Occupied Sweden is Seeing a Massive Rise in Nationalism and National Socialism Despite Totalitarian Censorship

Sweden grapples with neo-Nazis in election campaign

17 August 2018
17:40 CEST+02:00

Sweden's authorities have long struggled with how to handle marches by the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR). Now the openly racist and anti-Semitic group is campaigning in the general election for the first time.

The Administrative Court in Gothenburg ruled on Thursday that the party could hold election rallies in Kungälv, one of the municipalities it is contesting, on the grounds that "freedom of association is protected under the Swedish constitution".

The local municipality had contested a decision by the local police to allow the party to hold two election rallies during the campaign.

Recent NMR rallies at the Gothenburg Book Fair, the Almedalen political festival, and May 1st celebrations have been met with large counter-demonstrations, and required significant police operations.


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Nationalism, a healthy pride for the culture and achievements of a nation being a foundation for continuation of the traditions and existence of the same, is a measure of its future potential. National socialism, founded and originally funded by the usury cabal,  is a rotten apple designed to create chaos among otherwise reasonable people.

It warms my heart to hear that Swedes, one of the socially most advanced nations, are waking up and opposition to the Caliphate building project is gathering speed. But it may be too late for them already. If there was just one nation in Europe to safeguard against the Caliphate building project, closing its borders to the terrorists, but letting in the original, educated and hard working European refugees, that nation would easily become superior to the rest of Europe very soon.

How was NSism created and funded by usury cabal?  It was definitely destroyed by it.  Both German NSism and Italian fascism were the reactions of both peoples to communist agitation in the 1920s, agitation that resembles the liberal attacks on everything European in value today.  Otherwise, I agree with you about a European nation staying European, the ostergard group especially I watch with hope.

Both communism and national socialism were funded by the Wall Street bankers. Antony Sutton; Wall Street and the rise of Hitler

About Professor Sutton

Reading the first 2 chapters, it's an interesting point of view to think that the opportunists of wall street masterminded the rise of NSism instead of just seeking wealth by "hedging their bets" and profiting from German industry.  Financiers have always financed both sides, one side always loses but they are safe whichever side wins (Moors in Spain).  I disagree that NSism success was due to this one aspect, it may have helped but it was not the underlying reason. I understand how others could think this though, I thank you for the material.

The German people have been hit hard so many times in order to take them down, and still they continue to be the most advanced nation in Europe. ”This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” - Winston Chuchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

The popularity of National Socialism was probably based on the grave injustice of the Versailles peace deal and totally disproportionate punishment of the German people. Communism and National Socialism were both used to build up a war in Europe, to cull the population and to put the nations deep in debt for the usury cabal.

The latest pest to take down Germany and the rest of Europe is the mass immigration from backward and war torn cultures that have learned to hate and envy the western world.


If that what it takes.....no sitting on your hands anymore.

Imagine my surprise...


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