Nursing Assistant, Salt Lake Utah at huge hospital.  So far as I know there is no one here being treated for Covid-19 although I'm aware of people testing positive.

The fastest way to get tested is to get a swab kit online and send it in.  They use to test for just the flue and a few other things but now Covid-19 is on the list and they will call you with the results.  You don't have to schedule hours with your Primary Dr first but if the test comes back positive, you have the right to go to your Dr. and request hydroxychloroquine.  200mg twice a day for 10 to 14 days.  Take with Zinc and Z-Pak.

What Doxycycline does is open a door into the virus to allow Zinc in you dont even have to take Zink or Z-Pak, but if you do it will be like dropping a nuclear bomb on this virus.  Zinc binds to the RNA and destroys its ability to replicate and breaks down the protective protein.

There is no shortages of Doxycycline.  Take this time to flush your system of toxins and get a book on nutrition then just do that because if you don't you could easily get reinfected.

My mentor thinks this virus will come back in the fall with much vengeance.

Drug is cheap and you could probably buy it off a website from Germany (like I did for something), but will take you a month.  No prescription, maybe a counterfeit version idk but its everywhere actually.

Personally, I would get food, powerful truck, trailer, lots and lots of gas for the economic pandemic.

Maybe with Valium you can heal your neighbors of riot rage...practically need that now.  im like; woh.

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I’ve got 16 cases of canned chili and 1000rds of 9mm. Is that enough?

no because it sounds like your going to need some least at first unless your stomach is already used to it lol.  not sure what 9mm is but if theres a thousand it sounds good lol.  right on.

Oh snap, I forgot the toilet paper option!!!

oh yah lol i have had a great idea about toilet paper and have tried it.  it sounds gross but if you buy like "NOW bulk fiber supplement" use 2 tbsp a day and it will cut your toilet paper usage in half!  plus the price on bulk fiber didnt go up like toilet paper did and a 24 oz container is only takes a couple inches off the shelf instead of a whole side of the room.  there was a guy on youtube that did a experiment for preppers. i cant remember his name but i did like he said and it was true.  plus also fiber is good for you for many reasons like if you have the runs or your changing your diet because constipation will ruin everything and can kill you if you are in a war zone.

That's some great advice Keisha thanks. Cheap medicines, the basic supplies, a ute and a trailer, (and perhaps cash and silver, a compass, and a map with petrol stations marked out. ) - and toilet paper of cause. Should be good to go, anywhere.  With the powerful truck, are you going off road ?.

sadly no. getting mom out of Manhattan thogh and ill have my whole fing family who laughed at me a few years ago but now they will be sleeping in my little apt full of MY prep and they cant remember that i even warned about the NWO.

Thought so - :(

I have not read anything about using Doxycycline. Could you provide some sources for this information. I am very interested. Zinc levels in the body are very important. The  hydroxychloroquine acts as an ionophore which helps Zinc to cross the cell membrane into the cytoplasm of the cell. The zinc can then inhibit the replication of viruses. You must have a proper level of Zinc in the diet or through supplementation for the hydroxychloroquine to work. You made several good points in your post. Keep it up and be safe out there. We are on shelter in place here in Alabama. My cousin is an RN in Montgomery. She indicated that the hospitals there are not over run with COVID 19 positives. There is though limited testing going on. 

If you supplement with zinc, you need to take selenium too. Taking one can make you deficient in the other.

Hey James hemp seeds for zinc and Brazil nuts for selenium. 

Yeah, but I like the tablets, as they are (supposedly) measured. Plants can vary wildly in any one constituent. Nevertheless, I'm going to start eating asparagus a couple times a week. The roots go 30 feet down, so they are a good source of a wide variety of minerals. I already take zinc and selenium, vanadium, iodine (every other day), etc.


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