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looks like some real shit may be hitting the fan in oregon  a judge with two us marshals are going to pay a visit.

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I hope they choose to investigate the corruption within the US govt.


how the hell do you post links ? thanks for responding it wont work every wich way i try have had this problem b-4. the article is from a site called      the last great stand.........thanks

You post links, the same way, you just posted what you posted previously.

Are you fucking with me...???

it doesnt come through i swear ill try again for shits and gigles

are you seeing it no  i dont know if its a problem in my browser or what. but i have had this problem a dozen or so times. its why i just usualy come in and read.

Post the EXACT title (copy/paste) of the article.

I'll search it myself, & post the link.

thats it. you have to scroll past the vid for the mention.

Released video show the ambush killing of La Voy Finicum. Stories from OSP and f B I don't back up their claims of what happened. Watch the video for yourselves.

Eye-Witness Refutes ‘Official’ Story of Oregon FBI Killing, ‘His Hands Were Up…They Fired 120 Shots’

The original story is inaccessible, link to back up still exist

I read the whole thing. They got nothing. The feds are really reaching. I've read nothing that affirms their phony charges. This won't go to trial. All this does is highlight how tyrannical the terrorist gov is.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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