Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens

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Another day, Another data breach!

This time sensitive and personal data of millions of transporters in Sweden, along with the nation's military secrets, have been exposed, putting every individual's as well as national security at risk.

Who exposed the sensitive data? The Swedish government itself.

Swedish media is reporting of a massive data breach in the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) after the agency mishandled an outsourcing deal with IBM, which led to the leak of the private data about every vehicle in the country, including those used by both police and military.

The data breach exposed the names, photos and home addresses of millions of Swedish citizen, including fighter pilots of Swedish air force, members of the military's most secretive units, police suspects, people under the witness relocation programme, the weight capacity of all roads and bridges, and much more.

The incident is believed to be one of the worst government information security disasters ever.

Here's what and How it Happened:

In 2015, the Swedish Transport Agency hand over IBM an IT maintenance contract to manage its databases and networks.

However, the Swedish Transport Agency uploaded IBM's entire database onto cloud servers, which covered details on every vehicle in the country, including police and military registrations, and individuals on witness protection programs.

The transport agency then emailed the entire database in messages to marketers that subscribe to it.

And what’s terrible is that the messages were sent in clear text.

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The Swedish government, like many other governments, are working against their own country and its people. This was probably done on purpose.

Exactly, this is no accident, this is a deliberate leak - weaponized information - and will benefit the allies / employees of the occupational government of Sweden and its globalist masters - which begs the question 'how long before things go down'.

The world has been teetering on a brink of chaos so long that we may not recognize when it all breaks apart. Maybe it has already happened, the next stock market crash or escalation of war in the middle east. When nukes go off we can say for certainty, yes it has begun.



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