Propaganda Alert... Soot from burned wood and diesel exhausts may have twice the impact on global warming than previously thought

Black carbon causes twice as much global warming than previously thought

New findings suggest there may be untapped potential to curb climate change by reducing soot emissions

Soot from burned wood and diesel exhausts may have twice the impact on global warming than previously thought, according to a new study published on Tuesday.

The "black carbon" is said to be the second most important man-made agent of climate change.

The findings, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, suggest there may be untapped potential to curb global warming by reducing soot emissions.

Huge quantities of man-made soot enter the atmosphere every year. Around 7.5m tonnes was released in 2000 alone, according to estimates. It has a greenhouse effect two-thirds that of carbon dioxide, and greater than methane.

The biggest source of soot emissions is the burning of forest and savannah grasslands. But diesel engines account for about 70% of emissions from Europe, North America and Latin America.

In Asia and Africa, wood burning domestic fires make up 60% to 80% of soot emissions. Coal fires are also a significant source of soot in China, parts of Eastern Europe, and former Soviet bloc countries.

Soot warms the atmosphere by absorbing incoming and scattered heat from the Sun.

It also promotes the formation of clouds, and generates further warming by dimming the reflective surface of snow and ice.

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Translation - stop the peons from using diesel engines of any kind and banning any form of domestic fire that people will turn to, especially when other means of grid based dometic heating become prohibitively expensive.

The PTB want to reduce us back to a medieval hovel based lifestyle.

1. They want to make us totally dependent so that they gain complete control

2. The will also try to ban solar cookers inventing some twisted logic that they cause global warming too

3. The planet is actually cooling and we may be entering a new ice age

"Our sun may be entering a grand minimum of sunspot activity, not unlike the Maunder Minimum that some climatologists think caused record low winter temperatures in Northern Europe during the latter half of the 17th century,” says this article on"

4. When there is no way to ignore the global cooling they'll invert the current claims.



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