Real.Video, or Phasing out Them-tube...errrr...b00btube....errrr....Youtube I mean

Cracking open the bottle of Absolut! ..w00t!... Absow00t!!

As of today, I officially now have a channel on Real.Video...w00t! I will see myself slowly slipping away from that gawd-awful Them-tube (formerly known as Youtube) now. I hope eventually wipes these corporate video-based whore sites out and they go down in financial fiasco flames of poverty, these sites deserve everything degrading coming to them. I just wish that cursed Fecebook would implode immediately...I might just then get some friends back from the zombie land it's created for them.

if on, my channels called "Reality Bytes" by The Central Scrutinizer, i have yet to upload anything yet, hell, only had the spot for an hour now, but I'm thinking about starting another channel appropriately named "" as well. So get off the Fecebooks, Get off the twatters, get off the insta-scams, and get off the b00btubes folks, it's time to take these corporate whore leftist groups out by opting out which in turn will hurt them where it the wallets!! May they all rot in the evil ether world of 1's & 0's

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I think a lot of folks feel this way too...

I'm yet to learn how to share videos on Traditional right click does not do anything, neither trying to copy address.

hit the share button to the full size video button


Of course I hit a share button! Then I get direct link and embed code, none of witch can be copied...

I'll take two cases to :)

I've got a story about absolut vodka. I was flying to the uk via Brunai as ya do and had a bottle of duty free from oz the top wouldn't go back on, the only option left to me was to drink it in cans of soft drink bought for about ten bucks each at the airport. No idea grog is like totally illegal there, i was fucking blind, and had my eye on this pommie chick i met at the airport, i was lucky to make it back on the plane lucky i'm a happy drunk i suppose

Very nice, cold filtered or some shit, very nice

I know an ole Polish drunk & he likes to drink his vodka straight but he's also cheap. He buys dirt cheap vodka & runs it through a Britta filter 5x & voila! Expensive tasting drinkable vodka on the cheap.

I think 5x is a bit too much. Prolly get the same result one or two times. but whatever...

cheers :) I don't drink as much as i'd like at the moment but i hope to fix that in the future, alcoholism seems like a viable option to reality and i intend to make use of it 

Any beverages you can recommend to the casual yet cheap alcho visitor to Oz?

Would like to sign up but all this with invitations and shit is too much. 


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