The Untouchables... FRONTLINE investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages.

- Video Clip 2

“Fraud Was … the F-Bomb” - The Untouchables

Well before the housing bubble burst, alarm bells were beginning to sound among key players in the mortgage industry

Coming Tuesday January 22, 2013

Watch Here

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The Untouchables airs tonight on most PBS stations, (check your local listings here) or you can watch it online, starting at 10 pm EST.

It will surely be interesting to see whether they can reach any new conclusions.


The reason no body was prosecuted is because the money is/was not real,its all fiction,the money was fake.

If it was real gold or silver,then many people would have been imprisoned.

Tell that to the people who have lost businesses,houses,pensions et cetera.

What a scam.

Yep... A big ole scam and it will be interesting if this Frontline investigation will get to the root of the issue.

Hi Tara why do people not see this is 'WOOL' street and these people are out to and are trained to 'fleece' a nation and steal the coats off of your backs!  How many times do people need to get penned (pen) in by the phoney games? When are people going to stop being 'spell' bound and 'sentenced' by the the very words they use in their language? Yes it IS a 'programming language' and answers are under our noses and coming from the very programs that most will speak without thinking about what they say. Is it not time to leave the drinking at the Baaaa and stop shopping for those Baaaa 'gains' and pull the wool out of eyes and stop behaving like lambs to the slaughter? I guess many will say I am speaking 'sheer' nonsense. :O)

Hi Tara check out this video released by the BBC several years back that went out on prime time television (9pm) and not a peep was mentioned about its content on the following day!

No wonder the saying goes 'like' a thief in the night. These thieves do not need to be hidden by darkness, as most of the populate are in a kind of waking dream state.

It was Gordon Brown that opened the flood gates, to the sub prime scandal by turning his back on the rules put in place just after the last great recession over in the USA, back in the late 20's. As you know this crowd play out the same games, time and time again with huge gaps in between, so that populate forget and are totally off guard.

Thanks Steven, I'll check it out!

Well, good.

Heh, on every check we write, we should print --FAKE MONEY-- in the memo line.

Preview didn't work for me ; had to go here -

I tried watching the Frontline special and could only tolerate about10 minutes before turning it off.   Frontline used to do respectable , provocative, exposes before the neo-cons ruined MSM.   It was clear after only a few minutes that the show was part of The Scam - a simple misdirection of the viewer's attention.   Not one mention of the Federal Reserve!

Hi Quickening the federal reserve as you say is at the root of the problem and most people are beginning to realize this and even those that have done just a modicum of research, can smell a rat in the kitchen, as far as the fed goes.

The money Changes is an old but goody and Ed Griffins videos go into great depth about the fed and how this huge money laundering scam was played out on the American people.  Walter Burien has done some great research into how much tax money has been stashed away over the last century. I find it amazing that it has got to the point of 99% of the wealth being owned by 1% of the people and ask 'if money is a conversion of human energy and creativity, what do they need with 99% of stored human potential and what are they doing with this resource?' My conclusion is nothing that beneficial to those that are outside of this self proclaimed elite few.

Is it not strange that when I shake a charity tin down town to collect money for a good cause, people will ask where their dimes and pennies are going, yet few, if any, think about and/or talk about how much tax they are paying out and what/where there tax money is spent? This seems to be a taboo subject?

I agree Nathan 'they' hold none of the patriotic views and beliefs that we have been fed from an early age and they work with no boundaries and this why both the USA and the UK now have little to no industry left in place and we do so little on the production side, other than just move facts and figures around on paper. Both the USA and UK were once VERY productive countries that produced goods for the world and now the corporations have moved best part of the industry away, in order to find slave labor that will in turn make them even more profits, that will be spent on what? What is even more of an insult is that these large corporations pay little or no taxes back to we the people. They are parasites in the truest form and we the people have become the unconscious hosts and these parasites are killing us slowly, along with the our planet.


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