WW1 – fattest war dividends, plus the Balfour Declaration
legitimizing the Jew colonization of Palestine, plus the
Rothschild-rigged Versailles, the Rothschild-incubated
Judo-communist coup d'etat in Russia and, in 1933,
the Rothschild-financed electoral victory of Mr Hitler –
all of these creating all of the preconditions for WW2,
which, as planned at Versailles, was set off in Poland,
whose 3.5 million Jews (or whatever number was still
there after the war) were desperately wanted by the
Jew Rothschild banksters on their Palestine project.
WW2 – again, fattest war dividends, plus the utter
destruction and vicious ritual vilification of Hitler's
Germany, the major anti-Judo-communist belligerent,
plus the actual Jew conquest of Palestine in 1948,
beginning with the back-stabbing Jew terror attacks
against the Brits, who fought the war to save their
kosher hides, plus the new post-war order – the
NWO of today, where asking any questions about
the Jew Rothschild banksters is anti-$emitic...

THE FIRST WORLD WAR | Wide Awake Gentile
"Russia and Germany were ruled by second cousins
 Kaiser Wilhelm and Tsar Nicholas, who spoke and
 wrote to each other in English, and called each
 other Willy and Nicky.  They and many of their
 ministers did not want war.  In June to August
 of 1914, they tried to avoid war by corresponding
 with each other." The Willy-Nicky Correspondence
WW1 wouldn't have been allowed to happen,
had the German Chancellor in 1914 been
someone like Bismarck – or had the Russian
Prime Minister Stolypin not been murdered
earlier on by a Jew terrorist – or had the
Russian Tsar been someone like any Tsar
other than the poor old Nicholas.  And,
of course, the poor old Wilhelm – Kaiser
Bill – was just as helpless.  Both were easy
prey for the Jew Rothschild banksters.
And perhaps it wasn't entirely coincidental
that the German Chancellor in 1914 was
one Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg of
the prominent Bethmann banking family of
Frankfurt – not at all unknown for its close
association with the Jew Rothschild banksters.
The Jew Rothschild banksters, the Foreign Office
and the MI6 played the poor old Kaiser, as well
as the even more naive and defenceless Nicholas –
just like they played Mr Hitler and the rulers of
Poland some two decades later.  As we all know
by now, neither the Kaiser nor the Tsar had
anything to gain from that war – and everything
to lose.  And the Jew Rothschild banksters knew
it well before they threw their Jew-loaded dice.
‘Loaded dice’ in the shape of millions of British
Tommies and their colonial cousins – subhuman
goyim –  over a million of whom were murdered
in that war for the greater profits of the Jew
Rothschild banksters – in addition to hundred
thousand-odd Yanks, who wouldn't have been
in that war at all, had they not been betrayed
to the Jew Rothschild banksters by President
Wilson – another big pawn in the big Jew war
swindle – to be used as a human (subhuman)
means of exchange with which to pay off the
British government for the Balfour Declaration.

The assassination of Stolypin, the man who could have saved Russia

Had Stolypin lived, Russia would have stayed out of WW1, and the
1917 Judo-communist coup would have never happened. To the Jew
Rothschild banksters, his assassination was an absolute necessity:
clever and incorruptible goyim  in power must be killed first – or else,
the Jew banksters' global blood-game cannot be nearly as profitable.
Note the way the Jew assassin bought into the job – a clear indication
of having been offered a ‘most lucrative contract’ – or so he thought.

"I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and
 tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant
 riches of America…  The Jews will not hesitate to
 plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and
 chaos, in order that the earth should become
 the inheritance of Israel."
   – Otto von Bismarck

"This crafty race has one great principle: as long as order
 prevails, there is nothing to be gained."             – Goethe

Full text of "By Way of Deception" - by Victor Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad
200 Years Together - by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Initially lots of minutiae with lots of typos, then some ancient history...
What seems to have gotten very little notice, however, was detailed
descriptions in the book of the numerous aspects of the all-powerful
Jewish government that was alive and kicking and viciously grasping –
in complete absence of any state structure.

The Hidden History of the Balfour Declaration - WRMEA
Detailed research

Johann Philipp Bethmann (1715-1793)
One of the ancestors of Bethmann-Hollweg
Fake shower heads …
One more reason why the real gas chambers
had to have real shower heads

