Parents of Sandy Hook victims planning lawsuit against gunmaker Bushmaster

Parents of some of the victims of the 2012 school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, will on Monday announce they are suing Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the gun used by Adam Lanza.

They are working with an attorney who represented Michael Jackson’s family in a $1.5bn wrongful death lawsuit against his international concert promoter, and a Democratic lobbyist who worked in the Clinton administration and specialises in taking on major corporations, the Guardian has learned.

Parents of at least 13 of the 20 young children killed in the December 2012 shooting have in the past two weeks opened estates in their names at the regional probate court, a necessary first step in filing a lawsuit over their deaths. Eleven of these sets of parents checked a box specifying that they intended to make a wrongful death claim.

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Hope bushmaster is not part of the production. Part of their defense should be to prove there is no case since Sandy Hook never happened.

Sandy Hook was nothing more than a mass hoax to further the agenda to attack the 2nd Amendment and to take away our guns. And obviously, money was a big motivator too. The parents have gotten rich, lining their pockets with the sympathies of Americans gullible enough to buy the story; hook, line and sinker. And now they want to sue Bushmaster. Go figure...

I agree, Tara! A hoax to rid the US from our arms and Constitutional rights. Thanks, sharing.

YES!  This is more of the psyop.  Just for show.  Nothing will actually be filed, or if so, They will have full control and any "courtroom battles" will be more scripted BS.  My bet is this will fall off the radar & go away.  Though some much smaller probability They will continue the show.

Either way, it's BS.  If it ever got to a REAL court, all the evidence of psyop will come pouring out.  I think it's Red Pill Revolution that has announced that He and other SH investigators would be happy to assist Bushmaster in Their case.  Yeah...  So no REAL court will be used if a suit is even filed.

Oh Yea  First We have a FAKE Shooting DRILL  Where NO One died according to FBI records and it was an Obvious Staged Falsehood .... At Sandy Hook they TURNED back all the Ambulances and Paramedics from town . And then they claimed some kids died at local hospital ..... How did they get there?? And ALL the victims families mortgages were mysteriously PAID OFF a couple of days later!!!!!  Not bad for a few LIES told about Non Existent children or kids who showed up later at functions ALIVE  NOT DEAD ...... America YOU were Sucked again by Huge Lies.  If you have not seen the movie "Wag the Dog" with Dustin Hoffman ; you need to !!!!!  We are living that !!

"Shall not be infringed." Pretty friggin' clear. The distinction between "military" firearms & "civilian" firearms is a red herring. BTW, whatever firearms the colonists used to defeat the British military with, must have been "military" firearms, in that they were used to defeat a military.

good point!

You'll be happy to know that the DOJ is in full agreement with that viewpoint as well as the viewpoint that the right pertains to individuals, regardless of membership or lack of membership in any formal iteration of the word "militia".

Please folks, take the time to read, print and share the file in the link below. It is "the real thing" from the government and it supports our views with a definiteness you can take to the bank.

Read it so as to understand it. It's long and couched in legalese ... even if it takes you all week, though, I promise that it's worth the effort.

Copy it to your hard drive or, preferably, removable media, then print it so that it can't simply "disappear".

Share it so that others will be able to do the same. This isn't some bug-eyed crazy shiite ... this is an official publication of the DOJ. Not only does it agree that the Second Amendment enumerates a private right, it also takes some side trips that I am CERTAIN you will find interesting. I PROMISE it is stuff you never expected to see in a DOJ publication ... especially under Holder.


The problem, as I see it, is that the original governMENT (controlMIND) now stands empty, a corporation having usurped the power in 1871.  It's papers of incorporation are the Constitution (with changes that make THE UNITED STATES all caps) - BUT...  There IS no Bill of Rights with this corporation masquerading as "Our" controlmind.  This is why few win arguing They have rights per that Bill.

I'd like to see a copy of the suit itself. Anybody got a link to the as-filed tort?

The BATF decides whether a firearm can be made publicly available or not and since the AR-15 is ONLY a self-loading firearm whose principle operating features (self-loading, removable ammunition magazine, manual safety and iron sights) can be found in commonly used hunting weapons of the past century or more and because it is NOT suitable for military use in the condition that it is made available to the public in, I would think the attorneys filing this suit would know not to file suit on that basis.

Additionally, the firearm in question A) never made it into the school and was, in fact, recovered on camera from the trunk of the car Lanza drove to the school B) is ONLY suitable for civilian use, being unsuitable for any other.


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