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We must all face the true facts of life and know we are never truly prepared to survive a total collapse  in the United States. Unless your wading in greenback there is no way you could afford everything to assist your survival in the future. As we are bombarded with survival crap that just makes the sellers rich and in the long run does nothing for your survival. I am not saying it is all hogwash but the majority of the crap you pay top dollar for you can make in a few minutes or do not really need.

One of the best items you can invest in is sitting on top of your shoulders. Its called the brain and rest in your head. So one of the first things of survival is don't lose it. By that I mean your head. When you lose control of your head which is also called panic you lose the ability to use your brain and that means you lose logic. When you lose your brain you die or get seriously  hurt.

If I may I would like to express a example of losing your head and logic. Coming home from work one evening I arrived at my parents house to pick up my wife and daughters. My mother and wife were standing on the front porch and screaming their head off and all I saw was my youngest girl hanging out the front storm door with glass all around her. The house was old and I don't think it had a ounce of safety glass in it.  As I approached my daughter I lifted her leg off the jagged glass and carried her away from the glass. I could see she had been bleeding badly as there was a pool of blood on the floor. As I looked at the would to access the situation I could see it was a large gash as her muscle was protruding from her leg. So I told my wife to get it together and get me two white towels and mad one into a compress and the other a tight wrap around the compress. I grabbed her up and we rushed her to the ER. The point I am stressing here is that because my wife and mother panic and lost their head my daughters leg remained on the glass and could have done serious damage. Instead she just ended up with a large scar on the back of her leg. It also helped because I had been a ambulance technician and cross trained in the military as a medic. But even if I was not trained keeping you head together and proceed with the logical steps anyone could have least helped her instead of just standing around. Was I scared? For sure but keeping my cool kept my daughter calm and even calmed down the two screaming maniacs around me. After I got her in the doctors hands I just went outside to collect my thoughts and relieve the tension I held in.

Sometimes you say I could never do that but you can if you keep your head. Trust me there are times you just cannot as one time when I had to go to a ambulance call where a drugged mother threw her baby out the window of a four story building. I lost it that day and went after the mother. But through the days of military training and a great martial arts teacher who was also my friend I learned total control and trust me it works.

Once you have mastered the art of keeping your head the next objective is to prioritize your actions. What is the most important thing I can do and what can wait. A native American Indian from New york once told me a saying of what his views of the American people. He said”you are all sitting in a canoe and it has a hole in the bottom and heading for the falls. We have a paddle and a tin can in the canoe and we keep balling out the water so ewe don't drown” It took me a moment to understand what he was saying but it is what I mean we need to see what is important and not what will fix the moment. Sure we keep bailing the water so we don't drown but what the heck the falls is gonna kill you, so use the paddles and you won't have to worry about either. I always found it a wise thought even if he had a hot temper.

Most of the time what is just in front of us instead of looking at the big picture. I always say every action has a reaction. By this I mean when I make a plan of action what will be the consequences, and what could be the outcome. If you do this you keep from putting yourself in spots that could cause you harm.

So your probably just what could happen in a total collapse. It would probably be easier to say what would not happen but I will touch on a few softly as I plan to submit follow up to this initial post on the subject. I might start by saying take a look around you and 90%  of the stuff you see you will no longer see anymore. Then look at each item and see how it effects you way of living.  And then think of all the thing that one little thing effects everyone and what it would be without it.  When I mean 90% that leaves 10% if you lucky with that. That 10% includes what you have around you at that moment. In the closet in my bedroom sits a pack with food and clothes and a few survival items and that is my 10%. If a collapse happen tomorrow that would be my life. Hopefully I can drive my vehicle for a while as far as I can but I do not count on it. By the way I always have at least ¾ of a tank of gas for such an emergency. I know my routes and I know my objectives and this is my aim. I will go deeper in the topics to come.

Lets look at a major item and that would be communications. Phone service and that includes cell service would cease to exist. Television and radios would cease except to tell you to stay put and wait for further reports. Think about this a moment. You in the flash of a short time would lose all communication abilities with you family, friends and comrades. In a total collapse this is a given as they do not want people to organize or have a way to communicate the facts but what they want you to know. Just with this loss alone would make you feel deserted. I know it would bother me if I could not get a hold of my daughters to make sure they was okay. Solution have a plan ahead of time id communications fail as to what they should do.

Remember I mentioned television on how that would be controlled. Have you ever wondered why we went to digital from analog. Well for one it is more controllable as it is over the wires not through the airways where someone could broadcast out of a basement in an emergency. No with just a flick of a switch they control the broadcasting. Radio is now controlled by Clear Channel. Ye4s some pirates can still broadcast but unless you have a ham or close to the station you get nothing.

I want to go into more area in which you will affected such a fuel and food but I will save that for the next posts. Right know you must learn to be able to control your actions and keep your head. And one of the things I cannot stress enough is to read. Read books on self reliance, farming, gardening any thing that you wish to do and I stress learn how they did it the old way. There will be plenty of tractors but no fuel to run them so learn how to hitch a plow to a horse and how to operate a hoe. Learn how to make things. What I have done is put thousands of books and reports on CD and have them in my pack. You might say well without power how are you going to view the CD's Ah la go to Radio Shack and buy a small solar unit that will charge my notebook so I can view the CD of the topic I need. If my notebook gets damaged I am sure most people will leave them behind since there will be no power. If that fails my personal upbringing on a farm will allow me to be self sufficient enough to survive even with that I constantly try new things like making wine and beer and cheese. Just the other day I made my own ravioli which I have never done.

Before I go another item I have instituted is I have made a notebook and if you ever saw one of those troubleshooting guides they are like a what if guide. Pages are set up to diagnose what if and I used this method in a crisis base what if. What if a hurricane. What it the nuke plant warns us, what if well you get the picture. Its not that hard and when the crises hits you can take a quick look and follow a procedure and if you give a cop to your family they will be on the same page as you.. For instance my girls know if a collapse happens we meet at a certain place and go from there and that place is in their book. If a hurricane is forecast we all do this.

Well I hope you got a few pointer and I will certainly post more as I expand on this subject. Until we meet again

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  I learned as a young Boy Scout to keep my head in "situations". Later as an 18 year old, when faced with someones traumatic death, I again kept my wits about me to think clearly. In the Army(11b10) it was further taught to keep a cool head DURING, save the shakes for AFTER.  I think friends, WHEN the COLLAPSE happens, those of us who are ABLE, will soon see those who are NOT, literally fall down and die. I think my dogs will enjoy "snowflake" steaks and "antifa" burgers.  The millions in the big cities will die out rather quickly, leaving only the marauders as leftovers.

 I think this Urban Doomsayer, overlooks the Fact that most on here have some to much outdoors experiance. Some like myself are Vets, and former Boyscouts to boot. Many are lifelong Campers or Hunters along with the previous mentioned.  Clearly the URBANITES will mostly NOT SURVIVE, but those HERE are mostly well stocked and prepared to make their way AFTER the lights go out. He is clearly OUT OF HIS ELEMENT here in this group.  These Urban types investing in Expensive goods will be the "Fat Of The Land" for the Predators. Darwinian Laws will be in effect, and any who can't see this will not make it long.




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