You say You want a revolution… I say We can do better than that! Watch and find out!


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 Watched the video,no one wants a civil war, but I really do not see options in this video. Sorry.

Me neither. I would like it if we didn't have to have a civil / revolutionary / race war, but  don't see any way around it. I am also sorry, Amaterasu.

See My reply to Tif.

@James Roberts. Have you seen this? I thought it was interesting.

 First off let me say this about that video. It is based on a concept between two political parties for a civil war.

 AAAAEEE, wrong door.

Door #3, is to remove both parties. Why have a civil war and allow the same people back into office?

 The Underground Militia, made it clear, both parties are in bed together, that is a facts check. Both parties are controlled by a Jewish Org, facts check. These Jews are not Christian. They are the followers of the Talmud.

 It has been determined, the best way to win this terrorist style war against them, is to target their banking system, and all of their 5g network towers in America, and take their grid off line.

 This ISIS formatted option, against their system could take 5 years to 20 years to win.

 A all out civil war would be in vain, they would use biological warfare against all. That kind of war could last up to 100 years of blood and guts.

 The underground militia has around 10,000 Anonymous hackers, with their virus all ready with in most major systems. They even hacked the A.I. program and took it the the U.S. Israel Government. 

 There will be no race war, their goals for this is being challenged by the fact of Two Feathers video, that every race and nation across this world united with Germany against the Russian Khazar Jews. So do you all really think our network team did not see this info wars, and send it to the Nation of Islam, when they united with Christians, in WW2 with Germany against Russia. That news went into so many sites, and mail boxes, it awoke a sleeping giant of a nation of men that lived in peace, and them people who wish to control want that information forgot...Na!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think not...:)

LOL Tif...:)

I would suggest reading my link before having a disagreement with anyone.

I would suggest reading my statement, I all ready sent in that video link to the network. that video will be challenged, on many fronts.

 As for the video here at this site, Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told, that video will be re- edited and uploaded, exposing a truth in detailed facts.

 it is a simple as that.

Yes, I've considered most all these points before, and seen them debated over and over. I think we will win, in the end, but it will be an unimaginably miserable business, with the loss of a huge percentage of the world's population.

And I think We can avoid that loss.

I gave the options in "Rise Up."  I also have a video called "Setting Myself FREE!" in which I give the same data.  What if:

1.  Most People knew They could withdraw consent (My goal)

2.  Most of Us withdrew Our consent and consented to the blueprint I offer (My expectation once I reach My goal)

3.  We built the foundation illustrated in My blueprint

Do You think We would need to initiate violence?  Sure, They may initiate violence on Us, in which case We are within Ethics to defend Ourselves by any means.  But to start killing Others confers upon Us the lower status.  We might deserve to lose.

Best if We all emerged into doing things differently.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for posting.

Death will not release Me.  [smile]


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