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Small-molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide

Studies in mice show therapy is effective even in hard-to-treat brain tumours.

07 February 2013

Three weeks after implantation with a brain tumour, mice treated with a new drug were in recovery (right), compared with untreated mice (left, tumour shown in colour).

Cancer researchers have pinned down a molecule that can kick-start the body’s own tumour-destroying systems, triggering cell death in cancerous but not healthy tissue in mice.

The molecule, TIC10, activates the gene for a protein called TRAIL (tumour-necrosis-factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand), which has long been a target for cancer researchers looking for drugs that would avoid the debilitating effects of conventional therapies.

“TRAIL is a part of our immune system: all of us with functional immune systems use this molecule to keep tumours from forming or spreading, so boosting this will not be as toxic as chemotherapy,” says Wafik El-Deiry, an oncologist at Pennsylvania State University in Hershey and lead author of Experiments showed that TIC10 had potent effects against a variety of tumours, including breast, lymphatic, colon and lung cancer. It was especially effective at triggering cell suicide in glioblastoma, a kind of brain tumour that is notoriously difficult to treat2. Mice with glioblastomas that were treated with TIC10 and bevacizumab — a drug used against diseases including brain tumours, and sold under the name Avastin — survived three times as long as untreated mice. However, they survived only 6% longer than mice treated with bevacizumab alone.


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Sodium Bicarbonate and Raw Honey will kill certain types of Cancer, but the pharmaceutical industry cant make money off them. Lots of natural cures that are suppressed. Cancer can only survive in a highly acidic system, lower your alkaline levels and cancer cant survive. Sugar should be avoided also to lower your risks as well as diet drinks and all processed foods, meats. Stay with fruits and veggies and organic ones with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

 am convinced it is all about what we eat..the old adage .. "you are what you eat" look what they are doing to our food.  They are trying to kill us and bleed us dry of everything we own as we die. there are many ways to arrest and or cure cancer.. it  is also about our immune system.  ..  i fired my MD many years ago and will not comply to government death care!! 

I absolutely agree Suzie!

Hey Pit Bull; I've heard of Baking Soda & Molasses, as a remedy for Cancer.

Like you, I thought that perhaps Raw, or natural, unpasteurized organic honey, might be better, but I read something, some time ago, that I believe, might have had something to do with the sulfur content of the molasses - something that is inherent in the process, of turning sugar cane juice, into molasses.

Here is a video, which was posted by Burbia on June 6, 2011

There are lots of ways to beat "cancer", the best way is to stay away from doctors and hospitals. All "chemotherapy" drugs are DNA terminators fully capable of causing cancer. When doctors say "the cancer spread" what they should say is "we tried to kill your cancer in one part of your body with drugs that cause cancer everywhere in your body...and you got cancer everywhere".

Now if only we can design a molecule that has the same effect on banksters, oath-breakers & war criminals...



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