Like all strong poisons, hydrocyanic acid (HCN)
is very good at being water-soluble – and could
have been most effectively dispensed dissolved
in boiling water – or, better still, superheated
steam – run through the real shower heads.
Moreover, while a whole can of Zyklon B was
required to kill all insects in a relatively small
fumigation chamber, hardly more than one
scoop of the Zyklon B pellets should have
been needed to dispatch any number of
humans in a shower room of any size.
Besides, only the lethal agent HCN was
required, Zyklon B as such was unnecessary.
This more costly compound was specifically
developed for use in fumigation chambers,
where, not unlike any other dry cleaning
process, the fumigated clothes had to be
given back dry to the inmates coming out
of the shower rooms – as the properly run
camp routine demanded.
What's more, HCN itself – highly flammable
and potentially explosive – was superfluous
to the task, as, in an enclosed space, any
volatile noxious substance – such as cheap
as rubbish ammonia, for example – is just
as deadly, but reasonably safe to handle.
As the Jews themselves very well know,
they murdered numerous Palestinians just
by firing ‘harmless’ tear gas into their houses.
The more one reads the Holohoax literature
and the closer one looks at those putative
‘gas chambers’ – the less sense they make.
And the kosher Holo-mongers themselves
are keenly aware of this.  And hence, those
once-obligatory Jewish ‘holes in the roof’ or
the later ‘holes in the wall’ – through which
the Zyklon B was supposedly chucked in –
are hardly ever heard of anymore.
The Jewish Holohoax is getting assimilated.
It's no longer as Jewish and hysterical as
it used to be in the 1970s-80s, in the wake
of the October (Yom Kippur)  War (1973-4),
when little I$rael  is said to have experienced
some ‘existential angst’ (enter Madison Avenue).
In their latter-day rendition, the physical details
of this ever-apocryphal Zio narrative get to be
more and more like the Holy Ghost – positively
invisible – and never again rendered in graven
images.  And the ‘venerable’ Anne Frank gets
to be more and more like the Holy Virgin...
(In fact, with HCN boiling point at 25.6 °C,
Zyklon B couldn't have been used at room
temperature in fumigation chambers, either –
not without the special pulverizer/blower –
never ever mentioned in the whole
of the Holohoax literature in relation
to the putative gas chambers.)
Mainstream Holocaust Narrative "Substantially, if not Entirely, False"
                                – Jew Ron Unz, founder and editor of The Unz Review
My Holo cup runneth over …
In Holland and Belgium, Growing Resistance to Holocaust Memorials
"The phenomenon is becoming particularly common in the Netherlands.
In Amsterdam, dozens of artists this month signed a petition opposing
the erection of a national monument in the capital city's former Jewish
quarter.  Many current residents object to the memorial's prominent
footprint.  And in May, an Amsterdam bookshop owner said that a police
officer asked him to remove a sign commemorating Holocaust victims,
citing Israel's actions [Jew war crimes]."          – The Jew Lipshiz, JTA
The Kingdom of Shylock - Hesperian Press - by Frank Anstey, MP
"First published in 1917, when it was repressed.
 This is a reprint of the second edition.  Frank
 Anstey (1865-1940) was a leader of the Labor
 Party...  a supporter of public finance...  and
 viewed WWI as "a war of rival capitalists"...
 In this age of the globalization, of organized
 criminality, we need more like him who will
 stick to their guns against cannibalistic
 corporate capitalism...  [Frank Anstey was
 a Freemason, but obviously not a crook.
 The book is mainly about the matters of
 economics.]"   Frank Anstey - Wikipedia

US rejects I$raeli demand that convicted spy
Jonathan Pollard be allowed to move to I$rael

While employed by the US Navy as an analyst,
the Mossad Jew Pollard stole close to a million
of 'SCI' classified documents. The Jew Pollard's
treason led to the deaths of as many as 1,000
of pro-American intelligence operatives.
How so?…  Because any information stolen or
otherwise collected by the Jews is necessarily
traded by their I$rael to whosoever happens
to be on the market for it.  For example, it's
not out of the goodness of Putin's heart that
the Jews were allowed to carry out hundreds
of terrorist acts in Syria in recent years.
Every time Netanyahu flies in to Moscow –
or Peking – he brings with him a hard drive
with tons of classified American information
on it – and not only American, of course –
and not only classified information, either.
So if your business or your vices are known
to the Jews, they are also known to the Jew
Mossad – and thus even to the enemies you
didn't know you had.  (The Jewpsy Google
gangsters kept spiking this email every time
it was addressed to more than one or two
recipients – hardly a coincidence.  In fact,
they've got Jews on watch  who observe
and ‘manage’ my mailbox round the clock.
A few years ago, they made it quite a chore
for me just to log in.  And on at least one
occasion which I distinctly recall, instead
of the usually senseless combination of
letters, one such ‘code’ clearly read "arger" –
anger – not the handiwork of an algorithm.)
The Jew mass murderers who exterminated
hundreds of millions of goyim  now control
the exercise of your freedom of speech.
Jew Newsweek:
I$rael Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document

The headline says it all

How did this Satanic Jew shit get splashed onto the pages of the Christian Bible?
The Council of Nicaea 325 AD, the Church fathers are hanging on to the ‘Holy Writ’…

''Secular democratic I$rael''…
''The only democracy in the Middle East''…

Happy Hannukah, goyim!
Have you paid your Jews?…
Izrael is protecting you all
from the horrors of Islam!
Who do you think sent you
millions of Muslim refugees?…

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe
 is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did
 to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there...
 And now Europe is losing its identity in favor of another
 people and another religion..."      – Rabbi Baruch Efrati

Here is a Jew worthy of Der Stürmer  – ignore the rest of the shit

Jew entertainer Bill Maher tells Goyim how stupid it is
that we consume Jew entertainment
- Daily Stormer

Strong Brown Communist Girl REFUSES to Bend the Knee
to Kikes -- and Take AIPAC Trip to I$rael
- Daily Stormer

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