I have a better understanding why my dad wanted me to become involved with his friends, as I watched as over 12,000 people entered into their network, some just posted vulgar crap, and did their best to stop a exposure against a ISIS video.

 As I watched the following video, I remembered how much I miss my dad. And I am not one to become emotional, but the video did enter into my heart and mind. So, how is it possible a 60 year old man silenced the voices against his videos posted at his forum? Its because he is inspired by beautiful things, people, and he can turn a tragic event into a movement.

 Then yesterday he posted this" Its time to put a name behind this YouTube Network, TTTG Networking- C.C. 2.0 Cinema, I am Henry Massingale the Creator.

Now from my understanding he was all so a member here?

 His video silenced the mad rush against his forum, it is powerful, inspiring. Because I will some day have children, and I want them to go to concerts, and have a blast with out fear. I am truly inspired by this video.

 His daughter posted this, by Mrs. Tif Morgan,

 I will have to say this, after the release of this video, the bashing against our network stopped, its a statement of who made who? And of course it was all ways people that make networks become what it is, and this includes YouTube, the video has only been up a little while, and I can say for the first time I really can see into the mind of my dad. He finds people beautiful, inspiring and the message is to the Music World, "Have you ever really wanted to know about the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, their world is truly inspirational. And people need to not be afraid, the music world need to speak up, and bring into play their own views, opinions, because people will start to fear the opportunity of fun at concerts".

 Inspirational People Of The Las Vegas Shooting- YouTube


This is our official channel bookmark it- TTTG Networking- C.C. 2.0 Cinema© : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0sZELx8-AypQJSZoPTj7RA/feed

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Do You feed the psyop?  There were no shooters, no dead.  The psychopaths in control who script these "events" would not be killing random People.  Why?  Because They MUST control the narrative 100%.  If random People are killed, relatives ask questions, there is a real investigation, and real lawsuits ensue.  There were no "heroes," no "inspirational" People in that "event."  EVERYTHING - including all the "multiple shooters" tripe - is part of a many-layered script.

The ILLUSION that public gatherings are "dangerous" is being created, as if such things have always been going on.  But it has only been this year and suddenly "vehicles used as weapons," concerts "shot up," mass killing "rampages," "ISIS" (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) attacks - ISIS is a CIA/Mossad construct that exists only in "news" stories and photo ops, designed to create fear, as the "Goldstein" (ref: 1984) for Our 30 second hates as We watch Their controlled media pump the propaganda on the tell-a-lie-vision.


Do You feed the psyop? There were no shooters, no dead, Have You Lost Your Bloody Mind? Amaterasu Solar



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