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I have actually seen the lights that form triangles in the sky, more than once and was with different people each time. We even called people to confirm it with them, we asked them to step outside and look into the sky at a certain direction. They also saw the same things we saw. When they appeared before us we were on top of a mountain, they appeared to be around the same height as we were but no detail was visible to the naked eye. The other time I saw them I was driving with my kids in the car along a dirt road. They appeared to come form the ground as you would expect a flare to, but done some very intricate maneuvers before just blinking in a pattern that I am sure was not random and then just going out instead of leaving. I have seen these light at all different time of the day and the year, alone or with other people. What ever these maybe it is obvious that it is intelligent enough to out wit us, to avoid contact and keep us guessing. I hope that they are friendly, But then again why would a peace loving creature come to our war infested planet?

We are only "war infested" because the war profiteers incite war (with 9/11's, Gulf of Tonkins, etc.).  No war means no profit for the war profiteers.  If we can get rid of the need for money, there will be no motive to incite wars.

So...  Where's "safe?"

That would be My biggest question.



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