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This is a question I put to all freedom loving Americans. When it comes and we all know that it will what will you do? Will you resist and die if necessary? I really want to know how many Americans will put their very lives on the line to resist tyranny. We Americans can and must resist tyranny. We must act and we must do so in a way that the world will know. To those that would be complicit in attempts at gun confiscation and those that come with their blue helmets we must give them a warning .Let our will to resist be as it was during the Revolutionary War from Lexington and Concord to the hills and mountains of the Carolinas and  to the Hornet's Nest in Georgia. I for one will resist. What will you do?

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I think that you have been abused by the corporate system as so many Americans are.  As far as your status goes you are an American state national if you were born on the land of one of the sovereign states and you do not work for the District of Columbia corporation called UNITED STATES or one of their franchises. The laws that they charged you with breaking were most likely corporate laws or statutes. All of the corporate franchises of the District of Columbia corporation such as STATE OF CALIFORNIA,  STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF ILLINOIS, etc. pass laws every day that no one can keep up with or know. Besides you were charged and tried not by a Common Law court. You were in Admiralty court. They do with you as they want.  You were not in a court of the land jurisdiction. The plea deal was false. Your rights as an American can not be stripped away without due process according to the Constitution for the states united of America. You did not get due process in a lawful court.

I'll just give them some wallets, toys, casette tapes, etc. Police shootings are always happening because the dont recognize the difference so they'll never be able to tell.

There are going to be certain indicators to let you know that it is time to lock and load. In particular, when total censorship of the media has been achieved, and it will, and sites like this are no longer accessible, then it is close to go time.

They will then use the weaponized media to show the remaining sleepers that people with guns have gone off the rails shooting people at random and emergency measures have been taken to protect you by arresting anyone in possession of a gun, using deadly force if necessary. Images will be broadcast of citizen vigilantes running amok and waiving their guns in the air while U.N. soldiers take them down in hero fashion saving the citizens from dangerous gun owning radicals.

Then when people start seeing this happening in their own neighborhood with people being dragged out of their homes and shot, then displaying all the guns seized from the home, people will be cheering and hailing these murdering thugs as heroes. People that do not own guns will welcome them and encourage it instead of fearing it.

To them I say this, if you have not awakened by then in spite of all that has been revealed, then you are now part of the problem and should be considered as the enemy. Do not get in the way or you will be removed because the job that we are doing ironically involves saving your asses also from tyranny, in spite of your ignorance.

The way I see it we have two choices. Roll over and submit and ultimately either end up in a FEMA camp to be slaughtered or live in tyranny under a government run by pedophiles and Satan worshipers, or, honor the vision of our founding fathers to live as sovereign freedom loving beings that strive for a better life for all in a society where no human has the power to impose their will on another human being without their consent.

I for one do not believe that I was incarnated to be imprisoned under the ruling fist of psychopathic tyrants. Under those conditions, life has already been removed anyway so the only alternative is to do everything in my power to prevent that from happening. Submission is not an option, it is a betrayal.

I would like to believe that far more people are aware of the agenda than THEY would like the peons to believe - a growing silent majority, quietly preparing.

The line in the sand has been drawn and THEY have now crossed it and are now going 'full retard' - the overt social engineering and promotion of pedophilia and cannibalism in recent times is causing more to awaken...but not all will or wish to.

As dogitydog makes clear, there are two choices, which ultimately boil down to 'liberty or death'.

Well it seems to have started already in Illinois. The incorporated state of Illinois has decided to take away any guns owned by people that are under the age 21. What do they think they are going to do? Do they plan to go door to door to any place that young men or women live and take the guns by force? What exactly is their plan and how do they expect to do such?

How many young men do you suppose were under the age of 21 during the Revolutionary War? How many young men do you suppose were drafted and sent off to war in World War I and World War II? How many of our young men and women have been forced to go to war in Vietnam that were under the age of 21?  Americans is this justified? Can this corporate entity decide for the people?  It is time of the people of Illinois to stand up and say no. This is a call for all Americans on the land of Illinois to declare their political status, record their claim on the public record thus removing yourselves from federal jurisdiction. The corporate state of Illinois is a franchise of the District of Columbia Corporate United States.  Do this and tell the corporate government to stick it. Raise the US civil flag over your door and post the international  private property sign on your gates, on your doors, and on your automobiles.

For those that do not know, the US civil flag is the true flag of the unincorporated united States of America. It can be easily recognized since the stripes are vertical red and white and there is a white field with blue stars. The other flag that most Americans think is our flag is only the military flag.

Any "law" or "order"  repugnant on its face to our Constitution is null and void with respect to us and is legally and lawfully unenforceable against Americans who have removed themselves from federal jurisdiction.


How many people care to learn about reality, John? In my over 10 years experience I have discovered average man/woman is not only ignorant about their status, but also terrified about standing up to authority.

Yes Chris you are right about this. I must do my part in passing the information on to them anyway. What is the situation for the people in Australia?

Problem is people don't want to know. We have tiny minority awake and making waves, but majority chases coupons called "money", pay their taxes, parking fines, vote, take multitude of pharma drugs and won't do anything to endanger their cozy existence.

Having said that, I believe there is no significant difference between America and Australia in peoples attitudes.

The 'civil flag' issue is highly debatable...

You are going to find more patriots with 'Old Glory' flags and insignia both full color and subdued - I'd go as far to say that Gadsden, Betsy Ross, Horizontal and Vertical Rebellious Stripes (Sons Of Liberty), III% and others will outnumber the civil flag.

Its also a moot point that many would choose to wear it in the inevitable next war for independence, if it is described as a flag of peace.

However, the gold fringed flag and in recent years the inverted 'reversed' flag now worn as insignia since Army Regulation 670-1 of September 3, 2003 are most definitely NOT the flag of the United States.

The 'flying in the wind' BS for the latter is the lamest excuse under the sun - it just shows the arrogance of those that lord it over the American people, and how they have inverted symbols of the Republic .




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