Libertarian Party: Don't waste time investigating IRS, abolish it NOW along with income tax

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Libertarian Party: Don't waste time investigating IRS, abolish it NOW along with income tax

Return to 1992 spending level would allow balanced budget, end to income tax

Abolish the IRSThe presidential administrations of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and, now, Barack Obama have all been caught using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to target political enemies.

As long as we have the IRS — and the income tax — we should expect more presidents to use their power to silence and intimidate free voices. No IRS investigation or firing of a few scapegoats will change that.

"We must abolish the IRS and end any need for a regulatory agency that snoops into people's private lives," said Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell. "We must draw back total federal spending to the level of 1992, which is more than enough to fulfill the government's constitutional duties to protect our life, liberty, and property. This will allow us to balance the budget immediately, end the federal income tax completely, and give back an average of more than $12,000 to every family in America."

"We don't need an income tax, and we certainly don't need the IRS," Howell said.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America calling for both dismantling the IRS altogether and dramatically and immediately downsizing Big Government.

"The Libertarian Party is running candidates to dramatically downsize the federal government," Howell said. "We can cut federal spending by 50 percent, or even 90 percent, and Americans will be better for it. We can end the personal income tax, the corporate income tax, the death tax, and all federal payroll taxes. There will be no need for the IRS, nor any substitute agency."

"Ending the income tax, abolishing the IRS, and cutting federal spending to the level of 1992 means no more deficit spending," Howell said. "This will stop inflation and stabilize prices. Even more importantly, it will transfer wealth out of the wasteful, dysfunctional and destructive government sector and into the productive private sector, resulting in a bounty of new jobs and prosperity for Americans."

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The Libertarians are not going far enough. Along with the IRS (which is illegal anyway since the 16th Amendment was never actually ratified) the Federal Reserve must be abolished.

This nation was founded on a simple but revolutionary concept of the public currency as a public utility, in circulation to serve the public. But Private Central Banks that issue the public currency as a loan at interest by design create more debt than money with which to pay that debt, which is why every single nation in history, without exception, enslaved to a Private Central Bank issuing the public currency as a loan at interest, has drowned in unpayable debt, with the wealth of the people stripped off and transferred to those bankers.

Ironically enough,this nation fought a revolution to be free of such a bank, the Bank of England, only to be sold back into private banking slavery by corrupt government not just once but three times, with the First and Second Banks of the United States, then the Federal Reserve. Private Central Banks do not exist to serve the people or the nation. They exist only to serve themselves. And we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve (which is no more "Federal" than Federal Express) and go back to the economic model that made the United States and the American people so prosperous in the early years of the nation.

Sadly, if one carefully studies the history of these predatory usurious entities, one sees the private ...

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" -- Mayer Amschel Rothschild


I know it would be a good idea to get rid of the Federal Reserve also, but lets start with the IRS and Income Tax with a flat tax or national sales tax.

That's kind of like telling Blackbeard he has to dump one crew of scurvy dogs (IRS) and hire another. As long as Blackbeard himself (the FED) remains in place,  nothing really changes. Besides, why should we accept a new legal tax to replace one that is illegal?

NO IRS, NO FED, NO INCOME TAX! That is how this nation started, and it worked pretty good.

Off topic but congrats on the Peace Registry

true that Mike, this place was doing fairly well before 1913, and what tax system was in place prior to '13???

NOTHING!!!!...and we still functioned as a whole. Jekkyl Island be damned

I am concerned that the real agenda behind the Fair Tax or a national sales tax is to replace an illegal tax with a legal one, to trade a weak set of slave chains for much stronger ones.

And again, getting rid of the IRS but leaving the FED in place is like telling Blackbeard he has to change his crew, but Blackbeard himself can go on doing what he does.

that evil bank's 100 year lease is up Dec 23 2013...what can we do to stop a renewal????

No, the charter is extended indefinately. We need the Iceland solution on a grand scale.

The IRS is a Corporation registered in Puerto Rico; and

neither the Federal Reserve Bank System nor the IRS are agencies of the United States Government.

They are "Private Corporations" and act under the "International Law of Marque and Reprisal", being the law of the Privateer and Pirate trade.


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