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Retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski writes in an article posted at Lew Rockwell’s website that Julian Assange is receiving the same treatment as suspected terrorists while in captivity at “Her Majesty’s Prison Service” at Belmarsh. 

The FBI, Pentagon, and CIA are “interviewing” Assange. Kwiatkowski writes:

Interviewing is the wrong word.  I’d like to say doctoring him, because it would be more accurate, except that word implies some care for a positive outcome.  Chemical Gina has her hands in this one, and we are being told that Assange is being “treated” with 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, known as BZ. 

BZ is a powerful drug that produces hallucinations. “Soldiers on BZ could remember only fragments of the experience afterward. As the drug wore off, and the subjects had trouble discerning what was real, many experienced anxiety, aggression, even terror,” the New Yorker reported. “…The drug’s effect lasted for days. At its peak, volunteers were totally cut off in their own minds, jolting from one fragmented existence to the next. They saw visions: Lilliputian baseball players competing on a tabletop diamond; animals or people or objects that materialized and vanished.”

Assange is being chemically lobotomized prior to being extradited to the United States to stand trial on bogus computer hacking charges that—and the corporate media won’t tell you this—passed the statute of limitations three years ago (see 18 U.S. Code § 371. Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud Unit...).

Forget about the statute of limitations. The US government has long violated both domestic and international law. It is a rogue nation led by an ignorant clown who opened the back door and ushered in neocon psychopaths notorious for killing millions. In normal times, these criminals would be in the dock at The Hague standing trial for crimes against humanity. But we don’t live in normal times.  

The message is clear: if you expose the massive criminal enterprise at the heart of the US government, you will be renditioned, chemically tortured (a favorite of Chemical Gina, now CIA director), chewed up and spit out until you’re a babbling mental case like David Shayler (who believes he is the Second Coming of Christ). Shayler, a former MI5 agent, made the mistake of exposing the UK’s support of terror operations in Libya. Shayler spent three weeks at Belmarsh after a conviction for breaching the Official Secrets Act. He emerged from prison broken and delusional. 

I seriously doubt most Americans care about the chemical torture of Julian Assange. On social media, liberals and so-called progressives, along with their “conservative” counterparts, celebrate Assange’s arrest, confinement, and torture. Members of Congress have called for his execution, while one media talking head (teleprompter script reader) demanded the CIA send a hit team to London and assassinate Assange. 

Americans are similar to the propagandized and brainwashed citizens of Nazi Germany. Most went along with Hitler right up until the end when their cities lay in smoldering ruins and their once proud country was carved up, half of it given over to the communists. They set up the Stasi to deal with East Germans who were not following the totalitarian program.

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That is criminal. Benzylquinuclidinol has no place in psychiatric medicine. It is a psychotomimetic, a drug that mimics / induces psychoses, psychotic breaks.

You may recall the movie, Jacob's Ladder , that involved the US Army experimenting on it's own troops with BZ, which caused them to tear each other to pieces. BZ was also found by UN chemical weapons investigators in samples taken in the fraudulent, false flag Skripal case. Government power to force drugs on prisoners is one of the worst abuses there is. We've all seen alleged mass shooters in court, drugged to the gills, unaware of what's going on around them.

This is terrible.  It was reported he wasn't doing well while at the embassy, so they're doing this to him in his already weakened state.  What demons.

If you recall, his internet was cut off the day after his visit from Pamela Anderson bringing him lunch. He said he was not feeling well after eating and later that night in darkness someone was removed from the embassy. The more than 2 years that followed, not a single balcony appearance or any other indication that he was in the embassy or even alive still. When they staged his removal, he did not look like the same person mentally as they were dragging him out. It is possible that he has spent the last 2+ years with "chemical Gina" getting "treatment" and they brought him back to the embassy to stage his removal. Now they are putting out the story that he is now being drugged to cover up the fact that he has spent all this time being drugged to the point of a vegetable. There has been no contact since his removal probably to hide his condition. This is all in preparation for his extradition to the U.S. to be punished for exposing criminal activity of treasonous traitors. The embassy was paid 4 billion dollars which would rationalize their cooperation in the scandal. Assange is toast and will never recover mentally if in fact it is even him still alive. Keeping him hidden from public appearances makes one wonder.

Well this is really fucked up for him. This is what happens to whistle blowers these days what's uncovered is never more important then going after he who exposes!

I was all behind Julian until I found out that he supplied Chelsea Manning a she male under going sex change operations and during a fight with his lover decided to release classified documents to our enemies reportedly in the thousands all supplied by Julian! I am sorry that's where I draw the line! I know he got framed but now these are things you don't do if you want asylum!

Is he inoculated against this new strain a new strain of hallucinogen? Is it different than ones administered to him as a child when part of the cult called The Family? 


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