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Across Africa, deep beneath a host of varied terrains, vast groundwater reserves lie almost untouched

Map Room: Hidden Waters


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From the Winter Issue "Africa's Moment"

By Adam Scholl

Across Africa, deep beneath a host of varied terrains, vast groundwater reserves lie almost untouched. These aquifers are some 410,000 cubic miles thick and contain 100 times the freshwater that exists on the continent’s surface. As Africa’s population expands, these aquifers could prove critical in increasing food production, reducing poverty, and adapting to climate change.

Last April, scientists published the first comprehensive map of African groundwater reserves in the journal Environmental Research Letters. In the image above, World Policy Journal shows these water resources alongside historic drought conditions in an effort to define the enormous scope of this vital resource. Much of the groundwater lies beneath the Sahel belt, one of the most drought-prone stretches on the planet. Since water scarcity in the Sahel will remain a problem, tapping these hidden freshwater reserves could become a priority.

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The next paragraph says it all... Gaddafi must not have been that bad of a fella ;)

"Some countries have successfully exploited these gigantic fossil reserves in the past. In 1984, Libya’s surface freshwater was becoming contaminated with saltwater, so Muammar Gaddafi ordered construction of a $25 billion “Great Man-Made River” project to extract water from beneath the Sahara and bring it to cities near the sea. Some estimates suggest that despite its price tag, this method was still one-tenth the cost of the alternative—desalinating water from the Mediterranean. Though the “river” works for now, large government subsidies are still the only way most Libyan farmers can afford water to irrigate their crops. And contrary to Gaddafi’s claim that the aquifer would last 4,625 years, independent research has indicated that it will run dry in just 60 to 100."

I'm sure that the Governmentals, the banking cartel and power elites will be the ones to be exploiting this natural water source and keeping it from the people that need it the most, the poor. They just love taking control over all natural resources, so that we the people have to pay to play and survive.

The next engineered 'wars' will be in Africa - Untapped mineral resources and water...and a chance for depopulation - all of which the NWO plan to take full advantage of.



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