Remember The USS Liberty: 48 Years Ago TODAY The Criminal State Of Israel Purposely Attacked The USS Liberty

Today is the 48th anniversary of a true tragedy in our history.... 48 years ago, the criminal and psychotic state of Israel attacked the American surveillance ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, purposely with the goal of having the ship sunk to blame Egypt and automatically have their American slaves at war against Egypt and fully involved in Israel's war of conquest known as the "6 Day War"......Luckily for everyone across the planet, the ship did not sink, but it sustained heavy damage and 34 sailors lost their lives.... To this day the 171 other servicemen on board the USS Liberty that were injured from this horrendous attack, and all of the other survivors of that vessel, have never attained the proper justice that they fully and rightfully deserve...

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USS Liberty Attacked by Israel

Israels deliberate massacre of US Servicemen on June 8,1967 in International Waters

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Isn't it time to off some jews? Those whores in DC aren't going to seek revenge. They have shown time and time again that they don't care about who they murder: why should the Amerikcan people?

Excellent!  Never forget! 

Thanks Tara, sharing.



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