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Officially to dim the sun to prevent non-existing global warming. The real reason - Chemical soup reacts with microwave radiation to limit the population.

I know and it makes me so mad, I do not consent to this

Kassandra are you familiar with cloud busters?

Not to much

These are supposed to be effective in dissipating chemtrail clouds over an area such as your home and neighborhood. Have you ever heard of orgone?

Yes I have bought several orgone pyramids to keep in my home to help with the 5g Internet we now have... 

The cloud busters are made with orgonite. I plan to make one for my place and locate it in the front yard near the house. I do not have the pyramids but plan to get some also for the house. You said that the 5G is already there? Are these on poles outside your home? What part of the country are you living where the 5G has been implemented?

Yes I have 5g at home, not sure but he did go up on the pole and put in a new line and something else wasn’t sure what it was...  I’m in north Alabama...

Charter communications is testing the 5g... 

If you see anything different on the pole take a photo and post it so others will know what to look for.How do you know that 5G is there? Does it say that on your phone?

when You go to your wifi I have 2 different to choose from 2g and 5g


There are several theories about this. Some think that it is to cover up something going on with the sun. Some think it is part of a plan for depoplulation. The Chemtrails have been shown to have heavy metals among other crazy things. Aluminum, Barium,  and Cadmium has been found in the aftermath of the Chemtrail spaying. Even biological agents have been found. Whatever they are doing is not in the best interest of the peoples of the earth in general. This has been gong on now for over at least 15 years. You can look at moves made back a number of years ago and see the chemtrails in the movies. For example a recent one I noticed the trails in was TURN.  I remember my first encounter with this subject.  I was reading a magazine article that mentioned the trails back in the 1990s. I could not believe it when I actually saw what was written about.


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Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches

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