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This is an idea I'm working on- and hopefully will taken seriously.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have caught on around the World in over 900 cities in over 80 countries. People are united in what I think is the start of the 'final showdown' between the majority of struggling working class and the greed and corruption that has brought down so many economies around the World. 

How important do you consider the 'Occupy' movement to be?  Not since the Vietnam War has there been such a momentum of protests, and this time the protests are not just U.S veterans and supporters against war. We are all part of the new revolutionary stance against the policies that have allowed financial greed to carry on for decades. This movement has to continue, and together we have to create a set of demands that can be copied in any country.

Experts in the field of economics and finance, and ordinary people alike have been pouring out their anger, voicing their concerns, demanding change, offering solutions, ideas for improving our World- and our politicians have simply shrugged the voices off time after time, allowing the financial greed and corruption to continue decade after decade. 

Some elements of the media are playing down the Occupy protests as being purely 'anti-capitalist'- but below are some real demands that need to be heard- many of which could apply in so many countries around the World. These are top issues that have been raised by people and media over the past few years.

                                                            ** 'The Occupy Bill of Demands' ** 

1. A law should be introduced which prevents political parties from employing bodies who work in, or who have worked in the banking or financial business sector.

2. No person, business, company or enterprise will be exempt from the tax system.

3. Any person, business, company or enterprise or any other body which is found to have employed or is currently utilizing accounting firms in overseas tax havens deliberately to avoid paying taxes should be prosecuted by the Law...

4. High frequency or flash trading must be recognized as a criminal act.

5. An independent investigative agency must monitor and audit major banks, companies, institutions, enterprises and top-level wealthy individuals to ensure correct and lawful business practices are maintained.This includes the monitoring of intricate and diverse financial business methods such as derivatives, ponzi/pyramid schemes and hedge funds.

6.No independent agency operating within the context of this Bill of Demands can be employed by any other institution, to ensure correct and fair monitoring and actions can be taken by the independent agency.

7. Independent investigative bodies must ensure that the Occupy Bill of Demands is enforced and that the Occupy Bill of Demands is never avoided, altered or corrupted.


The Demands I provided are the real problems that allow financial greed and corruption to thrive- and people of each city around the World need to know just how the Elite get away with it.It is up to people to then engage their local politicians and present these Demands to get them passed as legislation... Otherwise around in circles we will go.

Add your own Demands below . Together we will rid the system of financial corruption and profiteering.


Russell S.Wyllie -17th October 2011

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Better to eliminate the NEED for money - that way, only the three Laws are required:

Do not willfully hurt or kill another (Human) Being

Do not willfully take or damage another (Human) Being's property

Do not willfully defraud another (Human) Being

That way, there will be no taxes.

That way there will be no need to hire anyOne.

That way there will be no "flash trading."

That way there will be no banks.

That way there will be no need to monitor.

That way there will be no need to worry about money, profit motive, corruption, greed, "elite," or any other problem money (and the LOVE of it) creates.

More info:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/an-open-letter-to-the-revolutionaries




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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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