What would You do if You could do any Ethical thing You wanted to do. Would You be willing to do what it would take to build a world where You could do what You wanted to do? Where Your children could too? Would You sacrifice Your energy now for an infinite payoff in the future?


YouTube, Amaterasu Solar: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyPmuhBYhW1za9rIg2qqJj1JcUtxB...

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BitChute, Amaterasu Solar – List 1: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/U9XDOA1xFpzr/

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Amaterasu - When I've had have a difference of opinion with you, as to political violence, I thought of something analogous, which is a little humorous...

I once saw a comedian talk about the difference between Western medicine and alternative medicine. He said Western medicine is primarily great in case of emergencies. After all, when someone is dying in the street from a heart attack, you don't see a herbalist run up and say that this man needs marjoram, and a lot of it. Similarly, a lack of political violence is much better when there is a lack of an emergency situation. Unfortunately, there is very little today as to our predicaments that should not be characterized as an emergency.

If we face violence with nonviolence, we will always lose. Gandhi's oft-repeated spiel about non-violence winning was completely dependent on the idea that the Brits had abandoned the idea of maintaining India as part of the British Empire anyway. The Brits were not willing to use violence to maintain their hold on India, and besides, they had come up with non-violent subterfuges with which to extract wealth from that country anyway. Violence was not necessary any longer for exerting the level of control they wanted.

Today in the West, both the government and immigrants from non-White countries use violence against us, and rely on the threat of violence to get their way with almost everything. Advocates for always using peaceful means of response are willing to ignore the dire costs of forbearing violence. Including our self-declared enemies' use of sexual violence against Western children.  It could be said, in fact, that today the native Whites in Western countries are under military attack, in a few different ways. I don't see how we can face any of that successfully with pacifist means. Of course, when possible, it is preferable to not use violence in society, especially as a policy. But there is no magic that means denying consent to our rulers' depredations will actually change anything.

It's not that I am against violence - I'm against INITIATING violence.  But I will say - again - when virtually all of Us (or even 80%) are doing things differently, and ready to defend that way....  The psychopaths presently in power will not be in power, and especially when We get free energy out and remove Their tool to power (money) They will have nothing to pay toadies - strong arms or armies - with.  They will have to initiate violence PERSONALLY, and to be sure...  They will not have much effect.  1% against 99%?  Heh.


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