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God bless you all and have a merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and be safe. 

Better Watch Out, Better Not Cry.....NWO is Coming to Town

Many happy returns.

Just popped In to bring you Good Cheer.
As I should do this time of every year.
Along with Peace, Love & Light,...
On this very special night,
To remind you why I’m here,
It’s not to drink all your beer.
But to remember the Birth of Christ,
And to eat this yummy tucker i found here.
Oops, seems I forgot my hat and beard.

awesome. shared. thanks!

Merry Christmas and meny good blessings in 2014!

No, sorry, you see, I was raised a chwistian so I KNOW where you think you are coming from, but it is utter, utter twaddle. Fine if you want to believe all that and that a mysterious, invisible god and his son have saved. Good for you, especially if you were once a murderous SOB, (appropriate that you should be saved by another murderous SOB). I know for a fact, however that the god you worship is merely one of a pantheon of gods that were worshiped by the Canaanites, he even had a wife called Asherah. Why are those other gods, including Baal and El, (after whom IsraEL is named) not still worshiped but your fake one is? Are not all gods created equal? As for being a sinner or a subject of satan, that is not the case either. I'm just a normal man trying to get through life as best he can, being as decent as possible, helping others, doing the right thing, looking after my family. As for satan, he is just as imaginary as yahweh and jebus. Have a nice festive season and try not to follow your god's example and slaughter, rape or enslave innocent people, we wouldn't want that, would we?

Trouble is, I've researched the buybull and the myths of jeezuz and all that stuff and I know that almost all of it is based on earlier myths, legends, cults, demi gods and such drivel. You can delude yourself that it's real until the cows come home but you'll have to come up with something a lot more tangible than your blind belief and 'experiences' to convince others that your god and his zombie rabbi son are real. Good luck with that. I've been looking for twenty years and found no evidence whatsoever, just hearsay and lies.


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