INTERNATIONAL APPEAL TO STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN SPACE ____________ YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW Please Present This Appeal to Your Government

The Earth has reached its limit


In 1995, when cell phones were still luxury items, Sarah Benson from Australia contacted me to say that we had to organize internationally to prevent an electromagnetic assault on the Earth from the ground and from space. The following year, cell towers began to sprout like mushrooms over all natural landscapes. Wherever they sprouted, we received reports that bees disappeared, birds fell dead out of the sky, and frogs turned up with deformed legs, missing eyes, and other genetic mistakes in lakes, streams and forests.



How you can use this Appeal

to stop the rollout of 5G in your country


We originally envisioned this as an emergency appeal by scientists and doctors, which we planned to present to the world’s governments by November 1, 2018. But the outpouring of support and signatures from around the world, not only from doctors and scientists, but in far greater numbers from people who have been injured by their cell phones or by cell towers, and from the general public, has surprised and overwhelmed us. More than 300 environmental and health organizations and 11,000 individuals from all walks of life, from at least 95 countries, have signed so far. We are still processing the backlog of signatures, and we have posted as many of them as we can on the website ( In anticipation of asking everyone—not just scientists and doctors—to sign, we have now automated the process.


So far, translations of the Appeal in eight languages (Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Spanish) have been posted on the website ( and at least 12 more (Arabic, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Mongolian, Norwegian, Romanian and Serbian) will be posted soon. We are seeking volunteer translators for Farsi, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and other languages.


We are just two people—a professional editor at the United Nations, now retired, and I—and we need your help in order to make this Appeal succeed.


Sign the Appeal – everyone can sign


We are now asking everyone—not just scientists and doctors, but everyone—to sign the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space ( and Success is much more likely if the public is on board in large numbers.


Donations are needed


Over 20,000 US dollars has been spent on this Appeal to date, including website design and maintenance, data processing services, computer time, office supplies, paper, postage, international phone calls, professional translators for certain languages, a part-time assistant, and many other expenses. Until now this has been paid for entirely from sales of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, which gives both the historical and scientific background of the present problem.


Radio and television announcements, professional lobbyists, and other aspects of a public relations campaign will cost much more money than we presently have. Therefore we have recently added a “Donate” page to the website ( and we are asking for donations in any amount.


Another way to support the Appeal is to purchase my book, which is for sale on the Cellular Phone Task Force website ( All the proceeds from sales of my book are being used to fund this Appeal. I keep none of this money and collect no salary for my work on the Appeal.


Present the Appeal to your government and other authorities


We originally anticipated gathering signatures mostly from doctors and scientists, and presenting the Appeal ourselves to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union, and all of the 195 nations of the world. This would have had to be done by mail, email, and by finding appropriate people to present it around the world in person. But now we have a much bigger and more effective resource – YOU. You live in more than 90 countries around the world, and some of you are well connected, both with the public and with your government.


BEFORE NOVEMBER 14, 2018: Write to the US Federal Communications Commission


On November 14, 2018, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to auction millimeter wave spectrum (24 GHz, 25 GHz, 28 GHz) to 60 American telecommunications companies for the provision of 5G. On about November 8, 2018, I will send a copy of the Appeal along with an official list of 11,000 signatories from 95 countries to each of the FCC Commissioners:



My letter will ask the FCC to protect the world’s health and environment by CANCELLING THE AUCTION. There is already a report from The Hague, dated 2 November 2018, that hundreds of birds fell dead in Huijgens Park immediately after a new 5G mast (emitting 7.4 GHz) was tested on a nearby rooftop.


Italy and South Korea have already held auctions of millimeter wave spectrum for 5G. Most of the rest of the world has not yet done this, and should not do this. Please, everyone send emails to the FCC Commissioners and the news media, directing them to our website and supporting our request that this auction be cancelled. 


BEFORE DECEMBER 1, 2018: Mail, email or hand-deliver this Appeal to your government


On about November 25, 2018, we will enter both the number of signatories and the number of countries they represent into the Appeal that is posted on the website in many languages. On about November 25, please print out copies of the Appeal from the website ( and present it to the appropriate officials in your national government who are in charge of telecommunications and outer space on or about December 1.  You may also wish to send the Appeal to:


  • Citizens’ associations
  • National politicians
  • Academic institutions and faculties of medicine
  • Mayors of major cities
  • Political parties
  • Parent-children associations
  • Head teachers of schools


PLEASE RECORD the names of the officials to whom you have presented the Appeal, and the date presented, and send me this information by email along with a copy of your cover letter.


Thank you.


Arthur Firstenberg, Administrator

International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

P.O. Box 6216

Santa Fe, NM 87502


Tel: 1-505-471-0129


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5G networks represent a "Clear and Present Danger" to all living things.

Take action now folks before it's too late!

signed! i am penning a letter to the FCC and constructing my Faraday cage!




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