weapon in cleansing. I use herbs and tumeric goes into my home made salad dressing. I super chew the salads. If you can't stand some of the herbs you can chug them in some water or buy capsule form. You can also just mask the flavor with other flavors. I also bathe in them. As stated by this kind individual, negative living environments are not good. Find a way to release yourself from depressing disease creating lifestyles.

I admire your resolve Lori. Not many are capable of changing their lives like you did. Salute!

Sorry you lost your wife Dude. It had to have been terrible. My mother went the same way. Cancer is a huge industry for Big Pharma which dooms thousands of people a year to prolonged death and robbing them of their life savings at the same time! It's criminal!

If anyone is thinking of trying it, I would strongly suggest supplementing your current diet to make yourself stronger before going into the higher level detox. Personally I think whole food organic supplements are better.  It is tough work to detox and you want your body and mind to cope. Also, baking soda lemon combination is claimed to be more powerful than chemo. I don't get the poison logic to begin with. If it was used it would be very limited. Go slow if your going to try. Kelp, activated charcoal and flushing with lots of living water helps with the detox. I see the media promoting obesity and it is very sad. I did major reading before I started and fat in the abdomen area slowly constricts your vital organs. Also I would not contact the toilet seat in public restrooms. I read a person with HIV/AIDS infections are pretty much guaranteed to have a tapeworm infection. These infections lay 250,000 eggs a day and that they are highly contagious. Also, one internet doctor said if you eat pork you should pretty much do a parasitic cleanse. PERIOD. I am doing a broad spectrum cleanse and part of it is to not reinfect yourself. Have faith.

I remember back in the 70's when Apricot kernels were found to contain B-17 and the news went wild trying to repudiate the use of them as a cancer cure while they irradiated and chemotherapied people to death! The bastards! My mother died not only from cancer but even more from the treatments that destroyed her!

 I read this a while back, it all could be true., hope so...:)

You better believe it Tiff. I'm the living proof. Stage 4 colorectal cancer 12 years ago.Drastic change of diet and 50 apricot kernels a day. Took less then 2 months to eradicate the tumor. Since then, I've had over 200 people contacting me looking for the protocol. 


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